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The Headlines; just for a change, Speak as One

By Mike Cunningham On November 22nd, 2020

Reuters states UK abuse inquiry says Catholic Church prioritised reputation over children

Daily Mail says Cardinal Vincent Nichols accused of putting Church’s reputation before safety of children

The Tablet states Calls for Cardinal Nichols to resign over safeguarding failures

The Guardian says Leader of church in England and Wales refusing to resign despite damning IICSA report

And even the BBC chimes in with Cardinal Vincent Nichols criticised over leadership

So, when I heard the discussions on the radio, and then went searching online; I discovered that the Church’s top man in England and Wales, the Cardinal himself was refusing to even contemplate resignation: even in the face of a blistering denunciation of his role, and that of his many bishops who went along with his path; in the tragic tale of sexual abuse, cover-up and lying. Lying, so that his bloody Church could somehow avoid being placed in the spotlight; being found wanting in the very area, the only area which counted. The acceptance of responsibility! Nothing more: nothing less!

This man, elevated to the pinnacle of his Church, below the Pope alone; should have resigned immediately the truth commenced emerging! But what do we see, instead of an honest response to the Inquiry’s findings that he was responsible? We see what we have seen many, many times before. A clinging on to the trappings of power. We see his response, via a church spokesperson who stated that the cardinal would not be resigning following the inquiry’s criticisms because he was “determined to put it right”. He claims he gave his resignation to the Pope, but our mate Francis just said, “Carry on, Cardinal”.

This Pope is almost as bad as this scarred Cardinal. The Pontiff should have copied Cromwell in his dissolution of the Long Parliament: but that is perhaps too much to expect from an Argentinian Junta-lover, who is, unfortunately; nothing like the assassinated Romero.

2 Responses to “The Headlines; just for a change, Speak as One”

  1. “He claims he gave his resignation to the Pope, but our mate Francis just said, “Carry on, Cardinal”.”

    It isn’t a claim, but it also isn’t anything to do with the report. Canon Law states that any time a diocesan Bishop, of which Cardinal Nichols is, reaches the age of seventy-five he must offer the Pope his resignation. Cardinal Nichols turned seventy-five on the 8th November, and so by Canon Law would have had to have offered the Pope his resignation.

  2. Not only did the catholic church and the Vatican ignore this abuse for decades, it was completed in covering this abuse up, bribing and threatening victims of the abuse and doing everything it could to hide and protect the abusers from prosecution.
    Even today, it puts the church before justice for victims of the abuse.