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By Pete Moore On November 30th, 2020

LONDON (Reuters) – People who refuse a vaccine for COVID-19 could find normal life curtailed as restaurants, bars, cinemas and sports venues could block entry to those who don’t have proof they are inoculated, Britain’s new vaccine minister said on Monday.

That’s how we’ll be “nudged” into compliance. Being vaccinated won’t be compulsory, but businesses will be encouraged, and probably incentivised, to bar anyone who hasn’t been jabbed. At the same time foreigners will be flying in without a vaccine or proof of a negative test, because no-one seems to care who comes in, with what maladies, and that’s how we got into this mess.

8 Responses to “NO VAX, NO LIFE”

  1. could find normal life curtailed as restaurants, bars, cinemas and sports venues could block

    but businesses will be encouraged, and probably incentivised,

    No speculative language used there at all.

  2. Let us hope so. If the crazies need to be nudged in this way, nudge away I say. Can we give them a good kick up the arse too, for being irrational numpties with no respect for the scientific method?

  3. Pure speculation from a) the CEO of Qantas b) the CEO of Korean Airlines, and c) IATA


    A leading travel industry association is developing a digital passport for international plane passengers who have been vaccinated for COVID-19.

    The International Air Transport Association (IATA) said Saturday that it is in the final phase of developing the infrastructure for the passport, which could become an essential component in rebuilding the shattered tourism industry.

    However, Australian airline Qantas may mandate that all passengers take the vaccine.

    CEO Alan Joyce said earlier this week that the carrier would implement the measure once the vaccine was made available to the public.

    He predicted the rule would become standard practice around the world.

    Paul – would you straighten out these imposters and tell them not to be speculative


  4. My message to those who moan about the restrictions, moan about the vaccine and are never satisfied no matter what happens.

    Take the bloody vaccine and stop being a whinging snowflake,

  5. Colm – I am highly favourable to these forthcoming Covid-vaccines and I believe that those who want them should have them. After all, if vaccines work according to what pharma tells the recipients, then those who have taken the vaccines should be immune to the specific pathogen that would be carried by those who have not yet acquired natural immunity – so what’s your problem? Anyway, I urge you to take the vaccine

    The entire premise of the Covid-panic is based on numbers derived from a totally inappropriate test which thus allows the fraudsters to create whatever numbers they need to keep the herd stampeded:


    The PCR False Positive Pseudo-Epidemic
    30 November 2020

    by Dr Mike Yeadon

    In Spring 2020 a novel coronavirus swept across the world: novel, but related to other viruses. In the UK, unknown at the time, around 50% of the population were already immune. The evidence for this is unequivocal and arose due to prior infection by common cold-causing coronaviruses (of which four are endemic). This prior immunity has been confirmed around the world by top cellular immunologists. There is even a very recent paper from Public Health England on the topic of prior immunity and a wealth of other evidence from studies on memory T-cells, studies on household transmission and on antibodies.

    How about ‘the science’ as Petr demands?

    When scientific debate is stifled, people die. Science requires the airing of opinions and debate to allow the evolution of ideas. Censorship has meant that nothing has been learnt, no model adjusted and errors compounded.
    The Government was told to expect a ‘second wave’, and a huge one at that. This was mystifying. Virus don’t do waves and no reason to expect an exception on a truly unprecedented scale has ever been forthcoming. I hasten to distinguish what I have termed a secondary ripple from what SAGE means by a ‘second wave’.

    Viruses don’t do waves (beyond the secondary ripple concept as outlined above). I have repeatedly asked to see the trove of scientific papers used to predict a ‘second wave’ and to build a model to compute its likely size and timing. They have never been forthcoming. It’s almost as if there is no such foundational literature. I’m sure SAGE can put us right on this.

    Despite the absence of any evidence for a ‘second wave’ – and the evidence of absence of waves for this class of respiratory virus – there was an across-the-board, multi-media platform campaign designed to plant the idea of a ‘second wave’ in the minds of everyone. This ran continually for many weeks. It was successful: a poll of GPs showed almost 86% of them stated that they expected a ‘second wave’ this winter.

    Indeed – plant the idea of a ‘second wave’ in the minds of GPs and take a vote and……surprise!!

    How about the PCR technique which the inventor stated is absolutely NOT suitable as a diagnostic tool? (That’s more of ‘the science’ from the actual scientist)

    In addition, the Portuguese high court determined two weeks ago that this PCR test is not a reliable way to determine the health status or infectiousness of citizens, nor to restrain their movements. Other countries are also receiving legal challenges, one being submitted earlier this week in Germany by Reiner Fuellmich, a lawyer who successfully sued VW in relation to diesel emissions (The YouTube video in which Fuellmich sets out the principal points of concern about the misuse of PCR has been removed).

    The censors at youtube are going to have to learn that removing a video doesn’t damage the case to be presented to the court.

    What we now have is…..a “PCR false positive pseudo-epidemic”.

    I have to tell you that there is more than common-or-garden doubt about the PCR mass testing that purports to identify the virus. We have very strong evidence that the PCR mass testing as currently conducted is completely worthless.

    This is where I disagree with Dr Mike Yeadon. The PCR-testing isn’t “worthless” if its purpose is to create a mass hysteria fuelled by media and ‘authorities’ and such testing shall not be put aside regardless of the pressure from free-thinking scientists

    In summary, I argue that it is criminally dangerous to drive policy based in any way on this test (set up the way it is) and its results. No amount of argument or prevarication can alter these damning facts.

    Petr – that’s the real science. Please provide some argument and prevarication to alter the damning facts. Already, I’m reading of a ‘third wave’ and there is a majority at ATW stupid enough to run with it.

  6. Allan

    I don’t agree with the mass closures of hospitality and retail businesses that are the lazy way of reacting to the pandemic, and yes I m prepared to say I am sceptical of the efficacy of the testing process , but I just don’t believe this is all a deliberate global conspiracy to create a new international “serfdom’. I think what has happened this year is a mixture of mixed medical ‘baby steps’ as it learns to deal with this new contagion , leading to govt. overreactions , sometimes with panic measures, compounded by scientists ,authorities and the medical professions natural unwillingness to admit errors but not through some intentional Machiavellian global plot but through simple human fallibility.

  7. That’s precisely what it is, Colm. Governments trying their best at dealing with a new scenario and trying to balance the response against measures which may hurt their re-election chances.

    The ‘theororists’ don’t accept that life is a random series of disparate and unconnected events that people collectively and individually react to to. No, for them there’s always some pre planned nefarious reason by someone or other, usually ((( ))), for some undisclosed reason or other. They know this because they have a vastly superior insight to the serfs who can’t think for themselves.

  8. Check this out – speculative, of course, and total cohencidence and happening everywhere in the ‘free’ world at the same time:


    The UK’s newly appointed vaccine minister, Nadhim Zahawi, has suggested that people will have to show they’ve received the Covid vaccine if they wish to return to normal life and the resumption of social activities.

    Zahawi was asked by the BBC on Monday if it will become virtually impossible to do anything without the vaccine, and the minister responded that people should expect pressure from service providers to demonstrate that they have been vaccinated.

    He suggested that people who refuse to get vaccinated could face continued restrictions, potentially preventing them from attending bars, cinemas, restaurants and sports venues if they cannot provide proof down the line that they have been inoculated against the coronavirus.

    However, Zahawi, whose new role will see him oversee the rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine in the UK, made clear that getting vaccinated will be voluntary……

    This is completely unforeseeable. Nobody could have foreseen that the government (owned by big-pharma) would coerce the herd to voluntarily take the vaccine otherwise – no job, no travel, no money etc. Completely unforeseeable