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By Pete Moore On October 29th, 2020

The Equalities and Human Rights Council has published its report into the Labour Party, a prominent anti-semitic pressure group. It found that the faction, under previous leader Jeremy Corbyn, broke the law in committing various acts of anti-semitism. Corbyn remains in denial and has been suspended from the party.

The new leader, Sir Keith Starmer, is attempting to put as much distance between himself and Corbyn. This will not wash. For three years he stood shoulder to shoulder with his comrade. He campaigned hard to put Corbyn into power. Along the way he said nothing – not a thing – about the rampant anti-semitism and harrassment of Jewish members of the party for which the leadership has been exposed. Starmer isn’t an anti-semite like Corbyn, but he was at the heart of the party’s leadership.

Shami Chakabarti was previously appointed by Corbyn to look into claims of anti-semitism. Her report was a whitewash. It found no anti-semitism. He reward was a peerage and a place in the House of Lords. This disgraced lawyer must be defenestrated.

Everyone who voted or campaigned for Labour, under Corbyn, is stained forever. Some – Remainers – voted Labour to stop our leaving the EU. They voted for a party they knew to be racist and anti-semitic in order to overturn the greatest democratic vote in our history.

Anti-semitism did not rise in the party with Corbyn and it will not disappear with his demise. It’s an anti-semitism baked into the hard-left cake which disguises itself as anti-Zionism. Only the destruction of hard-left ideology overall will allow us to put the scourge of anti-semitism behind us.

One Response to “LABOUR’S DAY OF SHAME”

  1. Everyone who voted or campaigned for Labour, under Corbyn, is stained forever.

    Yeah right Pete. I do believe that’s your stupidest comment ever on this forum.

    And anyway, you are on record here more than once as not giving a toss about anti-semitism. Now you seem all concerned about it. Really?