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CNN Reporter a MAGA Terrorist

By Patrick Van Roy On January 16th, 2021

Below is a piece of film of those MAGA Terrorist’s inside the Capital….. one of them was CNN’s Jade Sacker.

26 Responses to “CNN Reporter a MAGA Terrorist”

  1. You really should fact check stuff before you post your conspiracy theory nonsense. Jade Slacker is a freelance photojournalist, and not an employee of CNN.

  2. This desperate attempt to try and find ways of deflecting the blame for the attack from Trump supporters to ‘Democrats’ and ‘Lefties’ and ‘MSM agitators’ is embarrassing.

  3. CNN was in on it..

    Full-blown conspiracy theorist nonsense.
    Not even fact checked at all.
    These posts are just embarrassing now.

  4. False flag!

    Trump supporters didn’t do anything!


  5. meanwhile the noose is tightening

    NY prosecutors interview Michael Cohen about Trump finances


    When you put these pieces together it becomes clear that the Manhattan DA is zeroing in on Donald Trump’s financial crimes in relation to Deutsche Bank, and that the DA has the cooperation of everyone from Michael Cohen to the bank itself. There’s still no way of knowing when the grand jury will drop its first indictments on Trump. But it’s notable that he’s five days away from being vulnerable to arrest.

    tasty morsels colm, and I’ve no doubt troll is grateful as he likes to keep tabs on pending indictment, and those not so pending like Durham reports
    Not like we’re keeping score or anything 😉

  6. It’s not deflecting anything as the BLM member from the post below was in among the MAGA TERRORISTS so was this Journalist.

    Freelance, or not she pretended to be a MAGA supporter and broke into the capital she was NOT there as Press as her request to have her face deleted out of the video proves.

    This is not excusing or shifting blame or saying it was a false flag or any of that nonsense.

    This Person was not a Trump supporter, they were not there as a journalist, they were filmed pretending to be MAGA and broke into the Capital. And asked to have her face deleted from the video.

    The point is these MAGA TERRORISTS were not all MAGA people.

    Remember as far as I’m concerned MAGA or non-maga EVERYONE who entered the capital should have shot period.

  7. Spending all their days and nights looking for a gotcha instead of trying to understand what happened

    Very large numbers of Trump supporters rioted against the Constitution against the police and against the nation, attempting to stop the process of ratifying the people’s choice of a president. Not just violence, treason, at the behest of the losing candidate. That’s what happened.

  8. nonsense you don’t have to look for any of this stuff it’s all right there available if you view more than just 2 or 3 sources of news let alone if you only read leftwing publications like you.

    I’m not posting anything about the supposed “false flag” bull or anything that would suggest this was anything other than a riot. A riot that a very mixed bag of participants from apparently all sides.

    and they should all have been shot. We should be identifying all these clowns by the bodies, not who was caught on film.

  9. “I’m not posting anything about the supposed “false flag” bull or anything that would suggest this was anything other than a riot. A riot that a very mixed bag of participants from apparently all sides.”

    Except that you posted falsehoods about who participated in the riot. A falsehood that you have kept up because truth doesn’t matter to you.

  10. Phantom

    Very large numbers of Trump supporters rioted against the Constitution against the police and against the nation, attempting to stop the process of ratifying the people’s choice of a president. Not just violence, treason, at the behest of the losing candidate. That’s what happened.

    And that ladies and gentlemen, is the simple, factual truth of what happened.

  11. Dave, you should keep that short sentence you posted a few days ago about the direction this site is taking. That’d save you the bother of typing it out again each time it’s needed, which these days is practically each post.

  12. CNN was embedded with the terrorist, John Sullivan, all day. That evening Anderson Cooper interviewed Sacker and Sullivan live. CNN must be taken off air. In a more enlightened age they’d all have got the Lord Haw Haw treatment.

  13. This was a right-wing Trumpist invasion of the Capitol. There were hundreds of them and a couple of Antifa doesn’t change that. The vice-president could have been murdered:

    “To begin with, the attempted coup was not some spontaneous event. Much of the planning occurred more or less in plain sight on the internet. According to one analysis, the phrase storm the Capitol was used 100,000 times online in the month before it occurred. Some law-enforcement agencies picked up on this chatter. The Capitol Police were inadequately prepared, but the request from the agency’s former chief for National Guard backup ahead of the event was denied.

