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Just one ruling

By Patrick Van Roy On October 12th, 2020

A federal court handed a victory to a Baptist church in Washington D.C., issuing a preliminary injunction against Mayor Muriel Bowser’s COVID-19 restrictions that will allow the church to hold outdoor services Sunday with proper precautions.

The “church has shown that it is likely to succeed in proving that the District’s actions impose a substantial burden on its exercise of religion,” the U.S. District Judge Trevor N. McFadden ruled. “For its part, the District has not shown that it is likely to prove a compelling interest in prohibiting the Church from holding outdoor worship services with appropriate precautions, or that its restrictions are the least restrictive means available to achieve its public health objectives.”

4 Responses to “Just one ruling”

  1. Federal court supports DC church, overrules DC mayor in key religious freedom case

    You realise that this is a completely different scenario from what you were claiming last night?

  2. no it’s not…… it may be to you Paul, but you don’t grasp how govt say of anything in regard to any church or religion is viewed in my culture. This story is part of the others on persecution. It’s just another facet of the issue.

  3. well i know the lincoln project are open and they have just one ruling
    Destroy Trump
    and the amazing thing is they’re all ex-republican strategists
    soo effective, they were on cbs 60 mins on sunday , we can only see 15 mins
    but you get the picture of what they’re doing , very very well
    we’ve never seen anything like this before :


  4. No it’s not…… it may be to you Paul

    Except it is different, Pat.

    Your blog last night was about churches, mosques and synagogues having their numbers restricted and about being closed if they didn’t abide by regulations. This point is about restricting outdoor services.

    They are two completely different scenarios but they do have one thing in common, neither is restricting religious freedom, regardless of what ‘your culture’ says.