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The Only Way to do it…..

By Patrick Van Roy On January 17th, 2021

5 Responses to “The Only Way to do it…..”

  1. It’s great, but Clapton’s Strat is still an eyesore.

    Phil Spector’s dead. A litany of crimes ended with Lana Clarkson’s murder but which began with his butchering of Let It Be.

  2. lol…. I love when cale and clapton played together and cale is one of the all time unknowns behind more rock than most realize

  3. I never knew of Cale before he was mentioned on this site.

    Even in the few notes here, you see the relaxed mastery.

    One of the incredibly great things of the web now is that you can always reach back to music and images of musicians of the past, in so much greater detail, and share and discuss things that you simply never had proper access to before, from the not long ago time of few TV stations, no home video playback, no web.

  4. look up just the songs he wrote phantom you’ll find many you know. It is wonderful the bits of obscure knowledge of any subject is available for the looking.

  5. Excellent.