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Trump Rioters Killed A Cop

By Phantom On January 8th, 2021

Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick, who had “ physically engaged “ with rioters on Wednesday has died. Full details are  not known, there are reports that they hit him in the head with a fire extinguisher.

The late officer apparently was a Trump supporter. He served in the Middle East with the National Guard.

Officer Sicknick was a native of South River, NJ, an area that I know reasonably well.

I hope that the killers are found and convicted soon.

For days before , the “ storming of the Capitol “ had been in the works, publicized on social media. When you storm a building, or when you light the fuse from a well protected  stage minutes before, you are well aware that things like this will happen.


Officer Sicknick has died

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  1. shocking and tragic for this brave officer –

    D.C. Metropolitan Police Chief Robert Contee said 56 officers were injured, describing “a lot of valiant fighting” to perform their duties despite facing tear gas and other hazards. One officer, he said, was “snatched into a crowd,” where he was beaten and tazed repeatedly.

    the moral high ground was lost on weds by the GOP – “the party of law and order” – my arse !

  2. Loss of USCP Officer Brian D. Sicknick
    January 7, 2021 Press Release
    At approximately 9:30 p.m. this evening (January 7, 2021), United States Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick passed away due to injuries sustained while on-duty.

    Officer Sicknick was responding to the riots on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, at the U.S. Capitol and was injured while physically engaging with protesters. He returned to his division office and collapsed. He was taken to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries. The death of Officer Sicknick will be investigated by the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Branch, the USCP, and our federal partners.

    Officer Sicknick joined the USCP in July 2008, and most recently served in the Department’s First Responder’s Unit.

    The entire USCP Department expresses its deepest sympathies to Officer Sicknick’s family and friends on their loss, and mourns the loss of a friend and colleague.

    We ask that Officer Sicknick’s family, and other USCP officers’ and their families’ privacy be respected during this time.


  3. Very strange how unprepared the cops, and general security, were for this attack. Police inside the building were totally outnumbered by the madmen and mad women.
    The “rally” had been planned for weeks in advance and everyone knew there were enough loons present to pose a threat to the Capitol , especially as Trump’s fate was being decided that very moment.
    I reckon heads will roll over this negligence.

    Here’s how law enforcement in DC prepared for a BLM rally


  4. See this

    A woman flew in a private jet from Texas to DC to go to “ war “

    All of this insurrection was planned. It wasn’t a few bad actors. It was many bad actors, including politicians, preachers, lawyers, and others


    As widespread damage and carnage ensued, Ryan posed in front of a broken window at the Capitol smiling with the caption “Window at The capital. And if the news doesn’t stop lying about us we’re going to come after their studios next.”

    Then they accomplished their mission.

    “We just stormed the capital. It was one of the best days of my life,” she tweeted at the end of one of the darkest days in American history that left one woman shot and killed with four more dead.

  5. Also, given that we saw the storming of the building on live TV it still took hours before further extensive security arrived. Virtually all of the mob who invaded and ransacked the building were able to leave the scene of their crimes at will, leave the area, go home and not be stopped by anyone. This in the middle of the world’s most powerful Capital and its political buildings. IT should have taken minutes to flood and ringfence that area with security ensuring none of the mob got out without being arrested. Had their been a terrorist attack that is what would have happened. What explains this lack of security action while the world was watching for hours in real time ?

  6. The governor of Maryland offered immediate aid, via the Maryland national guard

    He needed permission from the feds In order to do such a thing

    The administration took an endless 90 minutes to respond to the request


    As besieged lawmakers pleaded for help, Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, said he was “repeatedly” told that he lacked the authority to deploy his state’s National Guard to help put down the pro-Trump insurrection at the US Capitol.

    According to The Washington Post, Hogan was urged to deploy the troops by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, a Democrat from Maryland, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

    “I was actually on the phone with Leader Hoyer who was pleading with us to send the guard,” Hogan said, The Post reported. “He was yelling across the room to Schumer and they were back and forth saying we do have the authorization and I’m saying, ‘I’m telling you we do not have the authorization.'”

