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By Patrick Van Roy On December 4th, 2020




12 Responses to “MSM”

  1. Merging the two Truther movements


  2. by denying both you give both credibility. First off Obama was American as it gets, and second the Democrats committed rampant fraud.

    Now you calling them both conspiracy theories gives the birther story weight.

  3. Rampant fraud you and the entire republican party have completely failed to prove or document.

    you had 4 years as a majority and bupcuss, except for the dozens of republicans convicted of the crimes you accuse the democrats of

  4. Rampant Democrat fraud that led to more Republican congressmen

    Some bad fraudsters, you might think

  5. The Democrats committed rampant fraud.

    Absolute unfounded, baseless balls.

    We have seen evidence, (someone signed something doncha know?), and it’s been dismissed not credible by judges and laughed ay by sane people.

    Pat, these posts are sliding more and more off the rails.

  6. He has stolen Allan’s identity.

    Take a look at Gateway Pundit, where Patrick gets his thoughts from. Look at the headlines.


    Then take a shower.

  7. Yeah, these are the guys that we’re supposed to believe objectively present news:


    I don’t know if Pat is stupid enough to actually believe this pish or he just thinks everyone else is.

  8. Actually the evidence is that there has been absolutely MASSIVE Republican organised fraud.

    Do I have any court accepted proof of that claim. Nah, of course I don’t but if I say it often enough it might just become a fact 🙂

  9. watch the video at the top of the front page Colm

  10. Patrick

    Just watched it. I see Rudy getting grouchy and rattled which is a sign that he knows he’s losing !

  11. Nah that’s just his winning personality…..

  12. And he shouldn’t think he’s going to impress anyone waving that big thick folder around. As the advice columnists always say, size isn’t everything 🙂