    There seem to have been at least three groups, in descending order of size, mixed together on the Mall last Wednesday: people who were there to protest and who just protested peacefully; people who were there to protest but decided to join the mob as it surged up to the Capitol; and people who came with specific plans to commit violence, or who hoped to carry out chillingly elaborate plots.

    Reporters heard cries of “Hang Mike Pence!” A Reuters photojournalist heard people inside the Capitol searching for Pence, saying they wanted to kill him. A witness told the FBI about another group that hoped to murder the vice president. “Execute the traitors! I wanna see executions!” Godfrey heard a demonstrator yell through a megaphone. Another man said of journalists, “Start makin’ a list! Put all those names down, and we start huntin’ them down, one by one!”


    Once inside, some putschists were prepared. They came with schematics and maps of the building, and set about their work with purpose. Some wore tactical gear and carried flex ties, which would have been useful for kidnapping and hostage-taking. If not for the quick thinking of the Capitol Police officer Eugene Goodman, who drew a column away from the Senate floor, they might have walked through the unlocked doors and into a chamber still filled with lawmakers.

    Only on Friday did it become clear how much danger Pence had been in. Secret Service officers whisked Pence and his family to a hideaway in the Capitol—but just one minute before Goodman made his stand, and only about 100 feet from the stairs up which the officer was chased by the mob, according to the Post…”

  14. Trump’s reaction to the riot was one of delight. If past form is a guide he will withdraw his patently incincere condemnation, just like he did after Charlottesville, and the base will love him for it:

    “We also now know more about President Donald Trump’s response. While it was clear from the start that he had incited the crowd, further reporting has indicated that he watched the attempted coup with delight. He actively resisted calling out the National Guard, a task that reportedly fell to the besieged Pence. He was induced by his horrified staff to condemn the mob, but reportedly regrets doing so.”


  15. as in regards to turnip and his responsibility

    remember Osama Bin Laden wasn’t flying the planes on 9/11

  16. Come on Peter, you’ll believe any old pony.

    “Execute the traitors! I wanna see executions!” Godfrey heard a demonstrator yell through a megaphone. Another man said of journalists, “Start makin’ a list! Put all those names down, and we start huntin’ them down, one by one!”

    No-one yells like that in the middle of a riot. We’ve been told for years that Trump voters only know words of one syllable. Suddenly (and suspiciously) middle class reporters claim they are yelling exactly the kinds of things which middle class reporters imagine themselves telling at their enemies.

  17. Every word uttered by a Democrat has been BS, total BS. This is what they think of violent mobs attacking capitoils and making death threats, when Democrats do it –


    Most conservatives have condemned the right-wing mob that assaulted the U.S. Capitol. But 10 years ago, Democrats embraced the left-wing mob that occupied the state Capitol in Madison. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) praised the occupiers for an “impressive show of democracy in action” and tweeted as they assaulted the Capitol that she continued “to stand in solidarity” with the union activists. In other words, Democrats were for occupying capitols before they were against it.

    What did Pelosi laud and praise? With what was she in solidarity?

    The police retreated in the face of the horde, giving up the first floor, then the second. “The protesters ran amok, chanting ‘­This is our house!’ and ‘This is what democracy looks like!’ ” we wrote. “And they then began searching for the Republican senators who had dared to defy the will of the unions.” As the crowd scoured the building looking for the offending legislators, police sneaked them out through an underground tunnel to a government building across the street. But a Democratic representative posted on social media that the Republican senators were escaping through the tunnels, so when the senators came up into the lobby, the mob was there waiting for them. ­

    “The tall windows that framed the lobby were plastered with people yelling and banging on the glass,” we wrote. “They were trapped. ­The senators hid under a stairwell, out of view, while the police ordered a city bus to pull up in front of the building. Officers then formed a human wall on the sidewalk, parting the sea of protesters and creating a pathway for the senators to reach the bus.” ­Once the senators were on board, “the mob on the street began punching the windows and shaking the vehicle. … The police told the senators and staff inside to keep their heads down in case a window shattered.”