    During the endless 90 minute period, the president was sitting on his ass watching the riots on TV, and complaining about Mike Pence not overturning the election for him, a beyond useless bystander to events, or worse

  7. in a word colm to answer your question : skin-colour
    and as Phanton linked dithering by the terrorist-in-chief

  8. I am not necessarily talking about deployment of National Guard or Federal Troops, I am talking about instant additonal policing response to an ongoing incident. If a bomb had exploded or an’active shooter’ situation had occurred in the Capital building, the place would have been flooded and surrounded with police and other security apparatus within minutes purely through operational emergency procedures. It wouldn’t need political authorisation for such an instant life threatening response. Why did that not happen here ?

  9. Hey Phantom name 2 Cops that died on Duty in NYC in the last year. Name one Cop that went to the Hospital because some pos NYr threw a Brick or a Molotov cocktail at them,

    Ladies and Gentleman THIS is the sort of stuff that is going to get a lot of people killed in my country. People like Phantom.

    Not one story from Phantom in the past 4 years about a single Cop being attacked in his beloved city PURPOSEFULLY TARGETED. Pete’s done them, I’ve done them, but NOT Phantom that I can recall…. will our little brownshirts look through the site and find me one… maybe I’m wrong.

    Phantom and People like him who have not gone after the people who have been intentionally TARGETING the Cops for 4yrs, people who have burned and looted for 6 months causing BILLIONS of dollars in Damage.

    NOW they want to call Trump Supporters Cop killers….. they are all talking Prosecuting Trump, Persecuting people that supported him……

    FU you POS hypocrite.

    The path that Phantom and his ilk are going down is going to lead to a lot of bodies in the street.

  10. Patrick

    Unfair on Phantom. He made a lot of fuss and repeatedly publicised and condemned the actions of those 2 New Yorker sisters who were prosecuted for throwing firebombs into a police car.

  11. Colm asks a reasonable question. Remember Trump’s photo op, when somebody threw a bottle. All hell broke loose. The question is did Trump deliberately withhold security as the the riot at the Capitol grew?

  12. Again, the Urgent calls offering aid by the governor of Maryland were ignored for 90 minutes


    The president, the vice president, and the secretary of defense were all aware of events and they were all reachable —if they wanted to be reached

  13. //If a bomb had exploded or an’active shooter’ situation had occurred in the Capital building, the place would have been flooded and surrounded with police and other security apparatus within minutes//

    Actually, there were apparently 2 pipe bombs found at the Dem and Rep headquarters in the building (see Phantom’s NYP link)

    But, yes, Washington spends 800 billion USD on “defense” each year, and then this! ??

    Again from Phantom’s link; look at this geezer. His dad a judge in NYC and he a member of the Orthodox Jewish community. But you can see the fear in his eyes. What a wimp.


  14. In urgent situations it shouldn’t be up to any elected politicians to have to give authority for additional security responses. Security and policing chiefs should absolutely be able to respond as required immediately to an ongoing active situation.

  15. This movement includes so many terribly lost souls, who have been led by some of the worst people anywhere. Evil politicians like Trump and Cruz, evil talk radio manipulators like Levin and Rush etc

    Garry Kasparov, who opposed Russian dictatorship, has long been critical of Trump’s authoritarian cult behavior. He is speaking now, he is not surprised by these riots

  16. Colm, there are possibly safeguards precisely on police and military entering the seat of government for fear of a coup at some time. Like when the military stormed the Spanish parliament in the 1980s. Maybe they can’t act simply on their own initiative.

    That’s one for Seamus.

  17. https://nypost.com/2021/01/07/nyc-man-who-breached-us-capitol-is-son-of-prominent-brooklyn-judge/

    This is quite sad. Surely this person has a mental impairment. And I’m not talking about the riot happy lot type mental brainfart, but this guy (even if the son of a judge) is not right in the head.

