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By Pete Moore On September 26th, 2020

Now it’s official: GB News will launch early next year – under the chairmanship of Andrew Neil, who will be its flagship presenter. He is leaving the BBC and will join a new team of about a hundred journalists, in what is the most important television launch in Britain for a generation […]

The premise of GB News is fairly simple: that the current players – BBC, Sky, ITV – are so similar in tone and format that there’s space for a bit more diversity. For intelligent, discussion-based show coming from a more independent mindset. Not a British answer to Fox News (the analogy often reached for whenever a rival to the BBC is mentioned) but a station that might broadcast good news a bit more often, or would not be so quick to assume that everything that goes wrong is the fault of the government. One that takes a more even-handed approach to culture wars, and doesn’t see coverage of US politics an exercise in exorcism.

Andrew Neil has left the BBC. It’s their loss. He’s the finest political journalist, broadcaster and forensic interviewer around. TV news badly needs this shake up. ITV is old and staid. Sky and the BBC are extreme left wing propagandists, vying to out-do each other’s wokeness. The market for straight news and comment, actually reflecting some of the majority opinions which never get a look in at Sky and the BBC , is huge. Sky News will lose viewers. The BBC has taken another big step to oblivion.

38 Responses to “TAKE MY MONEY”

  1. Sky news is not a bastion of lefty wokeness . That’s nonsense. However I welcome this new GB news launch and wish it well.

  2. You clearly haven’t seen Sky News lately. It’s every bit as woke and snootily metropolitan as BBC News.

  3. I watch sky news a lot and I think it is quiet neutral politically. Not as left as Channel 4 news and not as dull as BBC News24

  4. I occasionally see Sky now ( on Roku ) and have not seen any wokeness at all.

  5. Phantom

    Pete Moore sees wokeness everywhere. I’m sure he even notices a dozen woke moments in every Trump speech 😉

  6. @SkyNews

    Amy Coney Barrett: Why Trump’s Supreme Court pick stirs fears he is planning an assault on democracy

    Idiots too. Only a genuine idiot would write that.

    Sky is owned by Comcast. It has turned it into another MSNBC, which it also owns. Just left wing blather all day.

  7. Interesting that, Pete

    MSNBC is a propagandist Station, as is Fox News, no question, and the fact that Comcast now owns ( the very major news station in Europe ) is noted

  8. Sky has been owned by Comcast since November 2018. Before that it was owned by Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox. I imagine Pete’s dislike of them predates November 2018 (probably dating to them having the audacity to question Brexiteers about Brexit).

  9. of course the new channel is going to be the British Answer to fox news
    It will inevitably have its Tucker Carlson and Hannity types, euro-bashing
    complete with Gammon’s hour to rival BBC Good Morning
    There won’t be a foreign looking face about the place

    5/10 years down the line there’ll be bottom pinching scandals and worse as they recruit plastic bombshell Meghan Kelly types.
    Its as plain as the nose on your face, nothing new under the sun

  10. I imagine Pete’s dislike of them predates November 2018

    I’ve always disliked Sky. It’s always been too brash, too bright lights, too big hair and bright white teeth.

    In terms of presentation and tone BBC News has usually pitched it about right. The content is hopelessly left-liberal though.

  11. There won’t be a foreign looking face about the place

    Let’s hope not. There are too many suntans on the tellie as it is.

  12. Let’s hope not. There are too many suntans on the tellie as it is.

    why dya have to be white to be British , when we’ve had immigration from the colonies for many years to
    a) fill labour gaps (Jamaicans ) and b) fleeing persecution ( asians from uganda )

    Who dya think drives the buses and tubes in London and runs the corner shops
    have you been living too gentrified away from london in suburbia, and forgotten the working class, or do they not count cos face don’t fit ?

  13. Who drove buses and tubes and had corner shops before we needed “foreign looking faces” to do it?

  14. So you’d rather they didn’t work
    Or that they’d never have come here ?

  15. Andrew Neil has left the BBC. It’s their loss. He’s the finest political journalist, broadcaster and forensic interviewer around.

    Yes indeed Pete. Which is of course why “Boris” refused to be interviewed by him during the election campaign last year, unlike all the other party leaders. Because Andrew Neil would have exposed him for the dishonest lying schmuck that he is.

  16. Peter –

    Yes, but it wouldn’t have changed the election outcome.

  17. Agreed Pete, but it was still a cowardly decision by a total chancer who is being found wanting every day now. The Tories will wield the knife within twelve months at most and as always with Tory bloodlettings it will be fun to watch. First they will force him to throw Cummings under the bus, but that will only buy him a few months at best, because he is clearly not up to the job. Gove must be thinking that he will soon replace his old chum turned enemy. Cats in a sack.

  18. Sky and the BBC are extreme left wing propagandists, vying to out-do each other’s wokeness.

    Utter nonsense.
    I wouldn’t call a slight leaning to the left extreme left wing. J

  19. Pete Moore

    Let’s hope not. There are too many suntans on the tellie as it is.

