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Failed President Never Even Tried

By Phantom On January 20th, 2021

Tomorrow,.Donald Trump and his third wife will slither out of town.

There will be no courteous transfer of power, none of one of the best of American national traditions. All has been bitterness, and bitterness will be all that remains for him.

His is a failed presidency. There is no getting around it.

He grossly mismanaged the challenge of the virus, and that caused terrible damage to the economy. There was a net gain of jobs in the administrations of Carter, Reagan, Bush One, Clinton, Bush Two and Obama. And a net loss of jobs under Trump. That’s all on him.

It would take all night to discuss the other failures, including the divisions that he always sought to worsen, the alliances that he damaged, and the insurrection that he sparked, by traitors seeking to overthrow democracy in his name.

The only positive coming out of the past four years is that we have proof that the state and national checks and balances are very strong.

We have had a president who was utterly unqualified, who never tried to do a good job, but we’re still here.

May God bless America.

62 Responses to “Failed President Never Even Tried”

  1. Cant say fairer than that Phantom. A neat summary.

  2. Well said Phantom. The schmuck was easily the worst president since Warren Harding and a worse crook than Nixon. He had zero respect for the office or the constitution and did his best to destroy them both with his attempted putch.

    His obvious character flaws made him totally unfit for that office and this was obvious to Cruz and most of the GOP lawmakers during the primaries in 2016. The shame is that when he won the nomination they all decided to enable him and no matter how bad he got they refused to condemn him. Most of them then backed his attempt to reverse the election result after 4 November and this culminated with Cruz and Hawley prostituting themselves in the Senate after the rioters were evicted.

    Trump corrupted everything he touched and everyone who worked for him. He pushed the constitution to breaking point after the election, but fortunately there were enough people of integrity like the election official in Georgia who refused to be corrupted. Otherwise his attempt could well have succeeded. There will need to be reforms to prevent ths shameful episode ever being repeated.

  3. That was an absolutely brilliant summary of the trump presidency Phantom.
    I am also pleased to see, that unlike that coward Patrick, you actually allowed comments.
    Isn’t it funny how those who complain the most about free speech, are the ones who threatened to ban others, and try to limit their free speech.

  4. LMAO….. you could have summed your 4+ years of TDS better than that…..

    but the tell tale drip of foam on the corner of your mouth tells me that just as with Obama everything that went wrong was Bush’s fault everything for at least the next 4yrs including the weather the bile of TDS will still spew forth.

    The one thing I hated about this PAST President was the way he twisted once intelligent people into festering boils of bile totally unable to process anything but visceral hate. It has been a sad thing to witness and frustratingly useless to try and breakthrough their emotional hate.

    We shall see how permanently your hate has scarred you.

  5. Obama inherited a falling knife economy and turned it around into more many more net jobs

    Trump inherited a rising economy and drove it off a cliff, with significant fewer jobs than when he took office,

    You dead Enders will never explain that away.

    He wasn’t interested in doing the work , never wanted to serve, and never did,

  6. lol…. no sign of healing yet….. lol

  7. You dead Enders will never explain that away.

    Us “Dead Enders” will state the truth it was the best economy and jobs for 3yrs until the Democrats killed the economy over a fake Pandemic.

  8. thats like saying bush 2 had a great economy for 6.5 years

    If turnip had the best economy for 3 years it was only because he inherited the 2nd best economy

    And just like his casinos he ruined it all

  9. thats like saying bush 2 had a great economy for 6.5 years

    6….. then Pelosi took hold of the purse….. and f’d it up.

  10. I love that pic…. looks like he’s smelling a ripe one….

  11. He looks like some ones grumpy uncle ready to start yelling get off my lawn

  12. It’s the look of a baby just about to start screaming and throwing its toys out of the pram, which is of course exactly how he behaved after last Nov 4th.

    Whatever policy merits Patrick may believe his administration accomplished doesn’t alter the fact that his personal immature and genuinely corrupting behaviour as explained so succinctly by Peter in his 1:04am comment proves that as an individual he was unfit for the office he held. The one saving grace is that as reflected in his broadcast yesterday he seems slowly to be coming to terms with his loss in a slightly better way than the ranting angry liar he has been for most of the last two months since the election.

  13. It is not an exaggeration to say that the US has been something of an international laughing stock for the past four years. Trump was uniquely unqualified to be president.

    One Term Donny will be remembered variously as an imbecile and a dangerous usurper inciting insurrection. I think the former is more where it’s at.

