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At this point there’s no sense in talking

By Patrick Van Roy On January 8th, 2021

The volume of outrage is deafening, and where I agree that it’s Justified it is also a clown show.

OMG a Protest got violent….. what rock have you crawled out from under? Have you not watched every protest for the past year? Cut me a break from your crocodile tears of concern, your hair pulling outrage, and especially your pointing accusatory finger.

Yes it’s tragedy in a year of successive tragedies. If the screaming that is being done now had been ringing out for the last six months of tragedies I might take your outrage as sincere. Your outrage has been nonexistent, a quip here, a condemnation there, and god forbid no one, no party was responsible. The show being put on now by those screaming is theater and bad satire at that.

Shit happens, people died. People and Cops have been dying in riots for the past year, people and cops are going to die in riots this upcoming year. If you hold the values of accepting violence as part of the political fare this is the price we pay. That is always the result when that path is chosen, people die.

So vent your outrage, shame it took you so long to get here, a lot of us have felt that outrage for months and you’ve laughed at us. Maybe you should think on that. The Justified anger you’re feeling we’ve been feeling for months.

So welcome aboard.


36 Responses to “At this point there’s no sense in talking”

  1. Trump is suddenly making nice with everyone. WTAF?

    I suspect this was written for him by Ivanka:


  2. I find the tweet a little suspicious considering the robber barron pulled the plug on his account a day ago

  3. He did not write those words

    His body language seemed to be rebelling against the words as he was speaking them

  4. missing the point PVR ( deliberately I might add )
    In the case of the summer it was spontaneous protest , largely peaceful , after a black man was live executed by a bent dirty white cop
    In last nights case the POTUS incited a riot and is directly responsible for all of what has ensued, of that there is no doubt.

    were u to crawl out from under your rock, you might see the light and recognize your own cognitive dissonance
    but i don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon – once a troll always a troll

  5. Surprise, surprise, surprise

    There are really bad people on both sides

  6. It’s like Trump picked up the wrong speech on his way to the podium! It must have killed him speaking those words. I just hope he’s not expecting anyone to praise him for saying this now, rather than at the time.

    Still, at least now, Troll doesn’t need to be as confused anymore. The Great Leader has stopped calling the people he incited to storm the Capitol Building ‘heroes’. Just in time too, as a police officer has died from injuries sustained during the attack, and that would really have messed things up, if heroes were being killed by heroes, spurred on by his greatest hero.

    Still, it’s only a dead cop, and as written above – Shit happens, people died.

  7. In the first 14 SECONDS of Trump, already two lies.

    And then “We must revitalise the sacred bonds of love and loyalty”.

    This from what must surely be the most disloyal wretch in the USA. How many former friends and allies has he attacked in the past year alone?

  8. Patrick, don’t let anyone ever accuse you of nuance.

  9. The point where there’s no sense in talking was reached a long time ago.

    And Speaking of Johnny-Come-Latelys, I see Trump’s former WH chief of staff John Kelly is now calling for the 25th Amendment to remove his former boss.

    WTF? Everyone saw Trump close up even before he got the job, and only now in 2021 does this guy realise that the President is a blackguard and a complete lunatic?

  10. Noel my sources ( lol — sounds ever so posh ) are telling me that the whole cabinet were gong to resign if Trunk did not deliver the speech written for him yesterday .

    2 things were underlined that are important :
    Biden will be next POTUS – peaceful transition
    but most importantly the lies about a stolen election or a rigged election have stopped
    that means troll can stop peddling those lies here to from his conspiracy sites
    that’s a huge relief
    Its leave him stuck though as he likes to start the day with a lie
    now he has to find another one that is plausable , I wonder what that will be ..

    suggestions , go after AOC on a whinefest or Big tech and whine about twitter banning trump for 12 hours, and how that is such an affront to free speech –
    The devil will always find something for him to start the day with !!

  11. list of WH staff resigned in the last few days – could be an honest thread that one
    11 names so far — but alas if its got truth in it or reality it doesn’t pass and won’t be offered on ATW
    would be ofc if was an obama admin, you’d never hear the end of it !!

  12. kurt, maybe ATW will die along with Trunk’s presidency.

    The two sole posters have been completely discredited by their crazed belief of this lunatic, right up to the end. The two parallel universes have now simply drifted too far apart in their different perceptions of reality for any meaningful discourse across the divide.
    Why so many still try it (and inevitably fail) is beyond me. As Patrick says: at this point there’s no sense in talking. He was late in getting there, of course, but at least he got there before many others.

