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By Pete Moore On October 27th, 2020

A security guard had a “bad feeling” about suicide bomber Salman Abedi but did not approach him for fear of being branded a racist, an inquiry has heard.

Abedi was the Libyan who repaid the UK’s kindness toward his backward family by murdering 22 people, many of them children. He’s not the first terrorist or rapist to benefit from the extreme-left’s psychological terror, that being the idea that racism is the head of all crime. Being thought of as racist has many people genuinely fearful. Vast numbers of people cannot properly function at work because of it. It’s a national groupthink and few dare step out of line because it will mean professional ruin.

So many thousands of British girls have been jihad-raped because police officers and council employees chose to let them be raped rather than risk being accused of racism by a muslim. Now we know that mass murder is added to the toll. This cannot continue. Say what you see and tell anyone who accuses you of racism that you don’t give a monkey’s.

14 Responses to “GIVE RACISM A CHANCE”

  1. I have doubts over this claim, which I think he is using as a justification as it sounds more acceptable than the probably more mundane truth that like lots of security staff hired for events like this , he didn’t challenge the man because he couldn’t be bothered if he didn’t have to. It’s always very easy to be wise after the event but in reality 99% of the time at entertainment events like this nothing eventful happens and Security stand around bored and scrolling through there phones and act as a ‘presence’ without actually doing much.

  2. dumb post, ofc we need to self-check and that’s all the security guard was doing

    “I wanted to get it right and not mess it up by over-reacting or judging someone by their race.”

    other wise we have the police just stopping and searching everyone black
    and its called racial profiling

    petem you haven’t understood a thing since Toxteth 1981
    what prompted reforms and why reforms were enacted

    ” The Merseyside police force had, at the time, a poor reputation within the black community for stopping and searching young black men in the area, under the “sus” laws, and the perceived heavy-handed arrest of Leroy Alphonse Cooper on Friday 3 July near Granby Street,[1][2] watched by an angry crowd, led to a disturbance in which three policemen were injured.”

    to be so ignorant 40 years after the fact is breath-taking

  3. Do you believe in any profiling?

    If so, what?

  4. Kurt

    If he was suspicious of the man and yes his race is a suspicious factor in this type of crime then he should have stopped him. I just don’t believe the claim that he made at the inquest that his failure to search was based on racial sensitivity.

  5. Do you believe in any profiling?

    If so, what?

    It’s a pretty ambiguous term however, in my barest understanding of it I’m sure there’d be a fair few protests here were all Israelis to be automatically branded Arab haters.

  6. Colm –

    You might be right, that a young, low paid security guard couldn’t be bothered to do his job properly. He wouldn’t be the first. But that would be just as damning and worrying.

    His profile would suggest that he’s not the most politically aware, yet even he knows that “I didn’t want to be thought of as racist” is THE get out of jail card. He could possibly doubt his boina fides, because to be thought of as racist is the greatest fear for many.

    If you are correct then the ultra-left terror has permeated all levels.

  7. you can screen out babies and old grannies in the west , that’s common sense
    But you can be trained to spot signs,
    psychological profiling beats racial profiling hands down.
    some really good cops and detectives have a smell for it, and get the right guy
    those are the ones we want serving and keeping us safe .. as well as those who genuinely serve the community .. not hard-asses, and blow-hards or yellers

  8. If you are correct then the ultra-left terror has permeated all levels

    Have you ever given any thought as to why people might fear being termed a racist, Pete? I’d suggest it’s because of the sheer quantity of invective coming from your own side of the house rather than any supposed ultra-lefty.

  9. Yes I have, Paul. Did you read the post?

    Almost all people are racist to a greater or lesser extent. It’s in our DNA, part of our survival kit honed for tens of thousands of years. Distrust of the outsider keeps you alive. Even left-liberal anti-racist headbangers are racist. They’re just more hypocritical and self-deluding than others

    The rogue element is the ultra-left wing idea that someone’s life should be destroyed for saying something which you’d find in a 1970s BBC comedy. Humanity cannot process that because it’s an unnatural, anti-human idea.

  10. “ you can screen out babies and old grannies in the west , that’s common sense”

    Good security doesn’t come from “common sense”

    The fact is that there are considerably more concert venues, airports etc than there are terrorists. On any given day the correct answer to “how many terrorists are there in this location today” is almost certainly 0. That fact would matter even if you had a great test for who is or isn’t a terrorist. And a racial test or “looks Muslim” test is a lousy test. Almost everyone who fits that profile is not a terrorist and some who don’t fit it are.

    So pretty much all you get is false positives, remember them? I’m old enough to remember when people cared about them, it seems like only yesterday.

    And it’s not like terrorism is as bad as the flu.

  11. Yes I have, Paul. Did you read the post?

    Yes Pete I did and maybe someone with a doubt about someone didn’t want to be assumed to be in the ‘send all the wogs & Pakis back’ bracket so loved by people like yourself?

  12. Not a concern for me, Paul. I’d send’em all back.

  13. Pete’s one of the “No one left behind” equal opportunity racists 😉

  14. ‘send all the wogs & Pakis back’

    Back to where? Clearly, we all understand that as being ‘back home’ i.e. back to their land of origin and where they are supreme. Yes – blacks are supreme in Africa as pakistanis are supreme in Pakistan. ‘Progressives’ at ATW believe that nowhere on this planet should have prevalence of whites and resultant culture i.e. whites supreme, which shows just how far whites have sunk when many wish to see the end of their own people