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A Question

By Patrick Van Roy On September 27th, 2020

and a bonus

13 Responses to “A Question”

  1. Fast forward to 2010 when I lived in Tokyo again. Right away, I noticed that medical masks had become ubiquitous. And when I traveled to other countries in Asia, such as South Korea, China, Thailand, and Malaysia, it seemed that many more people were wearing them than decades before. When I asked, I was again told that people wore them when they were sick, to protect others. One was expected to wear them, and it was considered extremely selfish not to. People also wore them to protect themselves from air pollution, especially in China. After the SARS epidemic in 2002-03, it became commonplace to wear masks to protect oneself from germs, not just to protect others. By 2010, mask-wearing had become extremely common, even stylish, in Asia

    Japanese have long worn masks in large numbers during flu season, very many Asians started wearing masks during the SARS time. And they’ve continued to wear masks during flu season and now during the Covid outbreak

    And they’ve had much better results this year than the feckless, whiny, discourteous and undisciplined UK Irish and US people have had.

    We might want to focus on what has worked elsewhere, for a minute or two?


  2. Loving your roof truss David.

  3. yeah I wanna hang a few pigs from those beams ready for Xmas
    as my uncle said you should always have a pig hanging from the rafters 😉

  4. We might want to focus on what has worked elsewhere, for a minute or two?

    How about Sweden and Belarus?



    On May 24, 2020, the United States Center for Disease Control revised the estimated survival rate of COVID to a 99.8% survival rate. Normal flu has a 99.9% survival rate.

    It’s a deadly killer virus.

    Anybody who believes the above is an idiot at best

  5. Doctors in Australia are entering into open conflict with the government:


    Sky News host Alan Jones says what Australia is facing is not a recession but rather a catastrophe which no one in the government “has any clue how to get out of”.

    “I don’t think anyone in the government has any clue how we get out of this,” Mr Jones said.

    “This is the worst economic blow since World War Two, the largest fall in GDP, seven per cent since records began in 1959.

    “The only thing we know is that they put us here.

    “It is not a recession; it is a catastrophe.

    “The response to this coronavirus has been prompted by alarmist chief medical officers who have ignored international evidence; politicians who’ve refused to lead but rather follow; and hysterical modelling, which has now been totally discredited”.

    Mr Jones also spoke of an “unprecedented intervention by distinguished medical people across Australia”.

    He said they have written to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews expressing deep concern with the management of the coronavirus.

    The governmental response to Covid is a disaster which is a far greater medical threat to the population than the mild virus itself.

  6. It’s not a mild virus. And there’s much that remains unknown about it. And these are still early days.

    There is in my opinion a strong case for loosening controls in various places, including New York and neighboring states, maybe including Australia, but you destroy all your credibility when you say something like that.

    And if you want to loosen some controls, you guys had best lose the anti-mask attitude. Because masks in public places are the best path to a more rapid loosening of controls.

  7. Phantom – you didn’t watch that footage at 11.19pm, did you?

    It’s a nothing-virus which only affects those who have so wrecked their own health that there’s not much to be done anyway – but cancer and heart disease are not nothings. So few affected, really affected, by the dreaded Covid yet other faculties have effectively closed thus deferring a huge build-up of untreatable cases now firmly in the pipeline.

    Morons wear masks, so wear your mask with pride and never compromise your ‘moronity’

  8. Yes, the mask wearing populations of Asia, where the virus deaths are few, know nothing, while the super-spreader bloggers of Britain and America know it all.

    And it has killed police officers and other fit persons


    The facts speak for themselves, you guys and your US president are completely wrong.

  9. Phantom – as has been shown to you, the entire test for presence of Covid is bunk and so the numbers ‘with’ Covid are bunk. Here is the inventor of the Polymerase Chain Reaction test, Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize and who is explaining exactly why it cannot be used for detection of pathogens


    Does the actual scientist make it clear to you why the PCR test cannot be used as a medical tool? If not, would you state what the insufficiency is and I’ll attempt to bridge that gap using more links to the inventor of the PCR test.

    Meanwhile, Reuters’ ‘fact-checkers’ are declaring that it’s not so…..


    False. The quote undermining PCR tests is misattributed to Mullis and taken out of context. PCR tests are being used widely in England to show that SARS-CoV-2 viral genetic material is present in the patient.

    This article was produced by the Reuters Fact Check team.

    These are liars for if I can find the original statement by Mullis, then ‘fact-checkers’ at Reuters must surely be able to do so.

    And now for the idiots…..

    The PCR test is the preferred COVID-19 testing method in England (tinyurl.com/u9xxxup). It detects the presence of the virus by amplifying the virus’genetic material to a point where it can be detected by scientists (tinyurl.com/y7rno7pf).

    A spokesperson for Public Health England told Reuters why PCR tests are being used widely in England: “Molecular diagnostic tests, such as real-time PCR, are the gold standard methods for identifying individuals with an active viral infection, such as SARS-CoV-2 (the cause of COVID-19 disease), in their respiratory tract. These tests are rapid and produce results in real-time.

    As Mullis states, the molecules supposedly linked to a virus are already in the body and can be amplified to give whatever quantity and result the user wants to get. It’s a total hoax, but the hoaxed have nailed themselves to it: there’s no going back for them.

  10. Do you know what the powerful (governments and big business) would really love? For the economy to be effectively shut down so they can’t make any money.

    Yeah, sounds plausible.

  11. Allan

    Please notify the chief medical officials in Japan,Korea, Germany etc of your findings

  12. Do you know what the powerful (governments and big business) would really love? For the economy to be effectively shut down so they can’t make any money.

    The corporates can’t make any money? Are you being serious??


    Jeff Bezos was already the world’s richest man. Now his net worth has skyrocketed once again, setting another new record.

    On Wednesday, the Amazon CEO’s wealth reached an estimated $202 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires index, as the company’s shares soared. That’s up about $87 billion since January.

    The billionaire isn’t alone — other tech tycoons have been getting much wealthier throughout the pandemic as demand for their companies’ goods and services continue to grow.

    Earlier this month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was dubbed a “centibillionaire,” as his wealth surpassed $100 billion. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, with a net worth of $96 billion, is close to achieving that extraordinary status. Microsoft founder Bill Gates has already made it.

    And Apple CEO Tim Cook also became a billionaire recently as shares of his company — now the world’s most valuable — have soared. Cook is a rare example of an executive who didn’t help found their company breaking into the ranks of the super rich.

    An economy collpases throwing millions out of work yet the billionaires get richer. This means that there is something wrong with such an economy – yet leftists who are funded by these billionaires see nothing wrong with that.

    Just to make it clear to normies:

    The government told you you couldn’t work
    You had to go on government assistance
    Virtually all small businesses were destroyed
    All that money went to billionaires

  13. Allan

    Please notify the chief medical officials in Japan,Korea, Germany etc of your findings

    On a recent thread relating to how dogs are sniffing out 10 – 100 molecules which are supposedly linked to Corona, I asked whether these molecules are specific to Corona or whether they are in everything. Kary Mullis confirmed it as so whilst Dave Alton put out a snippy – you should inform the Nobel Committee of your genius – and now Phantom does the same. I suppose snippiness is the last refuge of the stupid