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By Pete Moore On November 20th, 2020

Rishi Sunak is facing a backlash amid reports he wants to impose a pay freeze on millions of public sector workers.

(Note again the BBC’s soft propaganda. When it disagrees with the subject of a news story it often leads with a critical response to it.)

The leftists are fuming at reports that the Chancellor intends to impose a pay freeze on millions state sector employees, most of whom have pretended to work from home this year. The productive sector, the people who are the economy, have been smashed apart thanks to the ineptitude of the NHS and the incompetence of public health wallers.

Hundreds of thousands of firms are going bust. Millions of jobs are being lost. Savings are being wiped out. Homes have been repossessed. All of it landed on the heads of those taxed to high Heaven to fund that fat salaries, the jobs-for-life and the gold-plated pensions of millions of parasites who do nothing good, who tick boxes and shuffle paper clips, and who have been on easy-street, shopping online all year from the sofa. It’s the private sector which has developed vaccines and drugs, pumped out PPE in vast numbers and sat on tills and kept the shelves stocked. The state sector has sat at home patting itself on the back for heroically isolating. And they think they deserve a pay rise? On your brand new bikes more like. Get stuffed.

All they deserve is a kick up the arse. For every productive job lost two state sectors jobs should go. For every furloughed worker two state sector employees should be put on half-pay. Do that and the “epidemic” will be over in minutes.


  1. thanks to the ineptitude of the NHS and the incompetence of public health wallers.

    So absolutely sweet **** all to do with this shambles of a Tory government. Thought not.

    And it’s wallahs not wallers.

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