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Question of the Day

By Patrick Van Roy On October 2nd, 2020

4 Responses to “Question of the Day”

  1. These are all talking points now, delivered across the Trump/Rush/Levin coordinated media.

    They criticize Biden for being kind to Robert Byrd, and for not supporting busing, and for supporting the crime bill back then.

    But there would I imagine be no record of Trump, Rush, Levin at the time a) criticizing Byrd for his KKK past, b) criticizing those who opposed busing, or c) criticizing the Crime Bill.

    Everything in their past would make you believe that these tough on crime guys would have been strong supporters of the Crime Bill

  2. There has been a history of US politicians and judges, including US Supreme Court judges, who have been members of the KKK

    Most were Democrats. But not all.


    Strange reading…

    Edward L. Jackson
    Edward L. Jackson (December 27, 1873 – November 18, 1954), became Governor of Indiana as a Republican in 1925 and his administration came under fire for granting undue favor to the Klan’s agenda and associates. Jackson was further damaged by the arrest and trial of Grand Dragon D. C. Stephenson for the rape and murder of Madge Oberholtzer. When it was revealed that Jackson had attempted to bribe former Gov. Warren T. McCray with $10,000 to appoint a Klansman to a local office, Jackson was taken to court. His case ended with a hung jury, and Jackson ended his political career in disgrace.[19]

    Clarence Morley
    Clarence Morley (February 9, 1869 – November 15, 1948), a Republican and the Governor of Colorado. He was a KKK member and a strong supporter of Prohibition. He tried to ban the Catholic Church from using sacramental wine and attempted to have the University of Colorado fire all Jewish and Catholic professors.[20][21][22][23]

    Oh, and Fred Trump, the Donald’s father, was arrested by the NYPD at a KKK rally in Queens NY. That’s a fun fact.

  3. Joe Biden and the media cannot expunge his deacdes-long record of racist behaviour. He should stand by his words. He was sometimes right, patricularly that time he called out “predators on our streets”. We know who he was talking about.


  4. Phantom did you follow the link and listen to what Levin was talking about……

    And the ANSWER IS NO!

    Because Levin did NOT discuss Byrd AT ALL he listed a long history of quotes and things about Biden in Bidens OWN WORDS and Levins source material is the NEW YORK TIMES & WASHINGTON POST going back to 1972…..

    But just as the predictable person you are you did NOT bother to watch what was said being an all knowing Sage from the Great City of NY YOU KNEW what was said without ever hearing it said….. baa baa bubble sheep have you any wool…… nope because you just got sheared…… lol