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By Pete Moore On September 28th, 2020

The media wants you to believe that the big story today is President Trump’s compliance with tax law. As usual it’s all narrative and no news. The real story over there is this, the Democrat/Somali ballot-harvesting operation in Ilhan Omar’s gaff.


  1. Pete sees the (wo)man and not the colour again.

  2. I see the corrution inherent in her backward, primitive culture.

  3. For Jesus sake catch a grip man:

    It’s hilarious that right wingers think this is evidence of anything, and not just a badly edited TMZ style hoax.

  4. Even the most ingenious master criminals will make one, fatal mistake, one slip-up.
    In this case, it was videoing everything and confessing to the crime as they were committing it.

  5. flotsam and jetsam esp given the revelation on channel 4 , millions targetted in black community in USA , there’s your voter manipulation

    want some gossip tittle tattle petem, to distract from Trunks tax fraud here’s some

    Florida police confiscated 10 guns from the home of Brad Parscale, the president’s former campaign manager who was involuntarily hospitalized last night after his wife said he was suicidal.

    Trunks campaign is flat broke too , suprise suprise !

  6. The SJW group sees nothing wrong in the video footage yet O’Keefe lays the whole thing out in extreme detail, through a series of interviews, secret and frank, with Somalians. Basically, Omar runs a Somalian gang that goes around and either buys ballots or just takes them, and they fill them out. It’s a total ethnic mafia operation, and they are apparently running the entire city of Minneapolis. The sickening Swedes of Minnesota have allowed a Somalian clan to take over their capital city as they have done in their land of origin.

    Now that’s bad enough, but what is worse is that nothing is going to be done about it.

    Over in the UK, the corruption is even worse so one must re-consider the relevance/irrelevance of the term ‘conflict of interest’ as I’ll explain from the example:


    The Prime Muppet bangs on about how his government is “following the science”. Well what science is that exactly?


    Ever wonder what is the source of the disastrously daft and nonsensical “scientific” advice it listens to, bogus science that underpins the massive con of the fake pandemic?

    Well take a look at the source of it. This article in the Daily Mail should help you understand it:

    Conflict of interest row as it emerges Chief Scientific Officer Sir Patrick Vallance has £600,000 of shares in vaccine maker contracted to make UK’s coronavirus jabs

    Sir Patrick was president of multinationals drugs giant GSK from 2012 to 2018
    Chief Scientific Adviser holds a deferred bonus of 43,111 shares worth £600,000
    He has already cashed in more than £5m in shares he held on his resignation
    The 60-year-old medic chairs the Government’s special board on vaccines.”

    Put yourself in the position of Sir Patrick Vallance and see if there is any ‘conflict of interest’. Of course there is no conflict of interest: all he’s doing is to use his position to maximise his gain by ensuring that his stock in GSK increases in as much value as he can deliver from his position in government. To such people and in today’s amorality, there is no conflict.