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By Patrick Van Roy On October 17th, 2020

“There’s a huge divide between the power, the influence, the bias that big tech has, and the complete absence of regulation,” Carr told “Just the News AM” host Carrie Sheffield.

Carr explained how tech companies are in favor of taking speech off the internet.

“That’s not what Congress intended with Section 230,” he said, referring to the part of law that protect Internet companies when posting third-party content. “So I think we can modernize, clarify the rules, so that more speech stays out there. At the end of day, we want people deciding for themselves, the value of speech, the value of information, not Silicon Valley.

The FCC can’t remove the Section 230 statute, but it can clarify the decisions Congress has already made.

“Courts have given sweeping interpretations of Section 230 conferring immunities and privileges on big tech that Congress never provided them,” Carr said referring to what Justice Thomas said earlier this week. “Our job at the FCC will be to close some of those loopholes, while Congress and other entities look at potentially revoking 230 entirely.”

14 Responses to “FCC”

  1. oh fuck off check this
    go wash your soul man

    Former WH COS John Kelly has told friends, about Trump: “The depths of his dishonesty is just astounding to me. The dishonesty, the transactional nature of every relationship, though it’s more pathetic than anything else. He is the most flawed person I have ever met in my life.”

    wake the fuck up pat ,while you still lucky enough that the almighty permits your stinking soul to breathe oxy on this precious earth ( and mine too , I’m not immune ) I’m serious !!!

  2. Religious nutter alert.😉

  3. drunk alert colm more like 😉

    anyway this nails the phony story of Hunter Biden

    The Hunter Biden “scandal” is smoke without a fire. Hunter Biden erred. His father has said so quietly but clearly. He should get on with the business of trying to put the country back together after Trump’s ruinous presidency.

    its behind a paywall , washington post

    David Ignatius

  4. The longer this story runs the worse it looks for turnip

  5. Some New York Post writers had doubts about this story, and at least one refused to have his name added to the byline


  6. This shows how desperate the Trump campaign has become. They claim to be confident of winning (hiya Patrick) but in reality they are shit-scared of the defeat they know is coming. And the opinion polls suggest that Biden could be headed for a landslide, it’s not even close anymore. Trump will lose the popular vote by at least five million and he’s well behind in nearly all the swing states.

    Biden’s lead is at least 10% compared to Hillary’s lead of 2% at this stage in 2016. The only interesting question is can the Dems capture the senate.


  7. Even Ted Cruz has spoken of a possible “ bloodbath “ not just for Trump, but for Republicans

    Pat is “ Whistling past the graveyard “ as the saying goes

  8. I guess that’s why Biden’s campaign manager has called the race “neck and neck.”

  9. That campaign manager sounds pretty smart

    Keep whistling!

  10. “I guess that’s why Biden’s campaign manager has called the race “neck and neck.””

    Largely to make sure there isn’t a drop in turnout. Trump probably needs to close the gap by 7, to at least bring the Supreme Court into play. 8 probably to win outright. Say polling error covers 3 of that. A big drop in turnout for Biden (because his supporters think he’s got it won already) and that means Trump has even less of a gap to close. So the best way to stop that from happening is to make his supporters think the race is tighter than the polls suggest.

    “Biden’s lead is at least 10% compared to Hillary’s lead of 2% at this stage in 2016. The only interesting question is can the Dems capture the senate.”

    To be fair Hillary’s lead at this stage of the campaign was about 7%. Trump took a big, late surge at the end of October.

  11. Trumps late surge could be effeced by deaths due to covid due to attending super-spreader rallies. keeping people alive in order to vote is probably a good idea if your a trump campaign manager . though the last three are either in jail, indicted or in a mental hospital
    so not holding out much hope there then !!

  12. They don’t want to make the same mistake that Hillary made.

    You run all as though you were behind even if you think that you’re ahead

  13. its the right approach, a secret leaked email revealing:
    DNC chairman “yayy we got this in the bag – party time “would be very damaging
    its different on ATW, we have more latitude as what we say here doesn’t effect the campaign

    stats on the ground are a nice healthy 2:1 in favour of Biden, based on registered voters

    Democrats 6.7 Million , Reptiles 3.1 Million

    worth bearing in mind, many trumpers will vote on the day though !!


  14. lmao