    The place now lacks a Mahons more sorely than ever before. IMO if the set of posting worthies isn’t extended to include a range of others, from Charles to yourself and several in between, there’s little point in carrying on.

  13. The place now lacks a Mahons more sorely than ever before. IMO if the set of posting worthies isn’t extended to include a range of others, from Charles to yourself and several in between, there’s little point in carrying on.

    Wholeheartedly agree.

  14. Where Patrick is technically correct is that in perspective violence yesterday wasn’t anywhere near among any top list of violent civic events in American history, but what made it so particularly shocking is the involvement of a current sitting American President who was the leading proselytiser of the atmosphere that was the conduit to the later events, a President who as of this moment has still not actually condemned the violence and indeed has praised the crowd who carried it out.

    Who among Americans would have thought they would live to see the day when a mob of people would attack Congress while it was sitting, trash several offices and parts of the building , cause the elected representatives to have to be evacuated for their own safety and at the same time the current elected Head of State of your country could barely bring himself to even utter a negative remark about it and indeed openly praised the crowd until forced by political pressure to make that video statement last night.

    That’s the huge difference between the events of Wednesday and the often much deadlier street riots that have always been a part of American life.

  15. kurt

    Patrick would be talking a lot, a hell of a lot if what happened on Wednesday had been carried out by a left wing crowd directly incited by an in person speech from Joe Biden. That’s the difference.

  16. //Who among Americans would have thought they would live to see the day when a mob of people would attack Congress while it was sitting, trash several offices and parts of the building , cause the elected representatives to have to be evacuated for their own safety//

    And to think that Washington spends around 800 billion USD on defence each year!

  17. good copy Noel, Troll has told me privately the Irish Contingent here will never be given posting rights , nor will I or DaveA . but we can offer posts up, if we don’t refer to him as a lying sac . Might get away with bawbag , we’ll see 😉

    But yes you’re right, and its not only the election its the covid also
    the worst is happening in USA and UK particularly hit with the 2nd wave
    thousands dying each day, but that is just too boring to blog about for troll and petem
    US suffers more than 4,000 deaths in 24 hours

    “More than 4,000 people died in the US on Thursday, Johns Hopkins University data shows – a world record daily toll, and the first time it has passed 4,000.

    In 24 hours, 4,085 Americans died, according to the data, while nearly 275,000 cases were confirmed.

    The virus is surging in several states, with California hit particularly hard, reporting on Thursday a record two-day total of 1,042 coronavirus deaths. Skyrocketing caseloads there are threatening to force hospitals to ration care and essentially decide who lives and who dies.

    “Folks are gasping for breath. Folks look like they’re drowning when they are in bed right in front of us,” said Dr Jeffrey Chien, an emergency room physician at Santa Clara Valley Regional Medical Center, urging people to do their part to help slow the spread. “I’m begging everyone to help us out because we aren’t the front line. We’re the last line”

    yeah so darned boring isn’t it ? no sympathy no empathy, no talking about it
    except running down the NHS who are dong their very best
    we are ill served , its horrid , the only thing that makes this place is the people that come here and visit and talk and share and link and discuss
    But yeah we are served up crap on a daily basis ..
    best thing to do is bury them under the weight of their own bullshit mountain eh 😉

  18. The events in one evening at the Capitol Building were, in many ways, much worse than several months of incidents across the USA.
    The incidents of unrest and rioting across the USA began as ordinary citizens, protesting against the actions of their government (or agents of the government). In a healthy society, this type of action should not just be allowed, it should be accepted as a legitimate response. It’s only when it breaks down into rioting and lawbreaking that a line is crossed.

    The incident at the CB was intended to break the law from the start. The protestors were legally allowed to march to the building, but not permitted to enter it. So, as soon as they attempted that, they were breaking the law. They then proceeded to destroy property and attack law enforcement officers. Their behaviour was, in any book, criminal.

    The worst part of this is – they didn’t just decide at the last minute to go to the CB. They were urged to go there. They were urged to go there and encouraged to show their disapproval. By the fucking president.

    These people have been called traitors and seditionists. If either (or both) of these terms is accurate, then what does that make Donald Trump?

    I think someone made the suggestion yesterday, when the subject of the 25th Amendment was raised, that he should just be left now to serve out his final 2 weeks. I disagree. What better way for him to go than in absolute shame, in the knowledge that it was decided that he couldn’t be trusted to behave presidentially for the final fortnight (12 days?) of his term? Why should he be afforded this final show of respect, when he showed no respect whatsoever to the American people or their Constitution?

    Anyone who still believes this dangerous charlatan is fit to lead them is a fucking moron.

