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Thank You Mr. President

By Patrick Van Roy On January 14th, 2021



I want to take the time to thank Donald J Trump for his service.

Our nation was founded by businessmen & farmers, they constructed a Government of representation of the people to be manned by the people. Our elected officials were supposed to be Citizen Representatives. People successful in their lives who wish to give back to the Country in Service.

Donald Trump did exactly that. He put his business to the side and gave back to the country and the People. In spite of 3 Impeachment attempts, a Special Prosecutor and nonstop attacks from the Press and Elected officials of both parties.

He rebuilt the Economy breaking record after record of employment levels for every minority and woman. He kept his promise and gave us over 300 Judges for the Bench, he rebuilt our Military while at the same time forcing Europe to rebuild NATO, he built 400 miles of Border Wall, and he got the Space Program back on track to exploring Space and returning to the moon, he did not get us involved in a single conflict while cleaning up the mess others left behind, and he did all this without ever taking a salary.

He served in the True Spirit of our Founders.

Thank you Mr. President.

18 Responses to “Thank You Mr. President”

  1. Of course all those points are debatable, but whatever merits you might think he had policy wise, he soured them all with the way he has behaved following his election loss – and it was an election loss.

  2. Unintentionally funny.

    Chris Rock got nothing on you.

  3. “He rebuilt the Economy breaking record after record of employment levels for every minority and woman.”

    When Donald Trump took office US unemployment rate was 4.7%, it is now 6.7%. Some rebuild. By comparison when Barack Obama became President the unemployment rate was 7.8%. When he left office it was 4.7%. Trump increased unemployment, while Obama decreased uenmployment.

  4. GWB and Trump handed their successors a falling knife of an economy.

    In the case of Trump, it’s 99% his fault, due to very poor leadership on Covid, which harmed the economy, as well as badly thought out trade wars started by him, not just with China.

  5. I will tell you one place where turnip completely outstripped Obama

    Under Obama it took 8 years to add 8 trillion to the national debt, Under turnip it only took 4 years. Turnip was twice as successful in this one metric

  6. . . . without ever taking a salary.

    Mrs.T never took a PM’s salary seeing her job as one of service.

    We will, sadly, never see their like ever again.

    Thank you Mr.President.

  7. In lieu of a salary, he steered business to his DC hotel and tried to steer international conferences to his Florida Doral resort.

  8. “Mrs.T never took a PM’s salary seeing her job as one of service”

    Big deal. Mrs T was married to a multi millionaire and we know Donald was no pauper. declining
    those relatively paultry salaries is hardly much of a sacrifice and says nothing about how they conducted themselves in office (although I will acknowledge Mrs T is in a much higher league politically than Trump). Gimmicks like that by those who can easily afford such ‘saintly gestures’ doesn’t mean much at all.

  9. The filthy animal ” didn’t take a salary ” but he did this every day for four years

    Steering Secret service and others to his hotels, in DC, NYC, Scotland, sometimes at higher than standard rates. Vast documentation on this

    Every last thing was and is a grift.


  10. I did not know that about Thatcher, thanks Mark

  11. I just looked it up and Mrs Thatcher apparently did take a salary while PM but not the full salary. However she did take this after leaving office. Not quite the financially sacrificing saint Mark paints her as.


  12. Patrick

    I’m surprised that you didn’t mention Trump’s brilliant handling of the pandemic. His leadership was inspirational.

  13. I’m so glad that the American people got rid of this lying, conniving, cheating narcissistic, f****** slimeball.

  14. Mark B

    Mrs.T never took a PM’s salary seeing her job as one of service.

    Perhaps you might want to do a bit more research there.


  15. the grim mile-stone of number of deaths in 2nd world war = 405,399
    will be achieved in covid deaths by the time he leaves office
    current deaths 388,705 , so that will be his headline on day of departure.

    that is a staggering figure, the total of the second world war effort.

    you know how trump like his stats, greatest ever, breaking records etc etc
    well its a certainty he’ll get this record .. on the day before or day of Biden taking office

    thank you Mr.President

    keep that newspaper headline and put it somewhere, this is his epitaph


    thank you mr.president ..


  16. Welcome back kurt (for the 67th time) 🙂

  17. When is joblog returning?

    You never told us the skinny on that

  18. colm gotta see the term out ( Trunk )

    ahh wherefore the joblog – an engma wrapped in a mystery !

    in fairness Trunk can’t be blamed for the virus itself,. just the response to it
    and the stats of over 400K speak for themselves

    meanwhile: the fun is just beginning in the WH

    Donald Trump goes completely berserk after being advised to resign:

    Now that Donald Trump has lost reelection, been impeached twice, and is facing near certain criminal prosecution for crimes including incitement of insurrection, his last best option might be to resign. After all, his pardon will have better odds of holding up if it comes from Mike Pence than if it comes from Trump himself.

    The trouble is, Trump is in such a self destructive mindset, CNN says he went completely berserk after some of his advisers told him to resign so Pence could pardon him. When they brought up the Nixon-Ford example, Trump insisted that they never bring up Nixon again. Trump also said that he doesn’t think Pence would pardon him anyway.

    So there you have it. Donald Trump’s own people are telling him to resign because it’s his best chance of staying out of prison, and instead of considering their helpful advice, he’s going berserk. Fortunately, this clown will be gone in just six days.

    the inimitable Palmer ( for Harri if he’s reading the blog )


    colm I’m just here to give you guys tasty morsels, as we see the final curtain fall on a failed presidency
    Troll appreciates these snippets too i’m sure .. he gets a chance to come close up to reality and away from fantasy politics .. which he is grateful for 😉

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