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Another view

By Patrick Van Roy On January 7th, 2021

Tucker: Our only option is to fix what’s causing this

worth your time to listen to….. or not. It may not say what you think it does.

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  1. I don’t need to waste my time watching it to know the bullshit balls it is:

    The second thing to consider, and it’s related to the first, is why Ashli Babbitt went to the rally in the first place. She bore no resemblance to the angry children we have seen wrecking our cities in recent months — pasty, entitled nihilists dressed in black, setting fires and spray painting slogans on statues. She looked pretty much like everyone else.

    So why was she there? We ought to think about that. If you want to fix it, you have to think about that


    She was there because she was radicalised by a vainglorious nihilist who couldn’t accept rejection and who used her and others as pawns in forwarding his narcissism.

  2. I read what he says here on the Fox News website earlier. It is baloney. There is nothing to fix. While he uses calm and reasonable words about the violence being completely unacceptable, he continues the lie that basically this violence was caused due to these peoples ‘concerns’ being ignored. As I explained earlier i a comment on ‘The Protest’ thread I will repeat here:

    The trouble with that analyis as regards to this issue is that Trump supporters have not been ignored. They succesfully won the 2016 election and there man held office for 4 years. They had the exact same right as anyone else to participate in the 2020 election and they lost. They had all the legal and procedural options open to them to challenge the results and were unable to convince electoral authorities or courts that the results were fraudulent. They have dominated the media agenda around the election since it happened in Novemeber so they can’t even claim to have been ignored there. Even the system of ratification in Congress was open to them to challenge the results and that was being played out until they stormed the building and haulted the proceedings.

    It is a big fat lie that Trump supporters have been marginalised and their ‘concerns’ have been ignored or not addressed. All that has happened is that Trump had just dismissed the result of the election purely on the grounds it never went his way and has incited millions of his supporters to join in his genuinely fraudulent crusade.

  3. Colm nailed it on the other thread .
    You’ll always have your moral equivalences .. both sides as bad as each other .
    But what is completely different here is one was spontaneous eruptions after live execution of Mr George Floyd . The other was a trump led mob attacking the sacred ritual of handover of power
    What say you pat ?

    Yes Colm I think for ” republicans ignored ” claim just replace with butthurt . That’s all this is by tucker dressed up to look respectable

  4. He immediately kicks off with a few lies*. So no need to listen to any more of his junk.

    * This perfectly normal girl just standing in the corridor and then shot for no reason.

  5. I do agree with Carlson on one thing . Where he says “Our only option is to fix what is causing this”. That’s true and it will happen when the problem is booted out of the White House on 20th Jan, if not sooner !

  6. Our only option is to fix what is causing this

    The thing is Colm that the Carlsons and the Carlson propagandists of this world refuse to recognise the root cause of the problem.

  7. Like Jack Maple did not say, the cause of rioting is rioters.

    let’s not change the subject

  8. Fixing what’s wrong:

    “Orchestrating a mob to pressure Congress is inexcusable,” Barr said in a statement to the Associated Press.


    Yet another disgruntled ex employee, no doubt.

  9. The only one who is always right is Pat’s president.

  10. Lin Wood banned from twitter

    Elaine Chao resigns – she’s disguntled also I see

    Everyone’s a traitor, even the VP, even all the living defense secretaries. The only good people in the country are ” Honest ” Donald Trump and his gaggle of barstool bloggers

  11. Are we in danger of overegging the pudding. WE all know Trump is finished. No elected Republican will feel the need to pander to him anymore. He is Toxic and his legacy is dead. He has left office leaving the executive, the house and the Senate in Democrat hands. It is understandable that Patrick doesn,t really wnat to discuss it. He is aware of it too.

  12. what’s going to be the most interesting thing about the Biden admin is .. wait for it
    NOT Biden
    Its the team he has complied and what they do and say and how they lead
    For 4 years Trunk has rarely let us hear from anyone else in gov’t apart from himself
    apart from his rhetoric and actions being sickening and disgusting , its been totally boring
    this new admin is going to be so refreshing
    and whooo we won’t have to talk about assholes anymore ..
    ( Michael Gove being the exception to that rule 🙂

  13. Kurt

    You’re on to something

    If Biden has a great team, he can be successful

    Trump actually chased away some of the best cabinet members ( General Mattis, who the Bunker Trumpers now would see as a bad general.)

