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By Pete Moore On November 27th, 2020

Exclusive: No.10 ‘Demanded UK Flag Be Printed On Oxford Vaccine Doses’

Quite right too. British taxpayers are funding British eggheads to devise and manfacture a vaccine which will be distributed, profit-free, to those parts of the world which can’t otherwise afford it. Too right it should carry the Union Jack, and before anyone gets it they should be made to stand, salute the flag and sing God Save the Queen.

An added bonus is that it will madly annoy everyone who deserves to be annoyed.

9 Responses to “TOO DAMNED RIGHT”

  1. Absolutely agree Pete, and anyone getting the vaccine has to pledge support for Brexit too 😊

  2. Good idea, Colm, the world needs that British common sense. And recipients should be told that the vaccine won’t work if they don’t chant those magic words.

  3. Technically we’re still part of Europe, so should it not be the blue background with the gold stars?

  4. Dave
    Yes but that vaccine won’t work in the U.K. after Dec 31st. 😊

  5. //British taxpayers are funding British eggheads to devise and manfacture//

    These kind of things are never national efforts. Science is like the arts is like Premier League teams. You can always be sure many of the top guys have foreign passports lying around somewhere. I believe, e.g., some of the scientists were even Irish.

    But, yes, most of the money was probably British, with most likely a large EU support somewhere along the line.

  6. And, sure enough, a quick search finds

    Shaka Obhiozele, Head of Administration and Finance, Ketlin Stroo, Senior Finance Manager, Dominic Kelly (that’ll be the Irish lad) Consultant in Vaccinology, Rinn Song, Clinical Scientist, Joanna Bagniewska, Public Engagement Officer), and so on…..

    And the top man, Andrew Pollard, currently chairs the European Medicines Agency scientific advisory group on vaccines and is a member of WHO’s SAGE. He received the Bill Marshall award of the European Society for Paediatric Infectious Disease (ESPID) in 2013, the ESPID Distinguished Award for Education & Communication in 2015 and the Rosén von Rosenstein medal in 2019 awarded by the Swedish Paediatric Society and the Swedish Society of Medicine. ….

    I wonder did he vote Brexit?

  7. The EU is in Europe but it is not Europe

    Britain is as much a part of Europe as anywhere else

  8. How can remoaners object. This is simply a continuation of the EU policy of putting its dilly flag on everything it touches.

  9. ***stop press****

    Better change that Union Flag to an EU Circle of Stars: