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By Pete Moore On January 19th, 2021

Pompeo has been getting it all out there recently. Last week he lifted years-old and self-imposed restrictions of US-Taiwan diplomatic relations. Being demob happy brings liberation. While this determination might not worry the evil Peking regime too much it does mean that US policy toward China must account for it. I wonder what consequences there will be for businesses and politicans who deal with the Chinese Communist Party. Maybe there would be legal consequences for carrying on with a regime which the Secretary of State has formally found to be guilty of genocide. I quite like Pompeo’s no bluster approach. Even if he’s leaving all this late in the day it’s a good call.

24 Responses to “BOOM”

  1. He makes this announcement two days before leaving office?

    Why didn’t he say it before?

    ” Boom ” indeed, mischief right before Biden moves in.

    His listing of Cuba as a state sponsor of terror was a complete lie. That communist government is a lot of bad things, but it’s not that.

    Pompeo is nothing.

  2. Pay attention, Phantom –

    Wednesday 26 August 2020

    The campaign of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is labelling China’s treatment of the Uighurs “genocide” and calling on Donald Trump to take action.

    When you have been tempted into assuming that your political opponents are bad people, and not just wrong, you can make silly statetements. How can it possiby be mischief toward Biden when he called for this very thing?

  3. I think that if you have less than 48 hours left in office, you should be cleaning out your desk.

    It’s a little late in the day now for any such major announcement with geopolitical ramifications, a long time from August 26.

  4. The genocide of the Uighurs has been going on since 2017 or so.

  5. //the Secretary of State has formally found to be guilty of genocide.//

    The American foreign minister doesn’t get to pronounce formal judgements, at least not ones that anyone else need listen to.

    As the Chinese would say, something big fishy about this sudden burst of action on last day in office.

  6. And someone spoke before Biden did


  7. It may well be a merited announcement but utterly cowardly to do so now as a gimmick when he doesn’t have to follow through with actions. Why not this time last year or the year before ?

  8. He’s been saying it all along, it’s been part of the negotiations….. but since you have no clue what’s been going on due to your TDS you missed it….

    Not to worry Beijing Joe will get it all sorted out…. right after the check clears.

  9. Yes, it is cowardly to wait until you’re walking out the door to throw this bombshell.

    History will not be kind to them.

  10. Patrick, predictably can’t ever bring himself to see anything other than perfection in the Trump administration !

  11. Phantom, Colm –

    Maybe there’s due process to be followed – investigations, reports, findings etc – first, and that Pompeo was waiting on that. If he (say) jumped the gun previosuy he would end up in front of Congessional committess answering for his actions, at the very least.

    Noel –

    Clearly he does get to make formal judgements, and people will listen if it triggers new conditions and restrictions around how Americans can deal with the CCP. These things usually do.

  12. Even if that was true it is wrong to throw this bomb into Chinese-American relations in your last hours.

    Utterly gutless, reckless.

    Leave it to the administration that has to deal with China as of 21 hours from now.

    Patrick is the Baghdad Bob of ATW.

  13. Yeah and I’m sure you believe that Pete. The timing is just pure coincidence nothing else. How could it be ?

    This is more like the pub landlord who does nothing about an intimidating gang of drug dealers for years in the venue and then, just as he hands over the lease to the new owner, decides to inform the police, leaving the new guy to cope with the consequences.

  14. Trump administration was far from perfect, but it executed the best Foreign Policy since WWII.

  15. Why?
    Report: Biden Institute Donor List to Remain Secret

  16. In terms of not starting new unnecessary military conflicts it deserves credit, yes.

  17. No new military action, renegotiation of trade deals, rebuild of NATO, strongest sanctions on Russia ever, NK stopped testing missiles and bombs, and Peace between the Jews and half the ME.

    Just to name a few.

  18. Colm –

    What if the new guy (can’t we speak English?) had exhorted the landlord to report the drug dealers to the police in the first place?

    Look, Phantom, Colm and the rest of you commies, Peking is the genuine, genocidal real deal. It compares with the National Socialists, the Soviet Union, the Khmer Rouge and their old chum Mao.

    I understand your cynicism but the CCP is so evil that all pushback against it is welcome, at anytime, from whoever is doing it.

    You really need to think about things if you qualify or grumble about any anti-CCP actions.

  19. no CCP good guys…..

  20. Bring back Mao Tse Tung 🙂

  21. The French want more Americans to die for them in the Middle East…..

    BREST, France (AP) — French President Emmanuel Macron hoped on Tuesday that U.S. President-elect Joe Biden will show a greater military commitment to fight against Islamic extremists in several theaters of conflict and especially in the Middle East.

    F the French!

  22. You were rooting for a US attack on Iran, so that Americans would die to make Bibi happy

  23. Pompeo is obviously running for the 2024 nomination but there is a simple reason that he delayed this genocide announcement until now. It’s because Trump supported the genocide.

    We have it on Bolton’s authority that Trump encouraged Xi Jinping to go ahead with it during his state visit to China in 2019 and it’s notable that none of Trump’s many tweets attacking China have referred to it even once. So Pompeo couldn’t come out with this until his last day at the office.

  24. Phantom, on January 19th, 2021 at 9:21 PM Said: Edit Comment
    You were rooting for a US attack on Iran, so that Americans would die to make Bibi happy

    No a comparison would be if I urged the Jews to go kill the Iranians for us…..

    The French want to sit home eat runny cheese. drink wine and criticize everyone while they sell arms under the table to the very people they want us to fight.

    I on the other hand want us to Bomb Iran before they bomb us and everyone else starting with the Jews…. I see Iran as a threat to us….. and we should sort them out before they make NYC glow in the dark…. and not from the night life.

    These people want a nuclear weapon to use NOT as a deterrent and your boy Biden will help them get one.