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By Pete Moore On November 19th, 2020

No, masks do not work. It’s all theatre. Take them off. They serve no purpose other than to concentrate germs and bacteria on your mouth and nose. And you look stupid too.

13 Responses to “DO MASKS WORK?”

  1. The study



    Inconclusive results, missing data, variable adherence, patient-reported findings on home tests, no blinding, and no assessment of whether masks could decrease disease transmission from mask wearers to others.

  2. I don’t think that the honorable gentleman has thought this through at all.

  3. Great catch, Fews.

  4. Well done FO, for catching something which is in all studies.

    In the end the study presents little evidence that wearing masks prevents the spread of airborne viruses (of course, because simple common sense tells us that).

  5. Except that in all the countries that take masks seriously, the virus has been smacked down fairly well, and that in the slipshod leaderless and argumentative countries like the US and UK , the virus reigns unchallenged, and repeated lockdowns are called for.

    As one of the architects of the UK lockdown, you should have taken credit by mentioning that.

  6. Some of the variables the study didn’t address:


  7. Except that in all the countries that take masks seriously, the virus has been smacked down fairly well ..

    Because they aren’t neurotically and obsessively looking for it. In the West we have a Croatian builder dying after falling off a ladder and … yep, it’s a Covid death! Seeing Covid everywhere is a mental illness.

  8. “….the virus reigns unchallenged….”

    Given a survival rate of only 99.7%, one can only conclude that Phantom’s insanity is beyond challenge – and he represents a clear majority at ATW

  9. Allan

    Ask Charles how great things are in El Paso. Ask the healthcare workers there how ducky the situation is.

    The city of El Paso will have a news conference Thursday at 3 p.m. regarding the COVID-19 situation.

    “It is prudent to say we still have a dire situation in El Paso,” Dr. Hector Ocaranza, the city-county health authority, said.

    El Paso is seeing large numbers of people dying, Ocaranza said, while thanking health care workers who are working tirelessly.

    Residents need to remain “extra vigilant, extra careful” with the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, he said. People should try to shop online, avoiding Black Friday shopping crowds and only one member per household should go shopping.

    “I strongly recommended that people do not do large gatherings,” Ocaranza said.

    There are more than 34,700 known active cases of COVID-19 currently in El Paso County.
    El Paso’s positivity rate for the virus has begun to trend downward but is still in terrible shape.

    The county’s rolling seven-day average positivity rate was 18.78% on Thursday, according to health data.

    The positivity rate peaked at 25.14% on Nov. 7 before starting to decline, according to the city-county public health data. The positivity rate is the percentage of all tests that come back positive.

    El Paso could hit 1,000 deaths
    El Paso has had 823 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 and is on pace to reach 1,000 deaths before the end of the year.

    On Thursday, there were 19 new deaths reported. City officials said the deaths occurred between July and last week. There is often a lag in the time when a death occurs and when the cause of death is confirmed and reported.

  10. Pete, how many times do I have to explain this yes, they do work.
    That’s why they wear them in operating theatres.
    I’ve posted multiple studies, which you don’t appear to have read, which support the effectiveness of wearing a mask.
    It’s almost as if you have an agenda, rather than an interest in the truth.

  11. These guys only look at material that reinforces their prejudices.

    The exact opposite of the scientific method.

  12. That’s why they wear them in operating theatres.

    Exactly Dave, but maybe Pete and Allan would be cool with their surgeon being unmasked? It wouldn’t surprise me, given their track record of anti-science dogma.

  13. The mandatory wearing of muzzles is an outward sign of submission to government will and dictate, enforced by an overly politicised police.

    As a free thinking individual who believes the State is the servant, not the master, I refuse to wear one.

    Report me !

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