  19. //What better way for him to go than in absolute shame//

    Yes, the US would be stronger politically if it cleansed itself of this wretch through its own direct action. Otherwise his face and name will simply take their place in a long line that includes Lincoln, Roosevelt etc.
    This shouldn’t be allowed happen; the DT presidency must be recorded as a crazy aberration, something unique that must not be allowed happen again.

    Turfing him out of the WH would be an appropriate way to put this presidency in its right historical place. It should not end in conventional retirement but in the bin.

  20. Former presidents retain the title ‘president.’ That should be changed in his case to ‘Disastrous ex-president’ 🙂

  21. current reading is the 25th Amemdment won’t happen
    pompeo and Mnuchin talked about it , but for a variety of reasons, not least the legality of new staff being able to vote on the matter, it would take a week to prepare, so the thinking is let the clock run down
    Pelosi is on record as saying articles will be prepared, but she relies on the senate to be recalled for the debate . Unlikely !
    Perhaps the house should just go ahead to express on the record the severity and seriousness of this , Pence is not taking any calls ..the coward

  22. Pence at least did his job in the end…

  23. It was me who said he should be just allowed to go and not have the 25th or impeachment, but not out of any sympathy for him or feeling that it would be unjustified. I say it largely because, firstly it would be a hugely controversial effort to do it, and it would probably fail. It is unlikely the 2/3rds majorities needed would pass and Trump would be able to revel in the attention and potential failure of the bid. Its not worth it. Let him slink away next week and everyone in government should just now act as if Trump is no longer in power.

  24. Let him slink away next week and everyone in government should just now act as if Trump is no longer in power.

    You want them to pretend he isn’t there? The US government should, in his final weeks as president, send Trump to Coventry?? 🙂

    Trump: Okay, so here’s what I think we should do next. I think we should organise another rally, and- guys? Are you listening?

    US Government: —

    Trump: Guys? Okay, here’s what I think we- Hey! Guys!

    US Government: Do you guys hear something?

    Trump: Oh very funny, guys! Reeeaaal mature! Now, come on, let’s get to work. I think-

    US Government: I could swear I hear something. It sounds kinda like that guy who used to be president around here. Trunk, or something. Remember him?

    Oh yeah, he was president for like, only one term or something…

    Not even! He got shut out or something! Jeez, wonder what happened to THAT guy?

    Trump: Guuuyyyss!!! Come on! This isn’t funny anymore! GUUUUYYYYYYSSSS!!!!!

  25. Seimi – that’s Funny but in reality also Trump is the living proof of Oscar Wilde’s famous line about the only thing worse than being talked about…

    Nothing would anger him more than being ignored. He has enjoyed and thrived on controversy and limelight his whole life. Heck, even impeachment or criminal prosecution would probably bother him less than being rendered invisible. Lets give him what he fears most 🙂

  26. i agree with the sentiment colm, its laudable, but this stinker does have the nuclear codes –
    worth bearing that in mind , small matter as it is eh !!!
    did you know there’s always a secret service guy close to him with a briefcase of those codes, even when he’s out golfing !
    for most of use the only nuclear code we have is telling family members
    ” I’d give it 5 mins if i were you ” in reference to going into the loo 😉

  27. kurt

    Simple solution. Replace the nuclear codes console with a briefcase containing a deflated ‘Blimp’ of Trump. If he does decide to go nuclear and insists the secret service guy opens the case, instead of a keypad, he will suddenly be confronted with an expanding giant inflatable Donald… and he can press his buttons as much as he wishes 🙂

  28. funny ..lol I like the decoy
    how bout one of those kids computers even , for 0-2 yrs old , where you can press keyboard buttons and then you hear jingly noises and bright lights .. tell him its an advanced prototype pentagon are piloting 😉

    “Nukleer cowds” written on to , to confuse the chinese, he’s appreciate that

  29. Does anyone in this day and age still believe that one person, and one person alone, is in possession of a set of codes which, when entered into a single computer (presumably with big spinning spools and satisfyingly ominous accompanying clicks, beeps and whirrs), will cause every nuclear missile in the US to arm itself and point itself at an enemy (not Russia. I said an enemy)?

    Somebody gave that person the codes in the first place, so there’s at least one other person with the codes and, presumably, a way of switching them off. Surely this person, and not the president, is the most powerful person in the USA? He or she came up with the codes in the first place, so they’re certainly more powerful than the person he gave them to!

    And here’s another thing (he said, leaning forward and taking another big drink of wine.) How do we know these codes even work? We only have the word of some scientist – I’m assuming it is a scientist, as I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t give an important job like inventing nuclear codes to a janitor. Not that there’s anything wrong with janitorial work. A very noble position, but hardly one which qualifies you for inventing codes which may end up with the destruction of mankind. Anyway, I digress. Where was I?

