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By Pete Moore On November 25th, 2020

Diego Armando Maradona – Dirty Diego – is dead. A man synonymous with cheating and also the greatest footballer many of us have seen. Older fans will talk about Pele. Older British fans still talk of Duncan Edwards. Young’uns have Messi and Ronaldo, but in his prime Maradona was the best footballer I’ve seen. He was a poor boy from a Buenos Aires slum who was also a genius and untouchable.

I read he died, aged 60, from a heart attack. I’m surprised his ticker lasted so long given his massive contributions to the Colombian economy. But the memories he left are gold, particularly for Neapolitans. Napoli was an unsuccesful and unfashionable club when he joined and he made them the champions of Italy. He single-handedly won Argentina the World Cup in 1986. If he were English then England would have won it, if he were German then Germany would have won it. No player has ever been so dominant at the peak of the world game.


14 Responses to “MARAGONA”

  1. The greatest of his generation and a few more and also the very epitome of flawed genius.

    Thank you for such spectacular magnificence.

  2. November 25th, the same date George Best died.

  3. Curious, FO.

    //Napoli was an unsuccesful and unfashionable club when he joined and he made them the champions of Italy.//

    Just after he joined, a reporter asked him (from memory):
    Q: Apart from your personal success, do you not think it a bit obscene that you were paid such an astronomical sum to join the club of a city with such poverty as Naples?

    DM: Before, the people of Naples were poor, and suffered, and had no prospects. They are still poor and suffer and have no prospects – but now they have Maradonna.

  4. The irony of someone who has spent the past five years virtually masturbating over serial liar and philanderer, Donald Trump, referring to one of the greatest footballers ever as a “man synonymous with cheating,” is hilarious.

    I doubt if he realises it though.

    And seriously – Maragona? Is this the Sun now? Jesus H. Christ. The guy was a footballing legend. He deserves better than a half-mocking, disrespectful headline like this.

    Zero class.

  5. Seimi

    I really don’t think you get Pete Moore’s attitude to Trump. And lighten up over the title. Pete acknowledges his great talent in the post , no need to be so po faced about the one word pun.

  6. Sorry old boy but nobody talks of Duncan Edwards.

  7. Who the F is Duncan Edwards ? 😉

  8. I’m too young to remember Maradona in his prime but do remember him playing. He was untouchable in the mid-80s.

    Ronnie Ronaldo is the best I have ever seen.

    Duncan Edwards is legendary. Could he ever have become as good as people now say he would have been had he lived?

  9. Everyone knows that the greatest tackle in the history of football was by Duncan Edwards. It was that time his ghost tripped John Terry as he was taking a penalty against Man Utd in the European Cup final.

  10. https://www.scoopwhoop.com/The-Tragic-Story-Of-Duncan-Edwards/

    I only learned of Duncan Edwards with the mention on this thread.. Tragic story of a brilliant life cut short.

  11. Just from your story Phantom it is worth noting that Bobby Charlton was not “the lone survivor among the players”. Of the 17 players on the flight 9 of them survived (though two never played again). Harry Gregg, the Man Utd goalkeeper, who passed away earlier this year, was the hero of the day (though he hated being described as such). He pulled multiple players (including Bobby Charlton) from the plane, as well as the manager Matt Busby, and the pregnant wife and daughter of a Yugoslavian diplomat. He repeatedly went back into the plane despite everyone telling him not to (it was leaking fuel and everyone was expecting it to blow up).

  12. Thanks for that

  13. Not all may be aware of the 1958:Munich air crash spoken of here


    I believe that all the major pro sports leagues would have contingency plans that would kick in if God forbid there is another such incident that takes out an entire team.

  14. I think all four of the major sports leagues in the US have contingency plans should it happen there (the holding of de facto expansion drafts for the team affected).