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ENTER 2021

By Pete Moore On January 6th, 2021

Quite the scenes on Capitol Hill right now. As news photos go this is something else.


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  1. wow that is a photo that captures the moment – caveman confronts law enforcement

  2. Trump incited this, knowingly.

    He promised a ” wild time ” in DC this week. He said exactly that.

    None of this was spontaneous, it was all planned.

    The fish stinks from the Oval Office.

  3. Patrick has lost weight and looks years younger. He must be enjoying the protest 🙂

  4. President Trump implored ardent supporters at a rally Wednesday behind the White House to walk to the Capitol Building and “show strength” and “fight.” Many of them have, and they stormed the building, vandalized it, and breached its entrances— with Senators and members of the House going into recess as during the proceeding to certify the election for Joe Biden


  5. You know if it was BLM the cops would be stacking bodies

  6. The Donald AKA President Chump

    He will go down in infamy.

  7. You know if it was BLM the cops would be stacking bodies

    EP, if it was even suspected that it might be BLM, there would be calls here for cops to open fire.

  8. Ossoff has just won. The Dems have the Senate.


  9. He can’t possibly say that he didn’t cause this, no honest person on the face of the earth will say that he did not cause it.

    It is all on tape, the incitement speech, the ” wild time ” was prophesized by him for this exact date.

    Romney spoke very straight on this, will be interested in hearing any other comments by Republicans today.

  10. I’ve yet to hear a Republican rep even attempt to defend this.

  11. Biden has [called….]

    on President Trump to go on national television now … and defend the Constitution, and demand an end to this siege.


  12. Well, nobody talking about the Donald asking for votes to be fabricated. Look over here.

    Great Biden has so much power now. Chump in handcuffs would be nice.

  13. Disgusting. He’s trying to turn the US, a beacon of democracy, civilisation and the rule of law, into a tin pot banana republic.

  14. Cop getting a selfie taken with a rioter within the Capitol building.


  15. Half of them are waiting for instructions from Trump Rush and Hannity.

    Levin will tell them that the events of today are why we have the Second Amendment

  16. It will be interesting to read Patrick’s report on all this. Will he be honest enough to admit it was an inexcusable disgrace or will he try and offer some mitigating explanation.

  17. Trump Twitter video – he still maintains election was stolen, but asks people to go home. Completely failed to condemn what happened though.

  18. ” Go home today ” he said

    ( Come back in mobs some other day, wink wink )

  19. Seimi, just watched it. Utterly dreadful, pathetic statement by a dangerous, weak, narcissist.

    Possibly the most unpresidential speech in history.

  20. I’ve yet to hear a Republican rep even attempt to defend this.

    Give them time Seimi. By tomorrow we will be hearing from the usual suspects:

    “Decent people justifiably angry at stolen election, Georgia stolen again today, police provoked them, Rino elites need to listen to the real GOP supporters, traitrous Dems, suspend the constitution, re-run the election, yada yada yada”

  21. He can’t help himself can he. He was basically saying to the mob that they had every justification to do what they did but perhaps they should now lay off… for the time being !

  22. Peter

    Yes, it’ll be interesting what Cruz etc say.

  23. He is a criminal and a traitor to the nation and to its Constitution.

    There is no other possible alternate reading of his behavior today, his behavior since Election Day, his behavior for all of his life.

  24. Seimi, just watched it. Utterly dreadful, pathetic statement by a dangerous, weak, narcissist.

    worse than that

    Go home, we love you but we have to have peace.

    Not one word, not one fucking word about violence much less any condemnation.

    A dangerous sociopath who should be arrested and tried for treason.

  25. Someone (didn’t get the name) says she is drawing up impeachment papers against Trump. Calling for him to be impeached by the Senate.

  26. Trump owns this 100%. He had no need to call a Washington rally today, it was always calculated as an act of intimidation and he was more than relaxed at the possibility of violence. He may pretend to disown it but he will never condemn it. Within a few hours he will be lauding the invaders as patriots who had the courage to take on the elite in their own powerbase.