  18. Again, Rudy Giuliani from the stage, before the riot, called for “ combat justice “ ( for the Democrats)

    It was a dog whistle understood by everybody in that large crowd

    It was instructions

  19. smcgiff


    Someone like that is a victim, misled, lost

    The New York post, which does not have a payroll, has done some consistently good recording on this,

  20. //And I’m not talking about the riot happy happy lot type mental brainfart, but this guy (even if the son of a judge) is not right in the head.//

    Another rioter tweeted:

    “They broke down the gates, they’re macing them up there. We’re trying to run out all of the evil people in there and all of the RINOs that have betrayed our President. We’re going to run them out of their offices.”

    Not the uneducated loser you’d imagine – that was posted from inside the Capitol by Rick Saccone, a former Pennsylvania state representative and professor at Saint Vincent College, no less.

    Another messaged out

    “we’re all trying to get into the Capitol to stop this (Noel: certifying the EC votes).”

    A Texas attorney, and of course part-time rioter.

    Actually, ex in both cases, as both have apparently lost their jobs for their part in the patriotic Battle of the Capitol.


  21. There was a rioter that wore his company name tag while he was rioting?

    Employer did not like that very much

  22. Remember Trump’s photo op, when somebody threw a bottle.

    Charles, there was no bottle thrown. Stop feeding that lie, you’re better than that. Trump had peaceful protestors tear-gassed off the streets for his photo op. Troll said they should have been shot, not tear-gassed, but in the meantime, he will go along with the lie that someone threw a bottle.

  23. Correct

    Trump lied about the imaginary bottle ( but must be said that even if a bottle had been thrown that would not have been justification for any shooting )

  24. FU you POS hypocrite.

    bad mood methinks , head like a sore bear

    The path that Phantom and his ilk are going down is going to lead to a lot of bodies in the street.

    oh dear , keyboard warriors up early , poor troll , its all unravelling in real-time
    take yer meds today and NO drinking , you’ll get banned on ATW
    Oh wait you run it .. dafuq

    loonies in charge of the asylum ..lol

  25. Today will also bring us one step closer to Donald Trump being criminally charged on a federal level – which as recently as the start of this week seemed like a 50-50 proposition at best, but is now nearly a given. At this rate the DOJ and New York State may end up fighting each other to decide who gets to put Trump on trial first.

    charles a quickie — would you support Trump going on trial for this ?

  26. The Trump Rioters get no special privileges around here, buster. The apostles of political street violence, right, left or whatever deserve the same harsh light of justice.

    Suck it up buttercup.

    The lapses in security and the incitement from any quarter will be discussed in every detail as they become known.

  27. just in breaking:

    Sadiq Khan declares Covid emergency in London
    the capital is overwhelmed by the covid – particularly the NHS

    The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has declared an effective emergency in the capital, as it grapples with a soaring number of coronavirus cases and hospitals struggle to cope with the influx of patients.


  28. Thanks, UK Mask shirkers!!

    Social distancing and mask wearing are infringements on liberty so lets continue to be patriots and overwhelm the NHS with deadly disease like the patriots you are.

  29. Here’s an opinion poll showing that 45% of GOP supporters approve of the invasion of the Capitol on Wednesday:


  30. That is exceptionally awful.

    Perhaps that number will go down, based on the severe criticism that has come from principled Republicans, and the severe criticism that has at long last, in the last two weeks of a catastrophic four years, come from less courageous Republicans.

    Maybe the news of the murdered police officer will cause a few of those initially supporting the rioters to give pause. If the rioters had split Nancy Pelosi’s head open with a fire extinguisher, killing her, very many Republicans would have been dancing in the streets.

    But the fact that the officer was a Trump supporter will make some of them pretend to feel a little sad for a few minutes, before they return to “shit happens” default mode.

    After all, when ” the people rise up ” against a ” tyranny ” as per ” the real intent of the Second Amendment “, then there will be collateral damage.

  31. Is this tomorrow’s Rep candidate for madman of the year? (scroll to video)


    And has anyone ever published a leaflet of soundbites for Republican politicians on how to rouse a crowd?

