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By Pete Moore On December 3rd, 2020

President Trump should have sacked this chump months ago.

Dr Anthony Fauci, the top US infectious disease expert, has said that the UK was not as rigorous as the US in its Covid-19 vaccine approval process.

Fauci’s had a bad year. He needs time off. He strongly advised people not to wear chin hammocks in March before changing his mind. He spent most of the year saying that schools are centres of transmission, and then changed his mind right after the “election”. Now he whines because his arse has been left in the traps while we get on with life. What an embarrassment. No wonder some US states (the blue ones) have shockingly high death rates. With people like him and Cuomo around I’m surprised there’s anyone left alive.


  1. How do the US and UK testing and approval procedures differ

  2. Oh ours is the best, confirmed by the government today, so that makes it official alright.

  3. Is that the same Dr Anthony Fauci you said was wrong when he pointed out that hydroxychloroquine was ineffective?


    Looks like he was right and you and ‘Dr Trump’ were wrong. Again.

    However, multiple high-quality studies subsequently showed no benefit of hydroxychloroquine use as post-exposure prophylaxis3 or as a COVID-19 treatment


  4. It turns out that

    the UK regulatory agency accepts the work produced by the drug maker and works from that

    the FDA starts from the very beginning, which takes longer

    Fauci’s comment sounded harsher than he meant it to be – the British regulators are very good – but Fauci’s statement was actually correct.

    The FDA is working with all proper speed, but they’re not going to cut corners, even when under political pressure to approve the drug yesterday.