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The Anger

By Patrick Van Roy On November 19th, 2020

Breitbart is dead, Drudge has gone insane and lost his spine, Limbaugh is dying, and Fox has slipped into the dark side. The press long ago abandoned its soul and purpose instead of being watchdogs for society they picked sides, and in doing so betrayed all of mankind. And no that is not overly harsh. It is the reality of the situation.

The press is supposed to be the neutral watchdogs, they are anything but… oh well put them in Shakespeare’s file with Lawyers…

We have a real problem, a problem created by the Political Class, a group that in our society was never supposed to exist and we are witnessing the reasons why.

The American Society is a very highly defined balanced dance. It may not look that way to most, but it is. Every four to eight years we put the whole direction of the country up for a referendum.

Do we want to continue with what has been going on for the past 4-8yrs or f’ it nope we’re going the other way… Now everyone of these decisions is always life or death or are at least sold that way to the American People.

And over a Billion Dollars is spent to influence that choice…. Tempers are raised, fears are raised, panic is purposefully brought to a fever pitch….. to the point of riots. Then we vote… the decision is made. Magically whoever wins it is settled…. One side says aww shit and bitches and moans for the next 4 years…

This happens and is peaceful for one reason, and one reason only….. we put it to a vote. One side Won, and one side Loss fair and square. Like it or not that is the choice that was made. We accept it.

Now let these same people feel The Vote Was Rigged…. There was no choice… you were cheated out of that choice and everything that is happening is being forced on you against your will…. You are lighting the fuse on a bomb you better pray don’t go off.

The idea that it could strikes fear into my soul, as it should yours also.

No matter who is anointed President when this is all said and done action to fix this problem must take place.

To Lin Wood, Sidney Powell, Leo Terrell, Alan Dershowitz, etc etc etc

The US Election System is BROKEN we need a Class Action Lawsuit on behalf of The American People to address this problem on a NATIONAL Level.

The system is Denying the most Basic Civil Right of every citizen.

Without a vote that can be trusted the People are Denied the Right of redress of grievances with our Government. The Vote is our Tool to do so and the vote has become ILLEGITIMATE.

This is a condition that can not be allowed to stand. It can only lead to Tyranny and Abuse and will eventually be answered with violence. That we can never allow to happen again in this country, but if there is zero confidence in the vote that is where this will inevitably lead.

This is not a party issue; this is the Nations founding issue.

We will NOT be Ruled.

26 Responses to “The Anger”

  1. Interesting thread Pat

    lots of issues there to pick up on

    primarily though the one person who is stoking all the bad feelings
    based on spurious allegation , easily dismissed in Court is DJT

    are we going to hear the Courts are corrupt too

    my count is Trunk is down 1-25 in frivolous lawsuits

    No other admin has ever behaved this badly and refused transition in the middle of an epidemic too .. scandal of the century !

  2. The nearly 80 million people who voted for Biden must be feeling really disenfranchised by the 74 million that voted for turnip

    Oh yeah I forgot the majority that voted for Biden do not count because of your fantasy about voter fraud

  3. The US Election System is BROKEN we need a Class Action Lawsuit on behalf of The American People to address this problem on a NATIONAL Level.

    The system is denying the most Basic Civil Right of every citizen

    That’s an issue we can agree on.

    I’ve long thought the US electoral system anomalous, with the Electoral College being an archaic quirk that belongs in the 18th century. But a a Class Action isn’t the way to fix a broken system, what is needed is a Constitutional Convention to reform and the electoral system, truly deomocratising it to reflect the democratic will of the majority of US citizens.

  4. You only say that the vote is illegitimate because your unpatriotic cult leader says such things. Sheep follow the master, in word and tone of voice.

    We need a class action lawsuit

    Yes, Jacoby & Meyers is the answer to everything. All the daytime TV watchers know this.

    If they’re not busy chasing ambulances, or in court suing family doctors, do call them. They might deliver the rule by judges that you seek.

  5. The president fiddles ( endless golf ) and whines about the people’s election verdict.

    But he’s lost interest in the pandemic that overwhelms El Paso and the Dakotas, and hasn’t attended a pandemic task force meeting in five months.

    He isn’t even pretending to take the job seriously anymore.

  6. phantom you forget he watches TV all day and tweets, that’s presidential isn’t it ? 😉

  7. The same electoral system that was used in 2016 was fine. Now in 2020 its corrupt. I wonder what has changed. Could it be anything to do with the result ?

    However, to answer Patricks’ question. For Presidential elections I propose the following.

    A single national authority be created to run all aspects of organizing the ballot, the physical infrastructure used, the counting systems and volunteers and certifying the results. No elected politicians will have any involvement whatsoever. A separate and independent authority would have power of oversight to ensure transparency and to act as a check on any potential mismanagement within the organizing authority.

    The vote would be a simple one person one vote national count. Highest vote total wins. That way EVERY vote matters.

  8. That would require the Constitutional Convention that I speak of above, Colm.

    It woould be interesting to see just how many ‘constitutionalists’ would be in favour of such action to repair the ‘BROKEN electoral system’ or whether they just want a Class Action legal case to attempt to overturn an electoral result they disagree with.