  32. He wasn’t killed by Trump supporters, he was killed by ‘anteefa’. Djyam has it on the authority of some Hollywood actor bloke called Kevin Sorbo:


  33. They were actors, just like at Sandy Hook.

    Donald told me this

  34. I think we should be mature enough not to be automatically dismissive of claims like the djaym one. I think it is perfectly possible and even likely that some individuals and groups opposed to Trump may well have infiltrated the crowds to foment unrest. Acknowledging that does not at all detract from the undeniable truth that the vast mass of violent offenders and supportive crowd were genuine Trumpist MAGA followers. Dismissing any possibility of any individuals with alternative motives just plays into the ‘blind tribalism’ that hinders a recognition of some uncomfortable truths.

  35. Dismissing any possibility of any individuals with alternative motives just plays into the ‘blind tribalism’ that hinders a recognition of some uncomfortable truths.

    Yes Colm, just like the non blind tribalism of those propagating such arguments ad ignorantium in order to point the finger at themmuns.

    Did you even look at the tweets above?

    In chrnological order:

    It’s happening

    History is being made

    To those storming the capitol building:
    Please be careful, do not act like ANTIFA. Respect the police and know that they are mostly on our side, they are simply trying to do their job.
    ANTIFA led the charge into the capitol building dressed as Trump supporters.

    If you want to believe this Aberdeenesque attempted blame shift be my guest. I’m not sold.

  36. Exceptional evidence that the storming was pre-planned on widespread basis

    The Trump supporters outed themselves everywhere you look, giving their real names on request, thank you very much.

  37. Paul

    You make my point for me. You are seeing things through just the same narrow absolutism as those in the tweets you mention. There is absolutely nothing ‘Aberdeenesque’ in my comment.

  38. Anyways, the perps can expect to be fully identified and a visit from law enforcement to come their way soon. There is a ton of video and the ones who thought they were being smart by deleting their live feeds weren’t so smart after all:

    “In early November, Derrick Evans was elected as a Republican state delegate in West Virginia. Two months later he was part of the mob that stormed the US Capitol. As he walked through the corridors, Evans streamed live on Facebook. “Derrick Evans is in the Capitol!” he shouted. “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe we’re in here right now!” Then the video was deleted. Evans, who later posted a Facebook statement saying he didn’t have any “negative interactions” with police or damage any property, was far from the only person streaming from inside the building. White nationalist Tim Gionet, who is also known as Baked Alaska, streamed himself inside the office of House speaker Nancy Pelosi. As the protests turned into a violent siege of the Capitol which killed five people, almost every minute from almost every angle was captured and broadcast on social media. And not just by journalists. This was a social media mob hell-bent on insurrection and incriminating selfies.

    “The striking thing about so many of these images of rioters in the Capitol is that what they’re doing – all of them – is creating content for social media,” Elise Thomas, am open-source intelligence (OSINT) researcher tweeted. “This event was organised largely online, by online communities, and exist as part of a broader fabric of Trump supporters who connect primarily over social media,” Thomas tells me. “It’s not surprising that the people participating in the rally wanted to weave the online and offline strands of the protest together.”

    As well as Facebook, livestreams from around the Capitol appeared on YouTube and Twitch – with the companies working to proactively remove some of them in real-time. Some streams were monetised and allowed viewers to send in donations while other streamers asked for payments to be made on other platforms such as PayPal.

    The video purge started not long after people left the building – either by the social media platforms detecting breaches of their policies or the streamers themselves. “There’s definitely already content that’s disappearing,” says Eliot Higgins the founder of investigative journalism website Bellingcat. “Quite a few of the live streamers have already removed their streams.” As part of its response to the violence, Facebook has said it will delete photos and videos from the Capitol that encourage violent behaviour.