  14. Breaking news:

    Pelosi is speaking and echoes chuck schumers call for the 25th Amendment or they’re launching articles of impeachment
    I guess we have to finish this off, immediately .. and have a period of calm before the 21st January

    the swine is off to camp David for the w/end for more plotting , arrest this b1tch NOW

  15. It is not impossible that he could successfully be removed

    It would certainly be the right thing to do.

    He is angry, unstable, dangerous

    We can live with Pence for two weeks

  16. If Biden surrounds himself with capable, able people he should make a great go of it. He’s off to a good start.

    I wonder how Jake Angeli is finding his new found fame?

    I’m sure he’ll be very popular in the showers.

  17. I don’t agree. It would be a pointless act an would keep all the attention on him. He is finished. There is no need to have a grandstanding House trial now when he will be gone in a couple of weeks.

  18. There is no need to have a grandstanding House trial now when he will be gone in a couple of weeks.

    I have to say Colm, in the wake of what he caused yesterday I would be uncharacteristically very open to an exemplary punishment.

  19. The treason-crackpot-conspiracy site Gateway Pundit was cheering the insurrectionists on yesterday

    If you look to the bottom of their page, they still have up a popular article from yesterday ( ” the best ” ) entitled ” Patriots have made their way INSIDE THE CAPITOL “.

    Look at it before it’s taken down

    They actually call them patriots, when this was happening, just as Ivanka Trump called them that, yesterday, as it was happening.


  20. Patriots have made their way INSIDE THE CAPITOL

    I suspect any patriot would find such obvious delight at such a claim as treasonous.

  21. colm , honestly its not a vengeance thing
    Trump is deranged , rumour is he’s not going to Camp David to relax and adjust and come back
    chilled .. forget it man .. he’s plotting , this is malignant narcissicm at its worst
    Its about protecting USA from him . Damaging stuff is his DNA . 4 dead already , we have to stop more unnecessary trauma ..

    We would caution everyone, including our elected officials and mainstream media, NOT to assume they can accurately appraise Trump’s mindset. This would be normalization. Instead, we implore all to realize: he literally exists and operates in his own construct. His own reality.
    from duty to warn

  22. Not showing any interest in the country’s problems.

    Only interested in his ego, titles, and ruined persona seen by the world.

  23. What could he be plotting. What can he do ? He is powerless. He is technically in office but all authority has gone. Will anyone obey his orders ? The USA might as well act from now as if Biden is POTUS. Forget Trump. Forget him from today.

  24. He is still commander in chief.

    But yes, I am sure that the military knows what they are dealing with. The commanders would be exceptionally sober people.

    As a retired general reminded us the other day, you must never obey an illegal order.

    But what if your man tries a Gulf of Tonkin with Iran or something? Anything is possible.

  25. But yes, I am sure that the military knows what they are dealing with. The commanders would be exceptionally sober people

    That’s an interesting one. Wouldn’t refusing to obey an insane order from the Commander In Chief strictly be mutinous/treasonous?

  26. Patrick very quiet. Is it possible for an old dog to learn new tricks? And that new skill being shame?

  27. No.

    They teach you that in basic training or officer school – that you must never obey an illegal order.

    An order to kill civilians? Illegal

    An order to fire-bomb or drop a nuclear weapon on a city? It was done in WW2, but I don’t believe that the military would obey an order like that now.

    Things have evolved. This could be a big discussion. But there is such a thing as an illegal order in US and I imagine UK military law, and all the troops would be instructed never to obey such an order.

  28. I think that he knows how damaging yesterday was to the Nation, and he knows who it was that brought it all on.

    I think that he knows that very well.

    There’s no getting around any of this.

    What happened yesterday was at the upper end of the worst case scenarios of all the warnings repeatedly given since 2016.

    General Colin Powell spoke at some length on that this morning. No one is fooled any longer.

  29. The point I make, (ask, without knowing), is that wouldn’t refusing to obey an order from the highest command be mutinous/ treasonous? and what would the decisive factors and legal/constitutional discussions and remedies be for such a scenario?

  30. That’s a big discussion.

    There would be grey areas, and if you were on the wrong side of it you could get in trouble.

    But the bright line might be – a bad NCO or officer tells you to throw grenades into the school. Everyone knows that is an illegal order, the one who gave it should not only not be obeyed, he should be arrested himself.

    The US Army gave it’s highest award for bravery to Hugh Thompson who didn’t just disobey an illegal order, he pulled his gun on US officers and enlisted men who were committing what became known as the My Lai ( Vietnam ) massacre.


    He was criticized by politicians in that era

    He suffered from terrible nightmares.

    He returned to the village where the massacre happened

    –In 1998, Thompson and Colburn returned to the village of Sơn Mỹ, where they met some of the people they saved during the killings, including Thi Nhung and Pham Thi Nhanh, two women who had been part of the group about to be killed by Brooks’s 2nd Platoon.[3]:77 Thompson said to the survivors, “I just wish our crew that day could have helped more people than we did.”[17] He reported that one of the women they had helped out came up to him and asked, “Why didn’t the people who committed these acts come back with you?” He said that he was “just devastated” but that she finished her sentence: “So we could forgive them.” He later told a reporter, “I’m not man enough to do that. I’m sorry. I wish I was, but I won’t lie to anybody. I’m not that much of a man.”[18] Thompson and Colburn lit incense sticks and placed them in an urn by a stone marker at the irrigation ditch where many were murdered. They also dedicated a new elementary school for the children of the village.–

  31. Everyone knows that is an illegal order, the one who gave it should not only not be obeyed, he should be arrested himself.

    Yes, it’s pretty obvious but I’m intrigued at the apparent legal constitutional dilemma your scenario presents.

  32. I think the situation today is that if Trump attempted some outrageous military adventure to detract from the controversy or to cause disruption to the new Biden administration it would now look so obvious that the military commanders simply wouldn’t obey it, not with just 2 weeks to go and in the circumstances where he has been drained of political standing. I would imagine the whole atmosphere in the White House and the executive is now just one of just counting the days. Everyone will find it easier to disobey him now if he attempts anything untoward. I think he is resigned to what is happening and will be plotting his moves after leaving the White House.

  33. prolly correct colm but why take a chance
    isn’t the bother of getting him out NOW better than the bother of dealing with something much worse? Remember He’s alone, un-amplified, miserable, seething, seditious, and vengeful. It’s his PATHOLOGY. He CANNOT feel empathy, shame, contrition, or humility – EVER!
    oh and he’s banned from twitter but still has the nuclear codes
    And he has 13 more days to steal more, pardon more, and incite more violence.
    still wanna just do the ole brit thing , or lets ignore and stick heads in the sand , accuse us of being hysterical
    Nah , his times up ..

  34. Nah, I have a better solution. Send a couple of blonde busty tarts into the White House armed with mountains of junk food – that’ll keep him occupied and distracted for his remaining days in office 🙂

  35. Tucker should have spelled out a few specifics about what needs fixed. Obviously the electoral system is the most urgent problem. Biden won the popular vote by seven million but Trump has repeatedly lied about “a landslide election that was stolen from us”. This is despite all the subsequent recounts and legal challenges confirming that Biden won fair and square. But there are enough holes in the system to enable a majority of GOP voters to swallow that lie. So here’s a couple of suggestions:

    1. Compulsory voter ID – they have it in most countries. In Northern Ireland we’ve had it for at least thirty years and it doesn’t depress turnout. Postal votes also need to be sorted out at a federal level to end the 50 different sets of rules in the 50 states.

    2. Federal legislation to prevent voter suppression as practiced in most states controlled by the GOP. Yesterday’s win in Georgia was historic not least because of the levels of voter suppression in that state, eg. black areas have far fewer polling stations so black voters have to queue for hours to vote.

    3. Federal legislation to rein in blatant gerrymandering of electoral districts which has been used by the GOP to keep control in states where most votes go to the Democrats, like Pennsylvania. The Dems are also guilty of this but on nothing like the same scale.

    No doubt there are other electoral reforms – the most radical would be to abolish the Electoral College. No other country in the world that elects its chief executive has anything like it. But the three I’ve listed above would be a good start.

  36. I support compulsory voter ID. Democrats have generally been against it, and I think that they are completely wrong

    I would also support what is a Republican position mostly, not to send out postal ballot unless it is has been requested by the voters.

    Republican voter suppression by limiting the number of polling places should be explicitly illegal.

    There should never be unattended drop off stations for ballots

    There should never be an average wait of longer than 30 minutes to cast a ballot. If there are long lines, that is a form of voter suppression in itself

  37. I’m sure Trump has thought of resigning in order to get a pardon from Pence. Now would be the perfect opportunity. Running in 2024 is definitely out. In 2 weeks he’ll be living in Moscow.

  38. Phantom

    Are all the points in your comment true? If so, that’s a crazy set-up!

    I support compulsory voter ID. Democrats have generally been against it, and I think that they are completely wrong

    As Peter said, compulsory photographic ID has been the norm here for decades. It makes perfect sense, and hasn’t discouraged voting. There is no valid reason for any party to object to it.

    I would also support what is a Republican position mostly, not to send out postal ballot unless it is has been requested by the voters.

    Would it be the case that a postal vote be sent out without it being requested by a voter? Or even worse, a group of voters? That’s madness! It’s like asking people to commit fraud!

    Republican voter suppression by limiting the number of polling places should be explicitly illegal.

    Is this a Republican-only tactic? How have they gotten away with it?

    There should never be unattended drop off stations for ballots

    WHAT!? You just made this one up for a laugh, yes? If it’s true, then you deserve to have your elections stolen every time!

    There should never be an average wait of longer than 30 minutes to cast a ballot. If there are long lines, that is a form of voter suppression in itself

    I don’t necessarily agree with this, but I do see your point. If the same areas show longer waiting times due to high numbers, election after election, then yes – open up another polling station, or increase the ability to process voters and their votes at the one station. Longer waiting times indicates a healthy attitude towards voting, so the system at that station should be streamlined in order to make the experience as quick and professional-looking as possible.
    The reason that I said I don’t necessarily agree with it is that it may just be an under-estimation of resources and attitude towards voting in that area, rather than a deliberate attempt by one party or another to limit the number of votes in that area by slowing down the actual process of getting to cast the physical vote.
    If this is being done on purpose, as mentioned above with polling places, then it does need to be addressed.

    For a nation which elects one of the most powerful people on Earth, you seem to have one of the most convoluted, unnecessarily time-wasting, shambolic voting systems on the planet.

    And for gods sake: get rid of the Electoral College system! This could and should have been resolved back in November!

  39. Seimi, my friend, everything thing that Phantom listed is true, in one or more states. It would be laughable if it weren’t so serious. Trump made some good points early on about the likelihood of fraud before, er, he went insane!

  40. Hi Charles 🙂

    Trump made the claims about voter fraud because he knew there was a chance he might lose, not because of any desire to see a fair, democratic system of voting in the US.

    It would be very interesting to read a post by yourself here, giving your thoughts on what has happened recently. I’m sure you’re not in the ‘shit happens, people died’ camp, nor do you just parrot what Trump says.

  41. guest post from Charles sounds great .. i got one in pat’s mail box for days now
    but as I called him a lying sack .. i’m in the punishment bloc .. –> hilarious really

  42. Seimi, Hi, a chara!

    I don’t think I have the emotional capacity to do a post right now. I’m so disappointed in Trump that all I can think of is the Rolling Stones song “Shattered”, with my brains splattered all over Manhattan.

  43. Charles

    You don’t need to do a post. Just comment when you feel you can. You are valued here very much.

  44. //all I can think of is the Rolling Stones song “Shattered”, //

    Don’t let it get you down, Charles. Remember, there are always other options in life, my friend.


    You Can’t Always Get What You Want
    Love in Vain
    No Expectations
    I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
    Street Fighting Man

    and maybe by 20 Jan. even

    Sympathy for the Devil

  45. Maybe one Stones song Charles won’t be playing regarding the departed POTUS is ‘Miss You’ 🙂