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NYC Antifa

By Patrick Van Roy On November 2nd, 2020

3 Responses to “NYC Antifa”

  1. Restaurants, offices and shops all over DC, New York, Chicago and other Dem cities are boarding up in case these people, the Party of Love and Tolerance, lose.

    Something has gone very wrong. Left-liberalism has fully permeated the culture. Young people have always been a bit stupid, but left-liberalism has inculcated a visceral hatred for anything decent.

  2. I’ll add also that this is the middle class liberal, the supposedly educated ones. Education is increasingly aligned with mental health problems.

  3. Traitors are embedded in the governmental apparatus.


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    ShutDown DC hosts a Zoom Chat training session for federal employees on how to subtly use their official capacity for activism and slowing down of government to aid outside actions.

    In bizarre and almost unbelievable leaks from Zoom chats, as well as document leaks, women and homosexuals who work for the federal government are seen planning to overthrow Donald Trump following the election, and it is noteworthy that they expect a Trump win.

    The videos, released Sunday on SunriseExposed.com, show these women planning to disrupt and destabilize America after the election, going so far as to discuss plans to “shut down the White House.” “It’s a coup. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not,” one woman says plainly during a Zoom session.

    1 day ago
    This is pure sedition. It is a federal crime.

    christine taylor
    19 hours ago
    D.C., is not a swamp. That is insulting to a swamp. D.C. is a sewer. My late dad always said, “if this country ever needed an enema, Washington, D.C., is where they would stick the hose. Wise words.