    History hasn’t been lost though. While the mob was still in the Capitol building multiple groups, including Bellingcat, started to scrape everything being posted – a vast digital archive of the riots. Reddit users created a 12GB tranche of videos, Bellingcat’s spreadsheet has more than 100 examples of streams or videos and a database by search engine and data archive Intelligence X has more than 1,300 files totalling 83GB…”


  39. Gone are the days when the only ‘live feed’ of an ongoing event was a breathless reporter calling the news desk from a nearby payphone 🙂

  40. In the age of social media, these idiots built a file on themselves, in addition to the evidence from security cameras, eye witnesses, and journalists.

    What a complete pack of idiots.

  41. “On Wednesday, a coup attempt was led by the president of the United States. A rightwing mob attempted the coup in the form of a violent riot that stormed the Capitol building. They disrupted the proceedings that would have completed the recognition of the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Those proceedings had been disrupted earlier by elected officials bringing forth bad-faith claims that the election was not legitimate and should instead produce a continuation of Trump’s presidency. This too was a coup attempt, an effort to violate the constitution and override the will of the voters in this election. Inside and outside were two faces of the same thing, and both were fomented by the leaders of the Republican party and by the US president. The mob outside would not exist without the politicians inside. Those insiders will make noises of horror and repudiation, but they own this.

    Had Mitch McConnell and other Republican leaders recognized the legitimate winner of the election in early November, had there been no challenge to a legitimate election from inside the government, there would have been no mob. Having failed to suppress enough votes to guarantee a Republican presidential victory, the Republican party and the Trump administration decided to try to suppress them retroactively. Trump invited the mob and whipped it up for months and set it off today, as surely as if he’d lit a bomb’s fuse.

    I call it a coup attempt because, though I assume it will not prevent the Biden presidency, it certainly intended to, and is part of a campaign to delegitimize and thereby weaken the incoming administration. It was a long time coming, building up for years with white rage, especially white male rage fuelled by everyone from Trump himself to the National Rifle Association, Fox News and the various rightwing pundits, the Republican party, the various faces of white supremacy, and far-right groups such as the Proud Boys. It is a rage against the fact that other people might be equal under the law, that women and people of color might also govern as power begins to be distributed more equally, the same rage that attempted to delegitimize a black president with birtherism and obstruction. It is a rage against equality…”


  42. In real life, as mentioned, I have a few acquaintances who are Trump voters.

    They’re normally very chatty about politics, but they have gone silent.

  43. ” Murder the Media ” Wonder where that came from?


    ” Let’s go get a beer “. What patriots.

  44. Trump rioters attack female photographer, this incident directly leading to a second incident when police draw weapons on her

    A photographer for The New York Times has written a harrowing account of the violent siege on the U.S. Capitol.

    In a story published late Thursday, Times photographer Erin Schaff recounted Wednesday’s events in stunning fashion. She wrote that the trouble began for her when several of the rioters — supporters of President Donald Trump, who has bombarded the Times with criticism during his presidency — confronted her about her employer.

    “I ran upstairs to be out of the way of the crowd, and to get a better vantage point to document what was happening,” Schaff wrote. “Suddenly, two or three men in black surrounded me and demanded to know who I worked for.

    “Grabbing my press pass, they saw that my ID said The New York Times and became really angry. They threw me to the floor, trying to take my cameras. I started screaming for help as loudly as I could. No one came. People just watched. At this point, I thought I could be killed and no one would stop them. They ripped one of my cameras away from me, broke a lens on the other and ran away.”

    Schaff says she began hyperventilating after that. She began looking for a place to hide — as Capitol Police had begun using pepper spray. When the police found her on the third floor of the Capitol, they did not believe that she was an official photographer, with her credentials having been stolen.

    “They drew their guns, pointed them and yelled at me to get down on my hands and knees,” Schaff wrote. “As I lay on the ground, two other photojournalists came into the hall and started shouting ‘She’s a journalist!’”

    The Times report, which can be read in full here, also features perspectives from the attack delivered by two reporters who were stationed in the Senate and House chambers



  45. The US can at least be glad that it seems always to be able to correct itself before things get too bad.
    It ended Vietnam. Later there too many lies and blackguardism from Nixon, then along came Carter; then too much softness, then came Reagan; too much govt spending, then came Clinton; too much war, then came Obama. In this case things went very far towards becoming completely askew, but in the end the election corrected it. Even if things had got so bad, say, two years ago, I think you can be pretty sure that something like an impeachment or this 25th Amendment thing would have been tried and worked.