    This is the dead-end of Trumpism – the centre of democracy is stormed by armed right-wing hoodlums, egged on by an anti-democratic populist blowhard. If one of them has been shot as reported he will be a new Horst Wessel and we will see torchlit processions in his memory.

  27. I understand that impeachment doesn’t have to take place in this presidential term.

    He can be impeached in an orderly way to prevent him from seeking any other federal office.

    There would be many grounds for it, but today would be enough.

  28. Dem Congresswoman Cori Bush:

    I believe the Republican members of Congress who have incited this domestic terror attack through their attempts to overturn the election must face consequences. They have broken their sacred Oath of Office.

    I will be introducing a resolution calling for their expulsion


  29. So

    None of you people with your fingers on the pulse noticed the bison guy’s appearance at a BLM rally back in June ?

    Do keep up

  30. it would be phantom, impeached in the house, voted in the senate, removed from office tomorrow . period

  31. Anyway, here’s a prediction. When democracy resumes in Congress today or tomorrow this episode will not change a single GOP vote. Those who declared that they would vote to overturn the election will still vote to overturn the election. Because they will make the same political calculation that it will benefit (or preserve) their careers.

    Trump’s hold on the party will still be intact and his enablers like Cruz and Hawley will give him a pass as they have been doing since 2016. They will say it wasn’t his fault that “a few hot-heads” took it into their heads to storm Congress. In fact it was the Democrats’ fault for stealing Georgia again. The patriots were simply provoked beyond endurance.

  32. One thing I think todays’ events guarantee. History will view Trump as by far the most embarrassing holder of that office and His period in office and how it came to end will be viewed as a uniquely crazed moment in American political history. I think his chances of being seen as a future Republican power broker are dead.

  33. He can’t go back to business, either. Not like it was.

    He can’t go back to New York City. His family would not be welcome by most here, either. Not now.

    And it’s not legal for him to be a permanent resident in Mar A Lago, even though he wants to do that. It’s not supposed to be for permanent residences, per an agreement that he signed years ago.

    He is a man without a country.

  34. So

    None of you people with your fingers on the pulse noticed the bison guy’s appearance at a BLM rally back in June ?

    Go on, post the Twitter claim, I’ve seen it too. I bet you won’t though.

    Expect a lot more of the fuckwittery once they’ve had time to regroup.

  35. Here is a Confederate flag-waver strolling inside the Capitol building. Trump went out of his way to associate his presidency with that flag many times, so it’s a suitable epitaph:


  36. Wonderful to see djaym on this thread. We were sorely missing a Trump conspiracy defender 🙂

    PS – I just read that Ivanka Trump tweeted a message calling the rioters ‘Patriots’ then soon after deleted it .

  37. and scotland said no way hose — ( away tae fuk ya bawbag ) – reading between the lines 😉

  38. Bret Bair reports that the request for National Guard is being “analyzed,” but the Pentagon is concerned with the optics of uniformed military personnel in the Capitol Building.
    Yes, seriously

  39. To be fair to Trump, he refused many times last year to guarantee a peaceful handover of power if the election went against him. Those who warned that it might end with violence or that he might even incite violence were derided as alarmists. Clearly they weren’t alarmist enough.

  40. Statement from Downing Street:

    “We condemn this attempt to subvert the democratic will of the American people, and those in the outgoing administration that has incited it. We call for calm, restraint and a peaceful transition of power.”

  41. Trump urged his supporters to march on Congress:

    “In a remarkable scene evocative of coups and uprisings associated with authoritarian countries around the world, the Capitol was put on lockdown as tear gas was deployed inside the citadel of American democracy and police officers guarding the House chamber drew their pistols in an armed standoff. While the nation’s lawmakers fled, the mob made it onto the dais of the Senate where the vice president had stood shortly before.

    The extraordinary invasion of the Capitol came shortly after Mr. Trump egged on his admirers at a rally to march to the headquarters of Congress to protest its acceptance of the results of the election that he lost, even suggesting that he would join them, although he did not. Although he did not explicitly urge them to force their way into the building, he told them that his presidency was being stolen and that no one should stand for it, inciting passions that overflowed not long after on the other end of the Pennsylvania Avenue.”


