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By Pete Moore On September 25th, 2020

Because Friday night is Music Night.

Another week done at the coalface of capitalism, don’t bother saving for Christmas. A duet this week. Whoever titled the video might not have realised that the other bloke was pretty good too. My goodness, even when he’s knocking on a bit and getting dressed in the dark (didn’t anyone tell him?!) Ray Charles was great. So great that I think he makes Willie Nelson sound a bit thin here. I have to say it, and I love Willie Nelson. But who cares, it’s a great song.

Have fun whatever you’re up to this weekend. As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below –


  1. Willie




  2. PVR –

    Look closely at the Willie Nelson video you posted. There are many authentic photos of the Old West but few “ten-gallon hats”. The ten-gallon was a Hollywood invention. It’s a great invention because it looks great on screen. The predominant hat was the Boss of the Plains, which is the most common hat in those photos. They’re fascinating snaps too.

    And it’s a great Willie song.

  3. I’m not a huge country western fan but I like a bit of Willie every now and again.

    Here’s an extremely talented lady on the keyboards playing one of my favourite tunes from the movies. I’ve always wanted to play play the keyboards and I’m in the process of looking to buy a synth. Somebody, please talk me out of spending £2,000.


  4. Hang on, here is an even better version:


  5. Ray Charles was wonderful.

    So is Willie – 87 years of age, still living his life exactly the way he wants to.

  6. Somebody, please talk me out of spending £2,000.

    Synths look and sound horrible. A piano is the only acceptable keyboard.

    A Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster, or a Gibson Les Paul look sexy and sound great.

    You’re welcome.

  7. Synths look and sound horrible. A piano is the only acceptable keyboard.

    Modern, high quality synths can produce the sound almost identical, (and actually undetectable from the original instrument they’re emulating by most people, as many YouTube videos have demonstrated), to the musical instruments they’re emulating. Pretty much all modern music goes through some sort of a synthesizer. I’ll also be pointing this out, next time you post a track you like, that features synthesised music in it.

    You’re welcome.

  8. Dave Alton –

    I know that modern synths replicate piano sounds perfectly well, but they are not a wood and felt hammer knocking on strings. Therefore they cannot replicate the feel of a hammer knocking on strings to the player and they still look ugly. Concert pianists have not given way to concert synthers for a good reason. Aesthetics and authenticity will always beat the digital cheat.

    C’mon, get a Fender or a Gibson. No-one ever wanted to shag the keyboard player anyway.

  9. No-one ever wanted to shag the keyboard player anyway.

    Are you surprised? Have you seen the state of Rick Wakeman??

    Anyway, here’s a lovely young lady called Keiko Necesario, playing Joni Mitchell’s Both Sides Now.


  10. Aesthetics and authenticity will always beat the digital cheat.

    I find this statement bizarre. It’s another way of producing sound, it’s not a ‘cheat’, nor is it trying to be.

    C’mon, get a Fender or a Gibson. No-one ever wanted to shag the keyboard player anyway.

    You do realise that electronic guitars are synths don’t you?

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  12. You do realise that electronic guitars are synths don’t you?

    Yes Dave, I own six pickups attached to two guitars. The point of them is the synth (and amplify) the strings. It’s not to make them sound like a trumpet.

  13. Are you surprised? Have you seen the state of Rick Wakeman??


  14. Pete I actually used to wear this hat, for about 10yrs


    Stetson Gambler

    but you are right on the hat and the west, and when I play that song by willie I always use that video because of the photos.

  15. Farewell to Stromness. For the benedit of our American cousins, Stromness is a coastal village in Orkney, a small island off the north of Scotland. In the 1980s there was a proposal to build a nuclear power station there, and Peter Maxwell-Davies wrote this as a song of protest. The power station never got built.

    I visited Stromness about 20 years ago. Village is an exaggeration.

  16. That was a lovely piece of music, Peter. Haunting.

    I also loved how, at the end, the siren sounds and he laughs 🙂

  17. Seimi

    Here is Maxwell Davies himself at An Orkney Wedding. Great music and a wee dram is served.


  18. Peter absolutely sublime.The guitar piece, the 2nd one was quite enjoyable also

  19. Cheers Patrick

    Maxwell-Davies died a few years ago. He seems to have been quite a character. He was born in England but emaigrated to Orkney late in life and was made Master of the Queen’s Music in 2004. This means a lot, it includes Elgar, but Handel never got the gig, presumably because he was German. Even though he spoke the same language as King George I and King George II.

  20. Beethoven was born 250 years ago and this year was meant to be a big celebration. The Chinese virus killed off most of that. But we can still enjoy the music and this week Radio 3 played this, the Archduke Piano Trio which was written in Vienna in 1811. The Archduke was Rudolph von Habsburg, Beethoven’s most loyal patron and pupil. He was a brother of Emperor Franz and the youngest of 12 children. Those Habsburgs were breeders for sure.

    This lasts 40 minutes, but I guarantee it for beauty. Listen to the first few minutes and you will be hooked. The second movement might be familiar (13 minutes in). It’s one of Beethoven’s most famous works:


  21. That was beautiful, Peter. I loved the sunrise, but I think my favourite part was at around 3.44. I was listening with my eyes closed, picturing the scene. The wedding is over and the dancing has begun. All is happy and cheerful, and then suddenly it becomes very tense. I thought to myself, “Here we go. Here’s the mother-in-law!”
    I pictured the groom and her having to dance together, and her looking at him disapprovingly. And then he smiles and whispers in her ear, and whatever he says to her eases her mind and she smiles back. These thoughts matched the change in tone almost perfectly.
    I’ll have to listen to a bit more of his work.

  22. Cheers Seimi, you are hearing more than me 🙂

  23. Here is some of the music from Barry Lyndon with amazing stills. The second one shows Stanley Kubrick talking to Ryan O’Neill and Melissa Berenson:


  24. Cheers Seimi, you are hearing more than me 🙂

    Honestly, listen to it up to and just beyond that point, but picture the scene from the start as the newly-married couple, arriving at the reception and beginning to dance 🙂

  25. Speaking of pianos, this is great: