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Swamp Disease

By Patrick Van Roy On December 4th, 2020

18 Responses to “Swamp Disease”

  1. BULLSHIT! He just insured big tech can hire people from India before Unemployed Americans

    Good dog I hope you are wrong, this policy has been great for the Canadian economy,

    Highly educated, entrepreneurial immigrants are such a boon

    I advocated to open the borders to all those Daca kids as well, Imagine hundreds of thousands of educated and english speaking immigrants, at least till you became a plague nation

    Keep fighting the good fight on this Pat

  2. Unemployment thanks to covid is at record highs…… Rahm Emanuel says those Retail workers can all learn to code….. except the jobs will all be filled by Foreigners.


  3. Some of the high tech immigrants are irreplaceable due to their skills, including language skills for products that are sold worldwide.

    Yes, if the US shuts them out, Canada or other places will be very happy to take them. The entire facilities concerned may be moved to Canada as well.

    Good US tech workers have little problem getting good jobs now.

    Who would replace the Indian high tech immigrants – the ” long term unemployed ” from north Philadelphia?

    Be very careful what you ask for.

  4. Yes I want my new iphone code worked on by an unemployed Sears cashier.

    Great idea, Pat.

  5. so f those people….. Americans in your view are to stupid to learn to code…. keep them on welfare and Hire Foreigners…..

    good man Phantom.

  6. Besides Sears hasn’t had retail stores in DECADES……

  7. Oh Jesus


  8. Sears’ Survival Is In Doubt – CBS Boston

    May 20, 2020 · Sears has closed hundreds of stores after exiting bankruptcy in February 2019. The company operated just 182 Sears and Kmart stores at the end of February, down from 400 a year earlier and 1,000 two years ago. All Sears-branded stores were closed as of April 4 because of health concerns.

    Sears retail has become almost nonexistent over the past couple decades.

  9. Good US tech workers have little problem getting good jobs now.

    Melissa Carone disagrees….

  10. Sears has been in trouble for some time

    But they remain a major retailer for the time being

  11. For the non North Americans

    Sears was the No. 1 general department store in the US for most of a century.

    They had a huge catalog operation for ages, which even sold prefabricated houses by mail.

    WalMart blew past them decades ago, and got stronger as Sears got weaker.

    Sears has continued to suffer from weak financials, as well as endless competition from Home Depot, WalMart, Amazon, Best Buy and other strong and in some cases more focused operations.

    In addition, Sears used to be a place where Middle America boys and men bought decent quality conservative suits. But there’s a lot less suit buying now.

    I would not expect that Sears will be around five years from now, but I’d like to be wrong on that. Brick and mortar stores, and shopping malls, have a very troubled immediate future.

  12. Doomed Future

  13. But you remember when very many construction guys bought well made Craftsman tools there and when they were the go to place for washing machines, TVs, etc, even furniture.

    It was the most middle America store around.

  14. I’m surprised no one has pointed out that Lee is a Republican……

  15. I loved Sears

    and I still have tons of Craftsman tools.

    The huge Sears store in Philly shutdown decades ago, it was one of the first. Broke my heart.

  16. That Sears even had an Automotive Repair Dept.

  17. As a senior software engineer for 30 years, I feel I’m qualified to comment on this.

    It doesn’t matter which country you are from, they all have good and bad programmers.
    America contains a lot of smart people, I’m sure many of these people could be retrained for the tech industry, if that’s what they are happy to do.
    My personal experience of Indian software houses is that they bullshit a lot. That being said, I have worked with lots of good Indian programmers, as well as lots of good American ones. Obviously the British programmers are the best though. 😋

  18. When India is mentioned, one thinks of India……

    so how is having LOWER-PAID Indian programmers working out for the hi-tech sector?


    Outsourcing software development to low-paid subcontractors and insufficient quality control practices may have contributed to Boeing’s 737 Max fatal crashes, according to a report from Bloomberg.

    OK – that’s bad……but there’s a silver lining

    Besides saving costs and production time, Boeing’s cultivation of Indian companies appeared to pay other dividends, that helped it secure several multi-billion-dollar contracts for Indian military and commercial aircraft, according to the report.

    So, a couple of crashes but it has paid dividends