  42. Of course, very many of these criminals have been caught on camera doing illegal things.

    Let’s see how many of them are prosecuted.

    Most Americans were working during the day on a Wednesday. Not this pack of dogs.

  43. Let’s see how many of them are prosecuted

    It’s just been reported here that there were 47 arrests. Yes, you read that correctly, 47 arrests

  44. Ultimately making arrests at this time would be complicated. The first priority must be restoration of order and the protection of life. The Capitol is covered in cameras. So gathering evidence and prosecuting these people won’t be difficult.

  45. This will be the end of Trump and Trumpism.
    He has managed to lose the popular vote twice, practically ensure loss of two otherwise safe Senate seats, thus handing the Senate to the Dems for the first time in a decade, and bring disgrace to his office and the cause of truth and decency in public life, while – like this debacle in DC today – delighting America’s enemies all over the world.

    Trump may, however, have today united a large majority of normal Americans against him and his ways, and maybe sickened enough Republicans into deciding on a new approach to politics. That would make today’s events worthwhile.

  46. Seamus, Noel


    If this had happened before Election Day, the Republican losses would have been off the charts.

    This is what Trumpism is. It is not an aberration. It has always been this.

    I dare anyone to make any excuse for anything that we have seen today.

  47. So gathering evidence and prosecuting these people won’t be difficult.

    I agree but was still struck by the initial amount of arrests.

    These thieves and vandals shouldn’t be difficult to identify:


    I dare anyone to make any excuse for anything that we have seen today.

    There are, we’ve seen it here and I suspect tomorrow the damage limitation and untruth machine will go into overdrive.

  48. History will ultimately hold Trump responsible for this chaos, but the plot to storm the Capitol was also seeded online in far-right message boards, encrypted messaging apps and other social media channels. Agitators there have organized violence, urged each other to bring weapons to the rally, called for civil war and cheered on the unrest as it unfolded.

    Using hashtags such as #StormTheCapitol and #StopTheSteal, users of the conservative online networks Parler and Gab celebrated Wednesday’s clashes and offered to serve as “back up.”


    On the homepage of thedonald.win, a popular online forum for Trump fans, the majority of Monday’s top 50 posts about the election certification featured comments calling for violence, according to an analysis by the disinformation research organization Advance Democracy Inc.

    ne recent post said protesters should “not let [anyone] disarm someone without stacking bodies,” adding that they should be “ARMED WITH RIFLE, HANDGUN, 2 KNIVES AND AS MUCH AMMO AS YOU CAN CARRY,” The Washington Post reported.
    In the run-up to Wednesday’s protest, members of private, pro-gun Facebook groups incited one another to bring guns to the event, in defiance of local laws prohibiting firearms within 1,000 feet of public demonstrations, Media Matters found.

    “Take your fucking guns … ITS YOUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT!” one person wrote. “if anyone goes to Dc unarmed on the sixth they are dumb ass fucks,” another added.

    Videos with hundreds of thousands of views on TikTok also encouraged rally attendees to show up armed, according to NBC News.

    “Take your motherfucking guns,” one TikTok user declared. “That’s the whole point of going”

    Huffington Post

    ( correction )

    A woman died I am told?

  49. Maybe Patrick can tell us how the eternal wisdom contained in Rudy Giuliani’s video can help us understand the events of today.

    The only people who don’t like Trump riots are people blinded with hate and TDS. Riots are good when your guys do it. The Second Amendment says so.

  50. The woman shot in the chest who was critical has since been reported here as dying.

  51. Yes its being reported that the woman shot inside the Capitol building has died.

  52. This is really fucking unbelievable

    Donald J. Trump
    These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long. Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!


    This is almost taunting. He really should be arrested.

  53. At a campaign rally in Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump jokingly says he could “shoot somebody and not lose any voters.” 2016


    Today’s Trump statement is very thinly veiled praise of the rioters. Trump is Maxine Waters after a botched back alley sex change operation in Manila . ( She praised the Rodney King LA rioters )

  54. this is Trumps codicil ,
    listen to ex-trump lawyer Michael Cohen , he talks about how trump speaks in code
    but they all knew what he meant .. ( like a mafia boss would say ” this could hurt you “)

  55. I read that the woman was shot by cops inside the Capitol building.

  56. Remember this day forever!

    That poor deluded woman who was goaded by Trump into ‘stopping the steal’ won’t be able to enjoy any such fond memories.

