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By Pete Moore On December 4th, 2020

£7.25 for a Scotch Egg? That’s outrageous! Some people do try it on …


28 Responses to “THIS IS SO WRONG”

  1. 63 pints of Peroni?
    What was wrong, no decent beer available?

  2. what’s a Scotch Egg……

  3. Whose receipt is that?

    Beer summit with Moore and Colm?

  4. Pete

    have you heard of the ‘two chips’ rule. Apparently some pubs are letting customers know if you leave two chips on your plate, they will continue serving you drinks all night and not clear the plate away because “the customer is still eating their meal” !

  5. After the Belfast beer summit you can be sure it wasn’t David anywy (I kid 🙂 )

    Even as a rare meat eater I still don’t understand the attraction of chorizo.

  6. Patrick

    Its a hard boiled egg coated in baked breadcrumbs and sometimes with bits of chopped ham in it.

  7. PVR –

    It’s a hard boiled egg, wrapped in sausagemeat, covered in breadcrumbs. It makes a great base for Colman’s mustard –


    Whether or not a Scotch egg constitutes a “substantial meal” has actually been one of the main news stories in the UK this week. Wuhan flu rules is that you can have a drink in a pub only if you’re having a substantial meal. A government minister early this week said that a Scotch egg is a substantial meal. Fair enough, them’s the rules.

  8. Chorizo is lovely. As an adopted Spaniard how can you not like it Paul ?

  9. Colm –

    I haven’t heard of that rule but I know never to question the wisdom or authority of the landlord. Some things are for the best.

  10. Chorizo is lovely

    Much, much too fatty.

    As an adopted Spaniard how can you not like it Paul ?


  11. Don’t you have Scotch eggs over in the States ? You don’t know what you are missing !

    Completely agree about the Colman’s mustard too Pete !

  12. Paul

    Its the fattiness that gives it the great taste !

  13. So Pete spends this kind of money at the pub every week?

  14. thank you Colm

  15. I think we need to explain the jokey point of Pete’s post to Non Brits who might not get it.

    Under our new Coronavirus public hospitality restrictions pubs can only serve drinks if someone is having a ‘substantial meal’. Govt. ministers have been asked to define what is a ‘substantial meal’ and one Minister was mocked when he said a Scotch egg fitted the definition. So apparently if you order one egg and then knock back pints all night long you are technically within the regulations, hence the bar receipt pictured in the Post.

  16. I could quite easily bathe in Colman’s mustard. That and Cheddar cheese are two of the greatest English contributions to civilisation.

  17. Cheddar cheese is a great thing.

    Years ago in Manhattan’s ” restaurant row ” on 46th St near Times Square, we went to an English restaurant, where I had cheddar cheese soup. One of the memorable dishes I’ve ever had.

  18. Phantom, vintage cheddar cheese on Mediterranean herb crackers with a good Rioja red are the stuff that culinary dreams are made of.

  19. Now, you’re talking.

    Love all those things.

  20. Pork pie with vinegar and mustard is also a taste of heaven !

  21. Muga is one of the good rioja makers

  22. I prefer mince and onion Colm but yes, your point is well taken.

    Phantom, the La Rioja region is less than 100 kms from my front door.

  23. Phantom,

    “Muga is one of the good rioja makers”

    If there is such a thing as a bad Rioja, I have yet to encounter it.

  24. £7.25 for a Scotch Egg? That’s outrageous! Some people do try it on …

    It is a chorizo scotch egg thought Pete.
    My local farm shop sells home made scotch eggs for £4.95.

    My local Booths supermarket does black pudding scotch eggs, which are absolutely gorgeous.

  25. SCOTCH eggs originated in the Whitby area of Yorkshire in the late 19th century. Originally they were not covered in sausage meat but in a rich, creamy fish paste before being sprinkled with breadcrumbs. Their name in those days was ‘Scotties,’ allegedly because they were made at an eatery by the name of William J Scott & Sons close to the seafront. Hence, over a period of time, the term Scotch eggs was adopted. This was thought to be because the major foodstores who started selling the delicacy were unhappy with the name and adopted a more formal approach to marketing. Sausage meat replaced the fish paste purely for packaging reasons, although on my last visit to Scarborough the original recipe was still being used in a local cafeteria. More information can be obtained from Culinary Delights of Yorkshire by Peter Bone (R Fyfe & Co, 1981).
    Robert Egan, Stevenage, Herts.


  26. I like the idea of a black pudding scotch egg Dave, but nothing really beats dipping a slice of black pudding into a warm runny egg yolk !

  27. Colm.

    Dam right mate. A juicy sausage comes a close second.

  28. Dave

    I like my sausage to be firm and solid 😉