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Best Political Ad EVER!

By Patrick Van Roy On September 30th, 2020

5 Responses to “Best Political Ad EVER!”

  1. nah the dumbest ever, we’re not in war, we’re in an election d’oh
    the ad is gung-ho, red meat for the base, its just not going to wash
    with the public who want to know about bread and butter issues
    like taxes, healthcare, safety in covid times

    this is much better, and is the moment Trump sunk his chances


    “stand back and stand by ” to white supremacist terrorists
    he made that call on air, live in front of the world
    even his own FBI Director name those terrorists as the greatest threat to the USA

  2. You have to be a proper wet lettuce to not like that ad. Nice tits on the blond milf too. If she wanted my vote I’d give her one.

  3. Its a good fun humorous ad, but for such a patriotic American call to arms, why the posh British voiceover bird 🙂

  4. The big Jesse allowing himself to be downed by the blonde bint at the end should hand his ‘I have balls’ membership card back.

    Imagine being beaten up by a girl.

  5. Colm –

    That’s only a posh accent south of the river. I assumed her voiceover was a Mission Impossible thing.