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Somethings you just have to love

By Patrick Van Roy On September 26th, 2020

What a week.  I thought after the bombshell developments about Senator Johnson about Hunter Biden’s overt corruption in the Ukraine would have been the headline of the week, but this I think even beats what’s happening.  The Clinton Foundation’s investigation has now morphed into a criminal probe by John Durham.  And why is this very important – because there have obviously been growing frustration with Huber’s investigation into the Clinton Foundation and his inability to get to the bottom of what exactly was going on. 

It’s the same case with Horowitz’s investigation into the FBI.  There were many questions that still remained after Horowitz.  And the reason they remain, just like they remained after Huber’s, and why this is so important this has morphed into Durham’s investigation is because Durham’s investigation is a criminal probe.

That means that Durham can force testimony.  He can issue subpoenas.  He can issue grand juries, to get to the bottom of exactly what these allegations about pay-to-play are all about and whether the ex-Secretary of State was involved or not.

10 Responses to “Somethings you just have to love”

  1. So this is turnips October surprise? Fake investigations into fake accusations into people not on the ballot

  2. So a couple of investigations don’t give them the answer they want to hear so their solution is to have another one? And likely another one after that until it gives them the answer they want to hear?

  3. You gotta give Patrick credit. He just keeps on ploughing on in his search for the elusive GREAT DEMOCRAT NATIONAL SCANDAL 🙂

  4. What really bothers me about this is not the scandal, real or not.

    It’s the title.

    It’s been annoying me since last night.

    Please, please, for the love of god and for the love of my sanity, correct it!

    It’s ‘some things’, not ‘somethings’!
    There is no such word as ‘somethings’, unless you are counting some thing called a ‘something’ ie one something, two somethings, three somethings etc.

    But in the context of this title, IT’S SOME THINGS!!!!

    Please correct it.

    Right, I’m glad I got that out of my system…

  5. Seimi

    Something is not right when some things bother people more than other things 😉

  6. Colm

    Something is not right when some things bother people more than other things 😉


  7. Politically motivated witch hunt at the behest of authoritarian

  8. ahhh boo hoo….. political my ass…..

    The FBI/DOJ covered up the Clinton Crimes at Obama’s orders and as Durham gathers evidence for the CRIMINAL prosecutions of those that tried to frame President Trump paper trails connect everything and all the criminal acts are being uncovered.

    The same agents that worked on the Clinton investigation are the same agents that worked on crossfire hurricane, and the Mueller investigation, and the Flynn blackmail operation.

    This week they finally pried more of the agents email data out of Wrays sticky fingers. What the emails show is that the investigative agents were absolutely freaked out and paranoid over what upper management in the DOJ/FBI were having them do, so much so that the agents knew if what they were doing was ever FOIA’d they if not prosecuted would be sued civilly and they bought Liability Insurance to protect them from losing their homes and life savings.

    FBI texts reveal agents bought liability insurance over …
    1 day ago · WASHINGTON D.C. – Newly disclosed text messages by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) suggest that FBI agents involved in investigating President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign purchased professional liability insurance …

    but keep living in denial…… lol

  9. One of us is living in the land of OZ, but don’t worry Pat just click the heels of your ruby slippers together and say “There is a real investigation, there is a real investigation!”

  10. Here is a great article from David Frum (Dubya’s speeechwriter) on the lawlessness of the Trump administration. And we know that Patrick is cool with that lawlessness, every last bit of it, and most of the GOP is too:

    “Again and again, President Donald Trump has violated, evaded, or ignored the law. The Constitution says a president cannot accept payments from foreign governments, but Trump did. The Constitution says that the principal officers of executive departments—members of the Cabinet—must be confirmed by the Senate. Trump junked that rule too, relying instead on his power to appoint temporary acting officials. A century and a half of legal precedents establish that a president must generally comply with subpoenas from Congress, even if he does not like the questions. Again, Trump disregarded seemingly established law…

    Trump has done his best to defeat disclosure, notably by refusing to release his tax returns. Still, the main elements of Trump’s behavior in office have become visible. There is no exact count of the public money that has flowed into Trump businesses, but at a minimum it exceeds $1.1 million. There is no count at all of the money Trump has collected from foreign governments, but it has been disclosed that representatives of 22 foreign nations have stayed at his properties. It became a public scandal that he tried to score a massive international payday for himself by holding the 2020 G7 summit at a golf resort he owns in Florida. There has been some disclosure of the flow of Republican Party funds to Trump businesses: at least $17 million since 2016. It’s murkier how much Trump pocketed from his 2017 inauguration committee, but court documents suggest that the figure might be substantial.

    Likewise, the defiance of congressional subpoenas happened in plain sight. Trump brought that fight to the Supreme Court and lost—but bought himself enough time to postpone any response until after the 2020 election. Many of the worst outrages of the Trump years were blurted by the president himself on live television: Yes, he fired FBI Director James Comey in order to thwart an investigation of Trump’s Russia connections; yes, he asked China and Ukraine to deliver dirt on his most likely presidential election opponent; yes, he wants to cram through a last-minute Supreme Court appointment to help him in the legal battles he expects after the 2020 vote. Americans saw and heard all this. Many cared. But not all. And not enough….”