    Oh yes. The codes. (Slurp.) How do we know they’re even real? We only have this scientist’s word for it that the codes will activate the missiles. We only have his word (I’m referring to him as him, because in my head, he’s a small, balding man, with a white coat, round glasses and a bushy brown moustache – hardly a good look for a woman!) that these codes work at all!

    And here’s the good part (Glug glug glug, slurp) – there’s no way of checking! Imagine it:

    “So, professor, these nuclear codes of yours, they work, do they?”

    “Eh? Oh yeah, yeah! They work alright! Guaranteed to blow up the world, yes sirree!”

    “You’re sure, are you? They’re not duds or anything?”

    “Duds?? Oh no, not at all! Just enter them and – KABLAM!!”


    “No, like this – KABLAM!!! Go on, try it,”

    “Try it? Are you sure?”

    “Yeah, sure! Try it!”


    *Enters codes into computer. Reels turn, lights flash, computer clicks and whirrs ominously*

    “No, you fool! I meant, ‘try saying KABLAM!!!’ Not ‘Enter the codes!’ You’ve doomed us a-”


    (He opened another bottle, because he was really getting into his stride now)

    And, if it turns out that the scientist has just been pretending all this time, and his codes, passed from one president to another, like a baton of mutual destruction, are just a string of meaningless letters and numbers which will activate nothing? Well then, that scientist is a hero! Yes, a hero! He will have, at the very last minute, averted a nuclear war!

    “Izzat so, you garlic-breathed Euroweenies?? Well suck on these codes!”

    “Mister president – NOOOO!”

    *Enters codes into computer. Reels turn, lights flash, computer clicks and whirrs ominously. Then – nothing*

    “Wait a minute! What happened?? Professor – are these codes duds, after all?”

    “Ummm…ermmm…no! No, Mister President! I – Umm – I – Yes! I knew that, that…I knew that you would, in your wisdom, instantly regret wiping out these weak-minded Euros, and that you would rue the missed opportunity to educate them, rather than obliterate them! So I – ummm – added one last extra failsafe, just to give you that extra few seconds so that you could formulate your plan!”

    “Eh? My wisdom, you say? Well, yes, I suppose I am quite wise…remember when I shot all those protestors, just so I could go get an ice cream? That was pretty wise…okay. So I’m not gonna blow up France? I kinda feel like I want to…”

    “But – emmm – but if you blow them all up, how will they know how great you are?”

    “I hadn’t thought of that! I mean – yeah! That’s what I thought! Okay, they can live. For now!”

    “Yes, Mister President!”

    So, in conclusion, this is why I do not believe that there is one specific set of nuclear codes, which are given to the incoming POTUS.

    I think I’ll go and lie down now.


  30. Pompeo is too busy getting his 2024 run started to be bothered with Amendment 25. He has unleashed a blizzard of tweets today, here’s a sample:


  31. Trump will not attend Biden’s inauguration
    President Donald Trump has confirmed that he will not be attending the inauguration of Joe Biden on 20 January.


    What a cowardly, mean spirited sore loser.

  32. Pence is more of a man than Trump ever was, and he will attend the inauguration.

    Despite any differences, expect him and GW Bush to be warmly received.

    Trump’s entire world view rests upon the idea that he can never lose. Well, in the world that the rest of us live in, we lose sometimes. No shame in losing, only a shame if you can’t get up and deal with it. He cannot deal with it.

    Let him slink out of town with his crime family, and never return to DC, never return to NYC. We’ve seen more than enough. GTFO.

  33. What a cowardly, mean spirited sore loser.

    Paul. We know that, but wouldn’t hypocrite and fake be added to that list if he attended. We know he has no respect for the democratic transition. For him to attend would be phony and distracting. All the media focus would be on his countenance and behaviour (which he would love). Far better and more honest that he not be there.

  34. Far better and more honest that he not be there.

    Fair enough. I suppose he has to start being honest somewhere.

  35. Seimi.

    LOL. Nice post mate.
    Don’t worry about someone forgetting the nuclear launch codes though.

    For Nearly 20 Years the Nuclear Launch Code at all Minuteman Silos in the United States Was 00000000


  36. There was never the slightest chance that Trump would attend the inauguration if he lost the election. Being labeled a loser is beyond endurance for him and a major factor in the fantasy of “the landslide election win that was stolen” which he began to create on election night as soon as Arizona was correctly called against him.

    But in any case after the events of Wednesday his attendance would be inappropriate, to put it mildly.