    Still, it’s a warning to all that dictatorships don’t just happen in foreign climes. If, for whatever reason, Trump had had more support, maybe even a majority of Americans behind him and had gone for all out power, then there would have been very few around willing to restrain him.

    //In the age of social media, these idiots built a file on themselves//

    It’s surprising to see how open they are in front of cameras. Maybe they think there’s safety in numbers and that so many thousands can’t be prosecuted.

    They can’t all be dumb. I sort of liked this young guy; yes, he’s naive, but very articulate considering what he’s just experienced (the woman being shot) and seems sincere enough in his beliefs.


    It’ll probably take some time before the whole Trump phenomenon is properly understood.

  46. The elections, and the state and federal institutions blocked the coup.

    The judges and state officials in Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Arizona have made the country proud.

  47. Jim Acosta reports Three White House advisers tell CNN that President Donald Trump has no intention of resigning. “None,” one adviser said of the chances of a resignation. “Zero,” said another, adding: “He doesn’t think he did anything wrong.”

    emailed pat, suggested he go on a 2 week butt hurt spree with mad posts , hostile comments , get all the hatred and malice out of his system, and then cease and desist, turn over a new page on 21st Jan and let it go man .

  48. Here is a new video of the lead-up to and shooting of Ashli Babbit (about 3 minutes)


  49. I contacted two Trump supporting acquaintances, and they made jokes about the storming of the Capitol.

    It’s all a big joke…

  50. Let’s remember that an opinion poll showed 45% support for this invasion among registered GOP voters. Let’s never forget that.

  51. Canadian Prime Ministers usually studiously avoid commenting on amurican domestic politics because people like pat can be so reactionary but…


  52. The argumentative bumbler openly disrespected Trudeau in the most unnecessary way, so good for Trudeau for speaking the truth.

    Boris Johnson was dismissive of Trump this morning too. Merkel gave him a hard slap before that. The slap was to him, not to America.

    It will be a chilly post presidential life for Donald, with few in business or politics wanting to return his calls any more, many places where he never be welcomed as a visitor, including all the countries represented in our conversations.

    You can expect to hear him on Hannity or Rush every so often, talking about how everyone in government is stupid, and how only he can fix it, if only. And the fake media. Oh, they’re just so terrible.

  53. think Trump has sealed his fate with the pathetic tweet saying he won’t attend the inauguration, its so petty and mean and eveyone knows it
    He’s pissing alot of people off, who would otherwise keep schtum,

    Trump will be the first incumbent since Andrew Johnson to skip his successor’s inauguration.

    U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski said Friday that Donald Trump should resign the presidency immediately and that if the Republican Party cannot separate itself from Trump, she isn’t certain she has a future with the party.

    “I want him to resign. I want him out. He has caused enough damage,” Murkowski said during a 17-minute interview from her small Capitol office, steps away from the Senate chambers that were invaded by pro-Trump rioters on Wednesday.

    “I think he should leave. He said he’s not going to show up. He’s not going to appear at the at the inauguration. He hasn’t been focused on what is going on with COVID. He’s either been golfing or he’s been inside the Oval Office fuming and throwing every single person who has been loyal and faithful to him under the bus, starting with the vice president. He doesn’t want to stay there. He only wants to stay there for the title. He only wants to stay there for his ego. He needs to get out. He needs to do the good thing, but I don’t think he’s capable of doing a good thing,” she said.

  54. Boris Johnson was dismissive of Trump this morning too.

    Johnson is a fellow-schmuck. He was happy to suck up to pro-Brexit Trump until Trump started to look like a loser a few months ago. Johnson was one of the first rats to leave the sinking ship. I hope Biden treats him with the contempt he deserves.

