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By Pete Moore On October 15th, 2020

The entire UK is still under special communistic measures. Half of it is designated at a “high” or “very high” alert level. As the alert levels go up my own alert levels to this farce fall further. The only things going up with the alert levels are the national debt, unemployment and boarded up shops.

Lockdown addicts who tell us to “save the NHS” had better have a damned good plan to replace the tax base they’re killing. They don’t know about it because most lockdown addicts are middle class smugaroons working from their cozy homes who think the working class exists to bring them stuff. They’re happy with their gold-plated pensions so screw everyone else.

But note their propaganda. When they talk about so-called climate change it’s “Think about the future generations.” When they talked about the EU and Brexit it was “You’re stealing the future from the young.”

Today it’s screw the young, screw their education, screw their job prospects and screw their chances of never living under a crushing debt.

Lockdown addicts are the worst, most selfish, most self-centered people on the planet.


  1. Lockdown addicts are the worst, most selfish, most self-centered people on the planet.

    Even more selfish than those who refused to wear masks?

  2. Of course! What a strange question.

  3. “ As the alert levels go up my own alert levels to this farce fall further.”

    Who cares? 9 days ago you said hospitalisations were “flatlining”. Today the ICUs of the northwest are 95% full. And the northwest in general is headed the same way. As predicted by others at the time.

    Please let us know what stocks you like so we can short them.

  4. Frank dya really expect a tory boy to give a toss about the working class in the North

  5. Today the ICUs of the northwest are 95% full.

    They’re always full in autumn and winter, because the NHS is shit. “The ICUs of the northwest are 95% full” is more a statement of how few ICU beds the NHS has than the severity of a mild virus –


    That’s just a European table. The global table is even worse. At the arse end of 2020 the NHS is still as short of ICU beds as it always was. That’s how shit it is.

  6. The old folks – those who are supposedly being ‘protected’ – are getting sick of the loneliness, terminal loneliness, and prefer to take their chances with the deadly killer virus:


    GREELEY, Colo. (CBS4) — Residents at nursing and rehabilitation facility in Greeley organized a protest against Colorado’s coronavirus restrictions. On Thursday, about 20 residents gathered outside Fairacres Manor, many in wheelchairs, holding signs that read “Rather die from COVID than loneliness,” and “Prisoners in our own home,” and “Give us freedom.”

    “We used to be lucky here at Fairacres to show each other what we mean to one another and we cannot do that anymore,” said Resident Council President Sharon Peterson, who is 75. “Fairacres follows the rules and, with that, we think they would keep us safe while being able to be with our families again.”

    “We did this because one thing we have to look forward to is a simple hug,” Peterson said. “It gives us meaning.”

    Tim WoolseyOctober 14, 2020 at 3:42 pm
    I live in Los Angeles. We have the same problems. The Veterans Home is home to 300 people, and we cannot see any one except through close window. We have not had anyone get sick from COVID since March. What do we have to do? When is this over? Does anyone know?

    MorrisOctober 12, 2020 at 1:23 pm
    By the time you are in a “care home” you know your death is the next big event for you. I at age 93 do not want the small joys taken away. The folk in CO are very correct.

    So here’s a suggestion – why not ask aged residents if they wish to continue to have physical proximity with their loved ones? Oh – we know the answer, and it won’t suit the lockdown enthusiasts

  7. Lockdown addicts who tell us to “save the NHS” had better have a damned good plan to replace the tax base they’re killing.

    The Tory Magic Money Tree (you know, the one they said last year didn’t exist) seems to doing the job so far. Government borrowing was originally planned to be £50 billion this year and will now be at least £350 billion and maybe as much as £500 billion.

    But fear not, the good old Bank of England will “buy” a hefty chunk of that and the interest rate on offer is virtually zero. We have been warned that negative rates are on the way now that the “consultation” is finished. How convenient for the government that its “independent” central bank has decided to help it out further. It will soon be getting paid to borrow. No wonder it can afford to totally waste £12 billion on its “world beating” test and trace system, run by the usual crony capitalist outsourcers stuffed with Tories:

    “Test and Trace, according to the leaked minutes of Sage’s meeting on 21 September, has had a ‘marginal’ impact on the infection rate of Covid-19. But let no one say it has not achieved anything. It has succeeded in the virtually impossible: making HS2 look relatively good value for money. Documents revealed to Sky News have shown that consultants from the Boston Consulting Group who have been working on the scheme have been paid day rates of up to £7,360 – which if annualised would work out at a salary of £1.5 million. It makes them the highest-paid public sector workers in the country, earning ten times as much as the Prime Minister. It also put into the shade the daily rates of Deloitte, who were revealed last week to have a thousand employees working on Test and Trace, being paid up to £2,360 a day…”


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