  9. It would require an amendment to the Constitution ,as ratified by 2/3 of the states

    Such change would have to pass an impossibly high bar, one that the rural states would never agree with, because they benefit from having it the way it is now.

    Pat is all over the place, he is just agreeing with whatever the golfer says

  10. Phantom

    Well im afraid I will have to say to the Constitution the same thing Patrick says about the French 🙂

  11. It’s out of date, very imperfect

    And the fake news squad will often interpret it in a bad faith way

    But it is what it is

  12. There is a concept known as the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, where a group of states agree to give their electoral votes to the national popular vote winner. It won’t go into force until it has been signed up to by enough states to get over the 270 electoral vote mark. Currently it has 15 states (plus DC) equating to 196 electoral votes.

  13. Yes

    That would be an interesting end run around the antique system.

  14. Bit of skip reading on my part.

    Assuming here or on other threads it’s been noted/discussed that Trump is doing all this crazy BS, not conceding, threatening to attack Iran… is just so the Donald (who couldn’t give two beeps about the ordinary American) to get his pardon.

  15. It’s out of date, very imperfect

    Were that the feeling surely there would be a sizeable quantity calling for its modernisation & improvement?

    I suspect those shouting loudest ATM about broken electoral systems see it as ammunition in an agenda to overturn something they dislike rather than any meaningful discussion about reformation.

  16. aye its only broken cos GOP lost, if they’d have won the line would be
    ” we have a very good electoral system”
    perfidious albany anyone ?

  17. The same electoral system that was used in 2016 was fine. Now in 2020 its corrupt. I wonder what has changed. Could it be anything to do with the result ?

    Yes Colm, there was no whingeing from the GOP when they won in 2016 despite losing the popular vote by three million. They have lost the popular vote in seven of the last eight elections (1994, 1998, 2000, 2008, 2012, 2016, 2020), so no wonder they never mention it.

  18. sorry had to scroll back pages to find an election thread
    no suprises the runners petem and pat don’t want an open thread on the election
    but sod that here goes :

    cook report has a fascinating break down using current results in the election 2020
    to analyse why Trump failed
    seamus ?

    good headline too

    All Base All the Time Fails to Deliver


    I guess we have to keep it alive colm right as we won’t get a thread on the election
    is that still ok with you ? no concerns ?

  19. Kurt, if you don’t get your new post, just put up what you have on any thread, or on every thread, until they get the message.

    Don’t be afraid of diverting anything. This thread is already behind the hill and won’t be looked at.

  20. Kurt

    I know you are obsessed with Trump and think everything should be about the US election but come on be bloody English for once and stop being so besotted with “ over there” 😀

  21. its about the election dummy colm, you can’t face that are trying to divert to an easy option, its crap play man , the anlaysis i offered above is a detailed interest of the breakdown
    but ofc you didn’t read it, just went for a low blow

    aye noel, i’m, trying to get a thread on the lection which would obv cover trunk
    but more importantly the court cases, and the analysis, what’s the play here

  22. //but ofc you didn’t read it, just went for a low blow//

    Patrick should ban Colm.

    As for post-election, Trump is now frantically gathering funds from his supporters, for all the world like some shrewd guru fleecing his devotees. This money is supposed to help him valiantly fight for voters’ rights and democracy, but in fact the cash is a slush fund for Trump’s own benefit and will be pocketed as soon as he realises he has got as much as he can get and then cancels the lawsuits.

    My, it sure looks like the Trump crowd are the biggest brainless brigade at large anywhere in the world.

  23. get back to asslicking colm its your thing, the election ( not trunk per se ) is mine


    Earlier in today’s board of canvassers meeting, Michigan Republican Aaron Van Langevelde made pretty clear that he was going to end up voting to certify the results. Now, just a few moments ago, he confirmed that he’s indeed voting to certify. That officially puts it over the top. That made certificaton a done deal. Trump’s guy Shinkle ended up abstaining, making the result 3-0-1.

  24. Kurt

    What is there to discuss ? It’s over , Biden won. Everyone knows that. Trump is a busted flush. He is a threat to no one. The only thing everyone has to fear about the legal challenges and The Trump Team desperate press conferences is that we will all get hernias laughing at them too much 😀

  25. kurt

    You may want to learn how to talk to people.

    Doing a lot of thinking about exactly what has happened, why the vote went the way that it did. ( Trump’s clumsy, incompetent, treasonous effort to thwart the will of the voter is going nowhere and is a less interesting subject)

    At some point, may write about it.

  26. well colm i was a bit rough, my bad
    but i have to totally disagree with you ,
    Biden won, but the interest is how he goes forward and meets the challenges in front of him
    what are the priorities and so forth, will the senate sears in Georgia change hands
    with the senate behind him, it’ll be alot easier to get stuff done without an awful stone-walling by GOP senators. Lots going on .. its a politics site dude

    indeed phantom on both points !
    the breakdown gives us lots of clues, and the numbers tell us that in the swing states
    a certain proportion, ( not a huge amount ) who suppoorted Trump in 2016 crossed over in 2020, and that’s all it took , just a 100,000 in some cases and in others even hence
    hence the name “swing state”.. no colm that’s not a ref to sex parties , well i don’t think so 😉