  55. think Trump has sealed his fate with the pathetic tweet saying he won’t attend the inauguration, its so petty and mean and eveyone knows it

    Trump was never going to attend the inauguration and after this week it would be polluted by his presence. Biden deserves a clean start and all of the living presidents will be there. Trump’s absence will speak to his total unfitness for the office he filled for four shameful years. He will probably try to upstage the event with some stunt, like declaring he will run again in 2024. Or maybe he’ll just spend yet another day playing golf at Mar a Lago.

  56. Trump can’t live at Mar a Lago

    President Trump changed his legal address to Mar-a-Lago, his private club in Palm Beach. But neighbors say under an agreement he signed decades ago, he can’t live there after leaving the White House.

    Apparently, he signed a contract with Palm Beach saying that no one can stay at Mar A Lago for more than 21 days each year. It is zoned as a club, not as a residence.

    He has no home to go back to. He private home was in NYC and he would be advised never to return here.

  57. Not a problem for Trump. He will just live there for 365 days and swear blind it was only 21 days.

    “The allegations I have lived here all year are just FAKE NEWS by the same people who stole my election victory” 🙂

  58. But neighbors say under an agreement he signed decades ago, he can’t live there after leaving the White House.

    That won’t stop him. Javanka have already moved into a high secure condo a few miles away in preparation for her run for the Senate. And apparently it protects their loot better than NYS.

    Watch out for the self-pardon coming soon. It will be Trump’s final assault on the constitution and will probably be extended to the entire family and of course Rudy.

  59. By the way you may not know this…

    Florida has a weird rule that if you go bankrupt your personal home cannot be seized.

    So, all the tricky guys move to Florida and buy the most massive home that they can afford.

    The late baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn did that. His law firm went bust, but his assets were secure in sunny Florida.

    A great deal of wealth in Palm Beach and other places.

  60. and will probably be extended to the entire family and of course Rudy…..and maybe all of the ‘BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE’ who ‘visited’ The Capitol building on Wednesday 🙂

  61. Like Trump, Rudy is pretty radioactive now.

    His star once shined so bright, now not so much.

    Unlike Trump, he has accomplished things. I’d welcome him back to NYC though many would not.

  62. Drunk Trumpers chanting on an American Airlines flight asked to cut it out by the pilot. ( NY Post )

    The flight attendants union wants no part of this baggage.

  63. Florida has a weird rule that if you go bankrupt your personal home cannot be seized. So, all the tricky guys move to Florida and buy the most massive home that they can afford.

    Yes Phantom, it’s like when the Corleones moved from NYC to Nevada when they went totally legit.

  64. Biden is going to walk into the White House on his first day and find the lightbulbs have been taken.

  65. He will probably also find several smashed ,mobile phones littering the place . A staffer will explain to him “ The former Tenant became frustrated that he couldn’t access his Twitter account “ 😉

  66. As Patrick posted a couple of nights ago, the GOP is probably finished in its present form. It’s quite possible that it will split between its Trumpist and pre-Trumpist wings. That should ensure the Dems a clear run like after Watergate, but they should remember that Carter only got one term. If the GOP manages to avoid a split it could come roaring back in the mid-terms in 2022.

    The political landscape for the next ten years will likely be settled this year one way or another. The Dems need to sieze the opportunity for electoral reforms – voter ID, an end to voter suppression and an end to gerrymandering. There is probably no need for anything more radical than a re-assertion of the Voting Rights Act 1965.

  67. If the Democrats were smart they would embrace the idea of voter ID

    But they won’t

  68. Phantom, I disagree the democrats should only embrace voter ID if it also comes with an end to gerrymandering, election reform and a return to the voters rights act

  69. Both parties are huge practitioners of gerrymandering

    AOC is the result of a gerrymandered district

  70. Voter Id and Paper Ballots with human counters

  71. well in this election the steal was stopped, and Biden certified
    so somethings worked well in the end and democracy triumphed over tyranny

  72. shows us the price of democracy, blood was spilt, insurrection quashed
    never take democratic norms for granted, they’re always under assualt, esp in 3rd world
    which USA briefly was for several hours last wednesday .. third world dictatorship attempted
    But failed , and now charges to follow and long sentences, lucky you went home troll
    I don’t think you’d last long in prison

  73. Federal officials sent a strong, if delayed, message to the public on Tuesday about the Trump-inspired attack on the U.S. Capitol, announcing that hundreds of cases would be brought against the insurrectionists, part of a violent mob that killed a policeman.