    Dave, I only see the man. Racists only see the colour.

  20. well said DaveA, but the new right doesn’t do shame,
    they’ve inverted the glorious phrase ” where sins abounds, grace abounds even more ”
    to mean: where Truth abounds, shameless Lies abound even more

    that’s petem and pat’s MO
    charles is more ” whatever you’re having” , in other words he’ll eat what they serve
    but at least he doesn’t serve it up, ergo his guilt is less 🙂

    p.s a mate of mine is leaving for liverpool, so you might have the wonderful prospect of me visiting the city and having a pint with the locals 😉

  21. Kurt.

    Liverpool locals are pretty friendly mate. I’ve never actually encountered scousers that act like the funny characters in Harry Enfield’s comedy show. I think he based them on a couple of characters in the Scouse soap opera, Brookside.

  22. alight calm down, calm down and you’re starting on me DaveA 🙂 🙂 🙂
    from the lil i’ve seen its a great city, friendly people was there for 3 days in 2016

  23. I never had a problem in Liverpool but to be fair, I’ve never had a problem in pretty much all of the big cities I’ve been out drinking and clubbing in.
    Pubs in small towns and villages can sometimes be an issue.

  24. Based on Terry Sullivan & Barry Grant Brookie characters?

    Brookside was great with some really gritty issues dealt with, drug addiction, incest, crime etc. Liverpool is my favourite English city,(even though it’s not really English), and I’ve never met a Scouser who wasn’t salt of the earth

  25. so true i went out dancing one night with a girl 5 miles outside of hometown
    you could cut the atmosphere with a knife, we we’re strangers
    They don’t like strangers .. lmao , we left early

  26. Paul.

    You know more about it than me mate, I never actually watched brookside, (except for maybe 5 or 10-minutes here and there.) I’ve never actually watched any soaps.

    And your point is spot on, Liverpool isn’t really ‘English’.

  27. True story – some years ago I did jury service and while I was in the canteen area with the other people in the jury pool waiting for selection I was chatting to a typical middle aged snooty ‘Hyacinth Bucket’ type woman who was telling me about a previous jury she had served on. The case was one of theft and she told me it was easy to decide because in her exact words “ As soon as I heard the defendants scouse accent I knew he was guilty” !

  28. I never watch ‘soap operas’ either Dave but Brookside was writen by Phil Redmond who wrote Grange Hill, my favourite programme in my early fomative teenage years, so I gave it a go. As I said above, there really was a fair bit of social commentary mixed in with soap ‘entertaimnent’

    I once met Anna Friel, who played Beth Jordache in Brookside, in a bar in Belfast when she was over visiting relatives. She was absolutely incredibly, impossibly lovely.

  29. Paul

    Is that a polite way of saying you wanted to shag her ? 😉

  30. ughh colm steady on , you still on your first bottle or 2nd ?
    don’t wanna shoot your load too early now 😉

  31. Paul.

    Just to be clear, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with watching soap operas or Brookside. It’s just something I’m personally not interested in. I think Phil Redmond is a great writer, and I loved Grange Hill as a kid.

    I remember seeing Anna Friel with some of the other cast from Brookside on a night out in Liverpool. You’re right, she’s gorgeous.

  32. kurt

    Its 4:30pm I finished the second bottle ages ago 🙂

  33. Paul

    Is that a polite way of saying you wanted to shag her ?

    I couldn’t possibly comment.

    Regardless of her physical appearance though, she was really, really lovely.

  34. well colm I only hope harri puts in an appearance and makes your day ( our day )
    shall we summon / conjure him up ? do an incantation or something equally as absurd 😉

  35. Colm.

    I meet a few people like that when I lived down south in Berkshire. Especially when I lived out in the countryside.
    If you think your story sounds unbelievable, wait till you read this. I shared a beautiful house in a village called Frilsham, just outside Newbury. I was walking back to the house from the pub one afternoon, whilst talking on my mobile phone. I remember walking past an older woman and what might have been granddaughter. Around 15 minutes later, just as I was literally about to walk through my gate, a police car pulled up next to me. They gave me the usual story about someone acting suspicious in the area and could I provide ID. I said I can do better than that, and invited them in for a drink. They declined, but we got chatting and joking, and one of the officers confessed to me that the reason they had been called out, was because a local woman had walked past a dodgy looking guy with the Scouse accent, who had no right being in this area. I dread to think what would have happened if I’ve been black. 😁

  36. I think we may have lost Harri for good. The only chance I see him returning is if Trump wins the election and he won’t be able to resist the temptation to come back on and gloat about it 🙂

  37. I think we may have lost Harri for good.

    Yes, the master of the non-sequitar. It seems like the bat soup finally got to him.

  38. lol Harri’s redemption lies in meeting up with us in a Brixton Pub , where he agrees to kick the night off with a Karaoke version of Lip up Fatty by Bad Manners , stepping up as Buster Blood Vessel https://youtu.be/F6fQnTyEniM