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By Pete Moore On November 27th, 2020

People worried about the climate crisis (sic – PM) are deciding not to have children because of fears that their offspring would have to struggle through a climate apocalypse, according to the first academic study of the issue.

This from people who – no doubt – think we should import endlessmany millions of immigrants from around the world: “But who will fund the NHS without them?” The very point of existence is to procreate, to pass on your genes to the future. Everything else is the ride along the way. These loons are now turned away from the very point of their existence by this mad, corrupt propaganda.

A 40-year-old mother said: “I regret having my kids because I am terrified that they will be facing the end of the world due to climate change.”

It’s also evil propaganda. How sad that some women have been turned insane by “climate change” lies. So insane they have been induced to think that the greatest joy, and the very point of their existence, is a matter of regret.


  1. “climate change” lies.

    Why the inverted commas Pete? I know that you deny that man made emissions of CO2 have any impact on the climate whatso****ing ever, but you surely cannot deny that things are heating up, as evidenced by melting glaciers om every continent? And high temperature records being broken year after year all around the planet. And no low temperature records being broken, no sir, none.

  2. Peter.

    If you’ve trying to argue using logic and evidence with Pete, you’re wasting your time mate.

  3. I’m not Dave. I’m merely pointing out the willful know-nothing anti-science cretinism of denying that the climate is actually changing rapidly and at an accelerating rate. The melting glaciers are the elephants in the room. We have photographic evidence for that going back to the 1840s.

  4. Why the inverted commas Pete?

    Because it’s a ghost, a charade, a lie and a fiction.

  5. Because it’s a ghost, a charade, a lie and a fiction.

    Pathetic response Pete.

  6. Lemmings !