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diggin’ the dancin’ queen!

By ATWadmin On January 31st, 2007

I watched a trailer for a t.v. programme which featured children ballroom dancers, and I wondered if I had somehow entered a parallel universe; one where the silly was normal, and the unbelievable was credible! Here were featured boys and girls aged somewhere between nine and thirteen, dressed as adults, twirling and revolving as though they understood the nature of the sexual element ever present in dance. Am I alone in my revulsion of the exploitation of innocence and the innocent; or am I just not ‘cool’?

The same pattern of parents pushing their children, whether it be in dance, as in the trailed show, or teeny beauty contests where the tragic JonBenet Ramsey held court before her murder, or sports such as tennis where pushy parents dredge their reluctant children from the depths where they hide, into the vicious spotlight of competition, just to fulfil their own failed aspirations! We see the children pushed into competitions for swimming and gymnastics; we even see attempts beam jump.jpgmade to hold back the onset of puberty because the body of a child is so much more ‘limber’ than an adult’s! We see the ‘winners’, but what about those who stand just outside the magic spotlit circle! The tension and the stress placed upon minors due to the peculiar pressures exerted by ambitious and adrenaline-addicted parents must be both immense and destroying!

There ought to be laws protecting children from parental abuse disguised as ambition; hang on a bit, there are such laws, it’s just that they’re never enforced!


8 Responses to “diggin’ the dancin’ queen!”

  1. I hope it will be pulled Mike – surprised that it has been allowed after what happened to that show a while back where children were mimicking pop stars.

  2. I echo your concern Mike – it’s horrible.

  3. Agree with you Mike on the program.

    However, you also get kids who are determined to succeed in their sport.

    We have one who is a gymnastics competitor – determined yes – but its not us who is doing the driving (except as a taxi service of course).

    Obviously we are proud of him and would like to see him succeed for the effort he is/has put in, but we don’t push him – in fact, we have to insist that he takes breaks, eats and rests appropriately..

    I know of other kids who have a similar drive for their sport (e.g. Swimming, Rubgy, Tennis etc).

    Please don’t tar us all with the same brush.
    If he gave up tomorrow, I would still be happy with him.

  4. MR – absolutely right, it’s Mini-pops all over again. The would-be media elite never learns.

    The general profusion of the celebration of vulgarity and ignorance (Big Brother and reality shows) and washed up non-celebrities, cooking, painting other peoples houses or having enemas makes you wonder just what sort of quality control there is over a licence to broadcast nationally.

    Silly me! it’s "accessibility" – new labour speak for dumb-ing down. Makes you feel glad inside that BBC use some 4m of your licence Graham Morton

    Nothing against the man really, but why does the Beeb have to spend so much when he would have been on the nations screens anyway.

  5. Minipops! that was the show – damned if I could remember the name.


  6. chris morris did a great parody of such television with the mythical 80s classic, Kiddystare.

    Was a magazine segment on The Day Today if memory serves.

    12 years old and still predicting media patterns. classic.

  7. >>the sexual element ever present in dance.<<

    You’ve obviously never seen Riverdance!

  8. Lol, Cunningham!
    Indeed, whenever I attempt to express the sexual element in dance by getting dowwwwn on da floor, it seems that it is rather the humourous element that finds the most expression.

    But humour aside, I agree completely. This is revolting.