    Michael Sherwin, acting U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia, said at a press briefing that the U.S. Capitol was essentially a crime scene and that the FBI was working around the clock to hunt down the hundreds, if not thousands, of Trump supporters who committed crimes and were allowed to leave the building.

    “The scope and scale of this are unprecedented, not only in FBI history but probably DOJ history,” Sherwin said.

    Sherwin said that more than 170 subject file cases had already been opened and that the number of charges was going to “geometrically increase.”

    “The range of criminal conduct is really … unmatched in any type of scenario that we’ve seen at the FBI or DOJ,” Sherwin said. “We’re looking at everything from simple trespass, to theft of mail, to theft of digital devices inside the Capitol, to assault on local officer, federal officers both outside and inside the Capitol, to the theft of potential national security information, to felony murder. Just the gamut of cases and criminal conduct we’re looking at is really mind-blowing.”

  74. Unrepentant maga terrorists to borrow a phrase from DV

  75. let the witch trials begin……

  76. Have you now, or ever been a member of the Republican Party?

    Did you know that 13 main perps arrested for the attack inside the capital not one had a Parler account but every one of them had a facebook, twitter, and youtube account and they all did talk about crap they were planning to do on facebook and twitter.

    So why aren’t Facebook and Twitter shut down, but the one site none of them belonged to is?

    I’m sure you’ll get right back to me on that won’t you……

  77. they are witches and they are being hunted — # unrepentant maga terrorists are the modern days treasonous seditionists of USA – let the trials begin, in earnest in the name of patriotism , which these terrorists are NOT

  78. meanwhile the nasty witch trials (FALSE ) are beginning
    they’re going after cindy mccain and trying to boot her from the party
    charming people eh !

  79. When members of both parties were hiding in a secure room together, Republican congressman refused to wear masks that were offered to them by a woman. It’s on video. They laughed, waved her away.

    Even during the Trump Insurrection itself, these they refused to respect the health of their neighbor. It’s a death cult.


    A New Jersey congresswoman accused some lawmakers of leading groups around the Capitol for “reconnaissance” a day before the riot carried out by a pro-Trump mob.

    New Jersey Rep. Mikie Sherrill said in a Tuesday night Facebook live address to her constituents that she witnessed the alleged exploratory tours.

    The unidentified members of Congress “had groups coming through the Capitol” in “a reconnaissance for the next day,” Sherrill said

    NY Post

    More is coming out by the hour.

    “ Shit happens “ , and it’s more likely to happen when you have a little help from your friends.

    Again, but for luck ( and a few brave cops and others ) dozens and dozens of people including congressmen would have been arrested and or executed by the Trump rioters, as they said that they would do, on parler and elsewhere, all recorded, all being acted on by the FBI at this moment.

  80. The acting U.S. attorney for the Northern District of Georgia declared on a call with his staff Monday that “there’s just nothing” to the few claims of fraud the office was examining, according to an audio recording obtained by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

    The stolen election narrative again is a Big Lie as parroted by complete idiots

    And this is the Big Lie that led us to insurrection and death, while a President dithered and watched TV.

  81. Airbnb will cancel and block all reservations in the Washington metro area during inauguration week after finding Airbnb accounts for “numerous individuals who are either associated with known hate groups or otherwise involved in the criminal activity at the Capitol Building,” the platform announced Wednesday morning


  82. Mistke by AirBnB. They should have let the bookings stand and then hand over the address details to the police and FBI !

  83. These guys are documenting the FBI files against themselves very well. On this point only, they are serving their country.

    They are the Gang of Girly Men who Couldn’t Shoot Straight.

    Many will go to prison.