  57. I read that the woman was shot by cops inside the Capitol building.

    Yep, that seems to be the height of it.

  58. Trump called the people who stormed the building ‘patriots’, so that should be enough for his cheerleader-in-chief here to defend what happened.

  59. The worst dregs of humanity run around calling themselves patriots.

  60. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNaYf_i1HJE

  61. Listening to some American callers on C-Span, and a woman in Kansas has just called in to say there is one man who could sort this entire problem out straight away:

    If Joe Biden were happy to order an audit of the votes in THE ENTIRE COUNTRY!! then this issue would be resolved straight away, because if he has nothing to hide, he has nothing to worry about. The ball, apparently, is in his court, and the responsibility to sort this out is his.

  62. Ivanka Trump sent a tweet calling the rioters patriots.

    I take back my comment that she was the smart one

    She is a criminal, as her father has always been.

  63. She’s only echoing what her father believes.

  64. An acquaintance is parroting the comments that many of the rioters were BLM or Antifa.

    Ain’t buying any of that.

  65. Sure there’s yon balloon djaym claiming the same up above.

  66. Someone should tell the misinformation machine that BLM & ‘anteefa’ generally don’t storm the US Congress in order to try to keep the guy they detest in the top job.

  67. !!!

    But it’s a false flag that they did to make the patriot President look bad.

    A controlled demolition so to speak

  68. An acquaintance is parroting the comments that many of the rioters were BLM or Antifa.

    The court cases will confirm that they are all right-wing Trumpists called to action by the Dear Leader at his rabble-rousing speech urging them to march on the Capitol. The speech comes after hundreds of incendiary tweets since election day all claiming a stolen election.

    Trump owns this mayhem 100%. But Cruz and Hawley and other GOP politicians enabled it by enabling him for the past four years and then buying into the bullshit “stolen election” legend. Most of them who have pledged will still vote to overturn the election.

    The GOP deserves to die as a party but Trumpism will live on. In a year’s time, today will be seen as a minor setback and his Twitter sewer feed will still be spewing to his 89 million followers. Let’s be charitable and say that only 90% of them are true believers.

  69. Pretty much all these people were caught on video, and pretty much all of them will have long social media accounts on parler, inforwars, or whatever so we will know exactly what they are

    The long arm of the law will get many of them.

  70. Trump’s “Go home good people” speech effectively supporting the invasion of the Capitol has been deleted from Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and his all his social media accounts have been suspended.

    GW Bush has condemnded “the incitement” that lead to this “banana republic” violence.

    DC is under curfew and Congress has re-assembled to certify the election. There is no indication that any of the GOP “objectors” will vote differently so we can assume that Cruz and Hawley are still going for it.

  71. As a Republican, I feel no need to disassociate myself from these people because they’re just plain nuts, Trump included. There is nothing in the Republican platform about insurrection!
    May they be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

  72. The late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, a man wise in many ways, observed that a “bullet has no friends once it leaves the gun.” If only President Trump had thought of that before setting in motion the disaster that befell the nation.

    The storming of the United States Capitol marks a new day of infamy in American history. It was a horrifying spectacle that makes us look like an ungovernable third world country to our friends and adversaries alike.

    The shocking scenes in and outside the Capitol complex were not displays of too-zealous patriotism. They were unpatriotic and unAmerican.

    No matter how upset the protestors were over the election, there can be no excuse for violence and forcible trespassing into government offices, including the House and Senate chambers. What started as a legitimate expression of widespread discontent devolved into a riotous mob that destroyed any credible grievance it had.

    First among the long list of casualties is Trump’s legacy. His accomplishments, the good he did and the people whose hopes and opportunities he lifted are now overshadowed by recklessness.

