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What’s in a Name

By ATWadmin On November 7th, 2006

Considering the bland names the big-wigs at the NIO have created to give substance to the proposed seven new councils for Northern Ireland, the titular abilities of those credited with giving the name ‘euro’ to the EU single currency are positively glowing by comparison.  I have thought of my own names for the seven councils.  If you have any ideas let’s see them. 

Proposed Name                          My Suggestion

Belfast                                         Royal Borough of Belfast

Inner East                                    Two Loughs District Council

South                                           Bannside & Mournes District Council

North East                                    Causeway & Glens District Council

North West                                   Glenshane District Council

East                                             East Down District Council

West                                            South Sperrin & Lakeland District Council


12 Responses to “What’s in a Name”

  1. South – Bandit Country District Council

    East – Garden Centre District Council

    North West – Collusion Coordination District Council

  2. Andrew

    Except for the controversial and unacceptable inclusion of the R word in Belfast I think your names are a vast improvement. I believe the names are open to discussion and I would urge you to submit your suggestions.

  3. Whats wrong with the name "Euro" for the currency. Its very easy to criticise a name early in its days. 50/100 years from now, (if its still going) no one will question the name.

    On the topic at hand. I dont have a problem witht he names, except for the Royal part obviously.

  4. Belfast: Belfast
    Inner East: South Antrim
    South: agreed
    North East: agreed
    North West: Foyle
    East: Strangford
    West: agreed

  5. You’ve obviously put thought into the names, Andrew. Why Royal for Belfast and not the six others?

    The proposed names are about as inspiring as an Archbishop Rowan Williams speech at a BNP rally.

  6. While Andrew’s names are quite flowery and make Northern Ireland sound like somewhere in Scotland, the others are easier to spell, no small consideration these days in Northern Ireland.

  7. The new councils do raise the interesting question of re-partition. If current plans fail it should at least be discussed, along with joint stewardship, as an alternative.

    I don’t think it should be attempted unless there were majorities in both communities for it and of course safeguards for the minority poulations on both sides of the new border.

  8. <i>The new councils do raise the interesting question of re-partition</i>

    Is that you GreenFlag ? 🙂

  9. Re-partition is a republican fantasy. Dream on, Shinners.

  10. Peter, eh?

    Re-partition would be a Republican nightmare! No Republican party has ever or will ever support it. Or have you other information?

    I’m sure if partition is ever tried again it will again be a Unionist idea.

  11. Nice letter in the BT:

    "It is obvious Dopey , Doc, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Bashful and Grumpy. I don’t think it is a stretch to label the area west of the Bann as Dopey, Paisley country would be a toss up between Doc and more likely Grumpy. Sneezy would take in Newtownabbey and area since I always seemed to have a cold the whole time I lived there, while Sleepy would apply to the lazy fellows who live around the Lisburn area. Bashful the inhabitants of North Down where I don’t recall a single nudist beach and Happy well that clearly does not describe Belfast, rather the diaspora who had the good sense to leave such stupidity behind them.

    Alan Murray, USA "

  12. I saw that Seven Dwarfs suggestion posted on Slugger the other day. I have a nagging sensation If the Belfast Telegraph ever published something original it’d have to run into the bathroom and kill itself.