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By Pete Moore On November 27th, 2020

Because Friday night is Music Night

Another week done at the now pointless coalface of capitalism. I might buy a cattery and fatten the the herd for the coming year. We’ll need something to put on the plate. Winter’s arrived too. It was down to “brrr” went I went out this morning.

A little bit of sunshine then to remind us that there are only seven months until it returns. A what a bit of sunshine it is too. Yep, I dig the Bee Gees and I know you do too. This is possibly my favourite of theirs. That bossa nova rhythm is lovely, but the chorus is sublime, as sweet as anything they ever did.

Have yourselves a weekend, whatever it is you do with them now. As always, feel free to share your top sounds below –


  1. I usually can’t stand the Bee Gees one bit but if they ever did anything right they brought this spectacularly brilliant disco cracker to prominance:


  2. Always liked the Bee Gees , second best British band beginning with B 😊

  3. Yes, Bucks Fizz were great.

  4. I was thinking of Bros actually 😉

  5. I dedicate my contribution to Boris Johnson.

    Tiers of a clown.


  6. Paul and Colm.

    Bananarama guys! Bananarama!

  7. Bananarama guys! Bananarama!

    I saw them at Kidso Reilly’s funeral, they’re all about the size of wee Jimmy Kranky.

    That Karen Woodward though. Her and Jay Aston can form a supergroup on me any day.

  8. I saw them at Kidso Reilly’s funeral, they’re all about the size of wee Jimmy Kranky.

    Excuse my ignorance Paul, but I had to look up who Kidso Reilly was.
    There was a Belfast telegraph article about the funeral.

    It’s not a problem for a big lad like me that bananarama are small, it just means I need more than one of them. 😁 (In my f****** dreams!)

  9. good god the bee gees… the group that single handedly was responsible for torturing an entire decade with the most horrble music ever created before Rap…. Disco. I actually got pulled over and lectured by a cop about whether or not my father or grandfather would approve of my Disco Sucks bumper sticker as he made me scrape it off.

    That being said, and the fact that this was also the time period of my life where I spent 6 nights a week in a bar you had no choice but to hear and know every damn disco song there was. I know every song from Saturday Night Fever, and the actual movie itself was pretty damn good.

    So here’s my pick


    but this is sweet


  10. I had to look up who Kidso Reilly was

    A great fella. He worked as road manager for many music giants and his brother, my mate Jim, was Stiff Little Fingers’ drummer. Bananarama came for the funeral and there were wreaths sent from Spandau Ballet, Meatloaf & Paul Weller.

  11. Bananarama – the others had the big blonde hair but Karen Woodward was the looker. She’s probably 20st now.

    Bros – I’ve seen that jeans ripped across the knees are back for the teens. They probably think they invented it. Bros fans probably did too. They should have seen 1977.

  12. I know every song from Saturday Night Fever

    My first comment on this thread was the greatest song ever released on SNF and the greatest disco song in history, with this also being in the top five greatest disco songs of all time:


    Along with this:


  13. I love all that seventies disco stuff, Odyssey , Chic, Earth Wind and Fire, Donna Summer, etc.

    Patrick would not wanna come on a long car journey with me 😊

  14. Chic, with their signature Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards sound, were unmistakable:


    As for Donna Summer, this is breathtaking:


  15. god that would be torture…..

    When in doubt put on motown, everybody likes motown.


  16. That being said, and the fact that this was also the time period of my life where I spent 6 nights a week in a bar you had no choice but to hear and know every damn disco song there was.

    I’d have thought it was no less than 7 nights a week. Disco was just a phase for the Bee Gees, one in which they gave it harmony and melody. This is how long the Bee Gees had been around before little Disco came along –


    And this is when they made a name for themselves –


  17. Always took Sunday off.

  18. When in doubt put on motown, everybody likes motown

    My favourite female singer of all time, Pat:


    The greatest of them all.

  19. We are less than a month from the winter solstice, so this is just a few weeks early:


  20. put some headphones on, click this link open in it’s own window and just let the whole set play


  21. classical in it’s own right Peter, very nice

  22. I just watched the film, Sexy Beast. Absolutely brilliant.
    I’ve got to say, it shows you the dark side of Gandhi.

  23. Dave, I never realised Itzak Stern could be such a psychopath.

  24. Paul. Indeed mate. He came across as such a nice man helping save all those Jews. I guess everybody has a dark side. 😁

  25. Sexy Beast is a bloody magnificent show though.

  26. It is mate. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    I think Ian McShane is an underrated actor.