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By Pete Moore On January 18th, 2021

How far the left has sunk into the Cultural Marxist pit. Hugh Gaitskell opposed becoming entangled politically and economiclly with the Continent. When he spoke to the Labour Party conference in 1963 he made these remarks, including his famous line about “the end of a thousand years of history”. It is inconceivable that any prominent Labour Party member, or left wing commentator, would speak in this way today, with patriotic pride.

One Response to “RADICAL”

  1. The Labour Party remained anti-EU until the 1990s. Then most of them signed up to the full federalist project. In the past decade the leftist EU supporters have smeared their opponents as racists and most of them still see the 2016 referendum result as a victory for racism and xenophobia.

    But a small section of the left remained opposed to the EU all along and campaigned for Brexit in 2016. For many years until his death in 2014 the anti-EU flag on the left was carried by Tony Benn and unfortunately no-one of his stature now exists on the left of the Labour Party. Pro-EU pipsqueaks like Owen Jones are too busy fighting culture wars over statues and slavery and gender to be able to see the EU for the bureaucratic federalist monster it is. Just look at how it has messed up its vaccine programme.