    He gave the hanging party the rope to use against him and spread glee among the Never Trumpers. This time, there is no defense of him. He owns this.

    An up to now pro Trump writer at a formerly pro Trump newspaper, in an editorial piece on the front page

    Exactly correct.

  73. Even after the invasion of the Capitol, Trump was still in insurrection mode:

    “In what could be interpreted as an attempt to stoke the flames of a Capitol mob which has begun to disperse, President Trump sent a tweet at around 6 p.m. in which he reiterated the false claim that the election was stolen and encouraged his supporters to “remember this day” going forward. “These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long,” he tweeted. “Go home with love & in peace. Remember this day forever!”

    Twitter later took down the tweet, saying that it had violated the company’s rules. Mr. Trump also posted a video in which he repeated his baseless claims of widespread election fraud on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. All three social media sites removed the video.”


  74. Goebbels couldn’t have said it better!

  75. The headlines in British papers today will make embarassing reading for (most of the) citizens in the world’s oldest democracy:


  76. Charles who are you referring to

  77. Peter, You have my apologies. Your ominous predictions about Trump’s exit were spot on. I didn’t believe such things were possible in America. I stand corrected.

  78. I was referring to Trump.

  79. Good man Charles

    Very dark day, but the country has survived worse

    God bless America

  80. This is a good clip from ITV tonight. Trump’s rabble-rousing is blatant and his violent rabble know well what they are about:


  81. Interesting day….. alive and at home from the rally.

    Thank you FewsOrange for reaching out with concern, it meant a lot.

    Writing up my views on the day now.

  82. Just watched the Senate debate live. First time watching. Thought the level of debate was very good and the demolished the Pen election objection.

    That the debated law was brought in by a Republican majority legislator. Seriously. Smh.

    Good to see the Senate come together to shame the objectors. Kudos to those that read the room/country and removed their objections. Won 93 to 6 shameless senators.

  83. Romney, Toomey, Graham all impressive tonight

  84. Shemp, Larry, and Moe

  85. The attempts by both the mob and Mr Trump’s congressional allies to overturn the result of November’s election will fail, but it has still shaken American politics and the country’s place in the world. The pride Americans have rightly felt at the resilience of their institutions, including the peaceful transfer of presidential power, is diminished. The question now is whether the jarring spectacle makes breaking up with Mr Trump easier for Republicans. It certainly should.

    When he entered office four years ago, Republicans controlled the White House and both chambers of Congress; when he leaves, Democrats will hold all three. The last time that happened was 1892

    The Economist

  86. Amen Turns out loser Trump is the fraud himself in this election
    Cabinet members are leaking about the 25th Amendment , letter has been written to VP Pence.
    Expect some movement on this following the business in Congress and Senate
    if Trump doesn’t flee he might get arrested before being removed from office

  87. He’s not going to Scotland 😉

    Is the BBC and other British media covering this live still

  88. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2021/01/after-a-day-of-violence-and-25th-amendment-chatter-trumps-allies-jumping-ship

    His disgrace is complete bar the inevitable removal from office
    He wants to burn it all down and is so full of malice and hate he doesn’t care gop lost the senate today
    Things will move quickly now he has maybe a few hours to get the hell out of DC and over to Moscow perhaps
    Where he can live with his oligarch pals who fleeced Russia of all the people’s wealth . He would fit right in

  89. Bbc showing a hard talk interview on fake news with Alan rusbridger ex editor of the guardian
    I guess they know that procedures in the capital DC is going to take some time as they go thru each state alphabetically
    That vanity fair story is extraordinary as regards the chaos ensuing in the WH .
    Pat cipolone trying to protect his staff from possible criminal exposure is incredible

    Trump should sneak out the back door like the rat he is
    Tomorrow is not just another day

  90. Amazingly Trump is still plotting to over turn the election .
    He has Rudy making calls to senators and congressmen to slow things down , as trump is still doing the shakedown on states to get them to re certify the electors .
    This is what your potus is doing to nite guys
    Trouble is Rudy is a pisshead and a clown so he’s only gone and left a seditious voicemail
    On the wrong phone . It’s been leaked to this place and audio

    He’ll be picked up soon by the fbi


  91. I would say that the happiest people now are the ghosts of Richard Nixon, Andrew Johnson and James Buchanan. There is now a new entrant in the worst President ever sweepstakes.

