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By Pete Moore On January 8th, 2021

Because Friday night is Music Night

The answer to an abnormal week for many is a little normality. Therefore the show must go on. Jamiroquai popped into my mind for some reason. Any ideas why? They weren’t really my bag but Virtual Insanity was a banger. I did consider posting that somewhat apt number.

However normal for me is older than that. So I’m sinking into some of this, Johnny Cash joining Bob Dylan on “One Too Many Mornings”. Enjoy your weekend and stay safe. As always, feel free to post your top sounds down below –


  1. Welcome back Pete

  2. Thank you Peter. Strange days. Just as well it’s been a light week for news and comment.

  3. welcome back , y’aint missed much 😉
    heap big butt-hurt from paleface , on losing all three
    they want us to feel their pain, having crowed and worn t-shirts in 2016 that said “fuck your feelings” –
    funny old world init – karmas a what ?

    love it when top musicians play together, something non-ego about it

    lets do the treble to celebrate the trifecta
    WhiteHouse , House and Senate go to Biden

    Queen & Annie Lennox & David Bowie – Under Pressure – HD


  4. I echo Peter’s welcome.

    Johnny Cash is a class act. I saw a very interestig documentary about his links with Britain (specifically Scotland) on Channel 5 over a few weeks ago. Good stuff.

  5. Johnny Cash loved all you folks over there.

    I saw his daughter Rosanne Cash perform at the bandshell in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.

    I’m a lifetime fan of both.

  6. After this week it can only be this song from Monthy Python:


  7. I like “One Too Many Mornings” in its many versions, but Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan would make even a rubbish song sound great.

  8. looks like the vaccines are all GP-led
    The first wave of GP-led vaccinations commenced on 14 December, with more GP groups coming online throughout December and beyond. The GP-led programme sits alongside the programme being rolled out through hospital hubs, which commenced 8 December.

    even the programmes be rolled out at hospital hubs


  9. Lol, Pete. Jay Kay storms the capital. He’s probably still a bigger twat than his imbecilic QAnon doppelganger from the other day.

  10. Pete, I understand what you’re feeling now as I felt it myself around the same time 23 two years ago. I’m going to link two tunes that helped me to grieve and overcome the grief.

    As Seimi knows as well, time heals heartache, my friend.



    Sorry for your loss.

  11. This track will be wasted on the dinosaurs of ATW.


  12. This track will be wasted on the dinosaurs of ATW.

    It was on me Dave, but this wasn’t:


    My Christ, Sista Bliss.

  13. Thank you Paul, lovely tunes. Memories are precious things.

  14. Sista Bliss.

    Yes. Her keyboard playing on insomnia was truly magnificent.
    I’m looking at purchasing a keyboard this year, and that is the first track I would love to learn to play.


  15. ahhh the days of me youth


  16. Sorry for your loss Pete