    Thankfully, no one was killed. But during the course of the occupation, Walker received a steady stream of death threats against him and his wife, including one that promised to “gut her like a deer” and one threatening to kill his sons. Police found dozens of .22-caliber bullets scattered across the Capitol grounds. The occupiers drew chalk outlines of fake dead bodies etched with Walker’s name on the floor, and carried signs that read “Death to tyrants,” “The only good Republican is a dead Republican” and one with picture of him in crosshairs with the words, “Don’t retreat, Reload.”

    Democrats can STFU. Left wing politics is violent politics. Always has been, always will be, and they will always excuse it.

    Only conservatives and conservative politicians can claim to habitually and repeatedly condemn violence.

  18. The Texas realtor who bragged on social media about flying a private jet to the Capitol riot is seeking a presidential pardon — and said anyone arrested in connection with the siege deserves one too.

    “I would ask the President of the United States to give me a pardon,” Jenna Ryan told CBS 11 in Dallas from her home in Carrollton, Texas, on Friday, following her release from FBI custody, hours after she turned herself in.

    “I’m facing a prison sentence . . . I do not deserve that, and from what I understand, every person is going to be arrested that was there, so I think everyone deserves a pardon,” she added.

    Ryan said she was simply showing support for the president when she and several friends chartered a private plane to Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, as Congress was preparing to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election.

    “I was following what we were called to do. He asked us to fly there. He asked us to be there. So I was doing what he asked us to do,” Ryan told the station.

    She said that she was doing what the president asked her to do. And she is entirely correct on that point.

    The many overt statements, mingled with the dog whistles, were all heard by his people.

    NY Post

  19. There is still for Trump to pardon them all, and his cheerleaders hereabouts will suddenly forget about law and order and endorse it if it happens. And of course his base will love him even more, if that’s even possible.

  20. If he pardons them all, then he can no longer pretend that the riot insurrection and murders were not done in his name.

    He is very much in a box

  21. He has three more days to cause mayhem. The pardon front will be interesting for sure, he’s not finished there yet. But don’t rule out wanton acts of destruction from left field.

  22. He is an environmental rapist, causing as much damage as he possibly can in the last days

    In the past week, for example, the Interior Department overturned an Obama-era measure that increased royalties that oil, gas and coal companies pay the federal government; cut 3.4 million acres in critical habitat for the northern spotted owl, which faces extinction; expedited approvals to lease more than 550,000 acres of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for energy development; and approved a four-lane highway through Utah’s Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, which had been permanently protected as a wildlife reserve 25 years ago.
Interior also adopted language in its instructional manual on Monday requiring employees to use climate models that predict less-severe impacts from global warming, emphasizing “uncertainty” in the science.


  23. Presumably all of the above can be annulled by Biden in his first few days. I read somewhere that Biden’s team has reviewed all of Trump’s executive orders since 2017 with a view to reversing many of them, but with special attention for any issued since 6 November.

    Unfortunately the shameful spree of federal executions cannot be reversed.

  24. Oh don’t worry Peter by the end of Biden’s 4 the US will be in full economic collapse from the shutdown of fossil fuel production and we will be reliant once again off of the tides in the Middle East. And the Arabs will once again control the world by it’s throat.

  25. No Patrick

    Biden will further accelerate the shift from fossil fuels to renewables which has greatly accelerated since Trump took office, despite all his efforts to hinder renewables and bring back coal. Coal mines have continued to close because coal is less and less competitive compared to wind and gas and solar. Shale gas will still be important, but that industry has never managed to be consistently profitable and vast amounts of investment and loans have been written off.

    And electric vehicles are the future as Tesla has shown. The shift away from fossil fuels is irreversable. Putin and the Saudis know it even if you don’t.

  26. The Dow Jones average is up about 4000 points since Election Day.

    Investors are bullish on America.

    The terms of the past two Republicans ended with us in severe economic troubles, there was sustained economic growth under both Clinton and Obama. Let’s hope that history repeats itself

    The best way to get the world economy going is to control the virus. In less than a week, we will have a president that is interested in doing that.

    The fetish for coal is one of the dumbest causes of our lifetimes. You want to have an economy using advanced technology, not a 19th century polluting technology