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They might as well have lined them against a wall, and pulled the bloody trigger!

By Mike Cunningham On October 25th, 2020

I have read and seen, many times over the six decades I have taken any interest in politics; lies, bold lies, and politicians’ pronouncements.

But, this morning, in the lead stories within the pages of the Sunday Times, the truth is laid bare about the panic, the lies, the outright deadly f**king around with peoples’ lives, the steady flow of ’’covering their own arses’ bullshit from Conservative Ministers and politicians; along with the same deadly lie from the crowds of senior management bastards who infest the National Health Service.

When the truth is finally dragged out of this self-serving bunch of petty dictators: when the Inquiry is finally called: there should be PRISON SENTENCES awaiting them. 

The Sunday Times publishes, in four-and-a-half pages, a damning indictment of the panic, the wrong paths approved, the dodgy spreadsheets pushed by dodgy epidemiologists. It publishes the stories of the senior medical people who are too scared to let their names be known; for fear of losing their very livelihoods. BUT, come that day of reckoning, when the culprits will be forced to give their evidence at that Judicial Inquiry; then the families of those thousands of infirm and elderly people, left to die because they did not meet the criteria of an Unpublished Screening Document: unpublished, unaccountable: but widely used within this so-called NHS to screen out those who were unworthy of extra effort; THEN We might, just might, see Justice!

The Sunday Times piece is, unfortunately, paywalled., but I am calling for the publisher to allow free access, so that we can rise up and demand Justice for all those who died needlessly, so that the likes of Johnson, Hancock and Whitty can prance and pout in front of a tv camera.

5 Responses to “They might as well have lined them against a wall, and pulled the bloody trigger!”

  1. “same deadly lie from the crowds of senior management bastards who infest the National Health Service”

    got to paragraph 2 then switched off 😉 … gammon alert kicked in ..
    anger’s all the rage these days !
    I prefer Bidens compassion and so does USA ( post-dated Nov 4th )

  2. I agree Mike. I have family working the NHS and friends of my late fiance who still work in the care sector who were also horrified by what they saw. Many care homes and sheltered accommodation were forced to take residents with coronavirus out of hospital. This resulted in many vulnerable, elderly people contracting the virus in care homes. I really hope someone is held accountable for this, but I won’t hold my breath.

  3. Mike

    Do you have any criticism of the anti maskers, who have done so much damage in the UK?

    If it were not for them, your situation would be vastly better now.

    They are the true architects of the current lockdown, all done in the name of politics and ignorance.

  4. As I’ve said, this epidemic has recealed to everyone just how rotten the state of governance and the institutions are. The government, the NHS, Public Health Enlgand, the modellers, all of them and more have performed abysmally.

    Don’t let anyone tell you that the NHS was “overwhelmed”. It was nowhere near being overwhelmed.


    “Overall, there was always plenty of NHS capacity. Extraordinary amounts, under the circumstances. Even 42pc of ventilator beds were unoccupied on peak Covid day, as were 32pc of intensive care beds and 44pc of General & Acute beds.”

    At the very peak of the epidemic 40 percent of acute beds were unoccupied. We know why:

    “The real problem is with non-Covid patients who were untreated, to the extent that NHS beds lay almost half-empty during the pandemic. What happened to the people who would otherwise have been on these beds? What’s happening to them now? This is a scandal that deserves a lot more attention.”

  5. I agree wholeheartedly, Mike C. This time last year I thought I had seen it all, what with Parliament’s utterly obscene attempts to bypass or nullify Brexit, but nothing could compare with what is going on now. The outright lies and propaganda, the willingness to throw untold lives to the wolves in order to maintain this evil deception. Mind you, perhaps there is nothing new under the sun: I’ve been reading that it is thought by some that during WW2 our government deliberately fed lies to soldiers, in the hope/expectation that they would be captured, tortured by the Gestapo and would ‘confess’ this misinformation about D-Day (believing it to be the truth) and would thus mislead the enemy. I wouldn’t have believed such a story two years ago, but now I do.
    At least I shall never again have to ask myself those age-old questions which historians like to ponder, eg ‘How did the Nazis come to power? How did they get way with it? Why didn’t ordinary Germans rise up against it before it was too late?’ All those questions have been answered for me this year.