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Your Idea of Objective News Coverage

By Patrick Van Roy On December 4th, 2020

3 Responses to “Your Idea of Objective News Coverage”

  1. seems objective and factual

  2. Is this the same Project Veritas whose videos, along with Gateway Pundit and Tucker Carlson and edited videos of discredited oral testimony you’ve been posting?

    Pat posts nothing but cheap propaganda videos and then accuses others of seeing a partisan media outlet discussing how to present a factual story as ‘objective’

    Unintentionally hilarious.

  3. Both Guiliani and Trump are mutually useful idiots. Guiliani will try (and fail) to be the sharp lawyer for Trump while Trump can be used for an easy pardon in advance for any Guiliani crimes. This is called DRAINING THE SWAMP.

    The problem for Guiliani is that he has to deliver up front and he, like everyone else, knows he can’t trust Trump to do his bit when he finally accepts that he was beaten by Biden.