  92. This terrorist attack on the Capitol will accelerate the end of Trumpism. Most Americans will forever associate it with Trump’s legacy, so the political landscape will calibrate away from him accordingly. His influence was going to fade quickly anyway. But it’ll fade faster now

  93. kurt

    what does that mean for the likes of Troll, who has blindly followed and applauded Trump at every turn and with every action? And who continues to claim, against all evidence, that the election was stolen?

  94. //But it’ll fade faster now//

    Kurt, the only question is will it damage the Republican Party long term.

    After all, the Elephant can’t simply drop its Trunk 🙂

  95. seimi Troll is riled up via months of Trunk tweets and conspiracy sites claiming fraud, ( baselessly ) No i don’t think he will change allegiance anytime soon to the truth
    De-programing would be necessary and you’d have to be willing to enter into that arena

    I think Jeus said it best in John 8:44 when he was addressing the pharisees, who don’t forget ( like Trolls crowd always banging on about the LAW )
    thought they were the righteous of the day !

    Jesus simply said to then in one encounter

    “You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

    Noel, no question the republican party is in for a serious re-think
    They’ve spent 4 years wrapped around a person , not a set of policies or ideas

    how they gonna wash and cleanse themselves without a Trunk though ( not DJT obv )
    Nelly needs her trunk 😉

  96. No i don’t think he will change allegiance anytime soon to the truth

    I don’t expect him to do that. As is well known, Troll never admits when he is wrong. I’m just curious as to whether or not he will continue to post blind support for Trump every day, or will he wind it all in slowly, eventually dropping the posts altogether?

    At least he condemned the violence, although saying that the woman who was shot dead got what she deserved is callous (though not in the least bit surprising). Presumably the three people who died of ‘medical emergencies’ deserved it as well. Imagine if he had been taken ill himself yesterday – would he have deserved it?

  97. Given that Patrick strongly believed and constantly reiterated here that it would be justified to shoot a BLM supporter who supposedly threw a bottle outside the White House, he has to really be consistent in approving the shooting of this woman who was rampaging inside the Capitol building.

  98. He has been consistent. He said she deserved it. So presumably, the three who died of ‘medical emergencies’ deserved it too, although I haven’t read anywhere if these three were all ‘domestic terrorists’, or were any of them staff or workers at the Capitol.
    If they were, and they died as a direct result of a medical emergency brought on by these ‘domestic terrorists’ storming the building, then surely everyone involved, right up to Trump should be arrested and charged with manslaughter.
    Is there a case for that anyway with Trump, given that he was the one who incited them to riot and become ‘domestic terrorists’ in the first place? He was the catalyst for their deaths.

  99. I’m just curious as to whether or not he will continue to post blind support for Trump

    No he won’t – as Trunk will be out of office in 2 week – but he’ll still believe the lie the election was stolen and carry on subverting democracy , in his native language as per John 8:44 above !

  100. Vermont’s Republican Governor Phil Scott is now calling for the immediate removal of Donald Trump, through impeachment or the 25th Amendment. Retired General Barry McCaffrey is also calling for the immediate impeachment and removal of Trump. Scott and McCaffrey have long been no fans of Trump. But their words carry weight on this kind of thing.

  101. Apart from 6 lickspittle Senators the Senate were united. You could see the tone ramping up speaker by speaker. The first person to disparage Trump apologies for his words, they (both sides to lesser or greater extent) then increased the vitriol as the proceedings progressed.

    The US needs to see the vain glorious, self centered, destructive con man be removed from a great nation’s residence in handcuffs.

  102. You cannot get lower than Ted Cruz or Hawley.

    A rat in the sewer has more character than they do

  103. djaym, on January 6th, 2021 at 10:00 PM Said:

    None of you people with your fingers on the pulse noticed the bison guy’s appearance at a BLM rally back in June ?

    Do keep up

    Yeah, keep up is right:


    Shameless clown.