    It’s worth noting that this has been an era of profound irrationality and misinformation. It’s like everybody has morphed into raging post-modernists who can have ‘their own truth’, regardless of the objective reality. That is unlikely to simply end. There will be headbangers talking about ‘the steal’ and ‘fake pandemics’ for some time.

  14. The election of a complete idiot in 2016 was a cry of despair more than It was anything else.

    And that’s a great damnation of the. Democratic Party.

    The Democrats should have won a massive victory this time, after the catastrophic four years we have seen. But they didn’t win by a lot.

    Biden leads a party that much of the country wants no part of, a party that would likely have lost if the a Republicans had a decent candidate.

    “ It’s the economy stupid “ said Carville. But there’s no fixing the economy until the feds and the public act as they should against the virus. It’s the virus, stupid. Start right there.

  15. Morning Lil Wayne fans.

    There will be no courteous transfer of power, none of one of the best of American national traditions.

    They courteously transferred power after secretly putting the FBI onto him, his campaign, Flynn and his team. Then they spent four years claimimg that Russia elected him and that he’s illegitimate.

    Trump could never have risen to those standards of courtesy.

    And a net loss of jobs under Trump.

    Lockdowns have consequences. You wanted lockdowns. You got your lockdowns across much of the country. Don’t go blaming the man who delivered record low unemployment for blacks for that. While you were moaning your 401K was doing alright.

    Such a dishonest post. Sad!

  16. Deutsche Bank has now ended all business with former president Trump. Apparently he still owes them 300 million USD.

    OK, he’s been squeezing the hard-earned pennies out of his benighted supporters since November (“to fund lawsuits against fraud and restore democracy”, yeah, sure) and pocketing all the readies he can get his wee mitts on, but that will still hardly cover DB’s demands.

    Mr. Trump is such a failure.

  17. The lockdowns could have been brief and in the past if we had done more of the right things.

    But we didn’t, and the leader set a terrible personal example, his guidance was wrong.

    His lack of leadership on virus is the major proximate cause of all our economic problems. Not a debatable point.

    And trade fights with generally fair trading friends added costs and created more job losses. Such as Harley Davidson moving some jobs to Europe, as the result of Trump policies

  18. Phantom, on January 20th, 2021 at 11:52 AM Said:
    The election of a complete idiot in 2016 was a cry of despair more than It was anything else.

    And that’s a great damnation of the. Democratic Party.

    The Democrats should have won a massive victory this time, after the catastrophic four years we have seen. But they didn’t win by a lot.

    Correct. I don’t think they’ve learned the lessons. We will see a Trump-endorsed candidate emerge victorious 4 years from now?! I wouldn’t write it off.

  19. “We have had a president who was utterly unqualified, who never tried to do a good job, but we’re still here.”

    So unqualified he failed to topple any regimes and start any wars, getting American Servicemen killed in the process. Gawd, what a loser.


    Thank you President Trump for your service to your country.

  20. Mark B — You’re not wrong. Not dropping bombs on people is a good thing, and One Term Donny is entitled to some credit for that.

  21. the Democrats killed the economy over a fake Pandemic.

    Beyond pathetic in the week that US deaths have passed 400,000.

    And then they stole the election, right Patrick?

  22. Beyond pathetic in the week that US deaths have passed 400,000.

    Yep. This chat puts Patrick firmly in the Alex Jones column.

  23. Pete and Pat have been firmly in the Alex Jones camp for some time. They’re embarrassed about it, they pretend to not be in it, but they’re very big conspiracy guys

    The right in America generally has tilted way over to conspiracy and anti factual world views.

    This, along with disease, unemployment and social fracture is the Trump legacy.

  24. You could write a book about the ‘stop the steal’ silliness. People seeing the truth in front of their eyes, but opting for ‘alternative facts’.

  25. As soon as someone refers to the ‘fake pandemic’ continued debate with them is pointless. People can of course have many many different views on how to deal with it but to claim there is no pandemic is not just unarguably false, its embarrassing to even acknowledge it as a debatable point.

  26. I know some of the stolen election people personally

    They pass around stolen election memes on social media all day

    One such “ funny “ comment offers belated congratulations to Lance Armstrong for winning the Tour De France and to Biden for winning the election.

    I asked them how do they know that the vote was stolen, and they say “ dead people voted “ etc . I asked them how did they know that, and they get really annoyed.

  27. Before anyone says it, yes it was also wrong for people to say that Bush stole the election in 2000.

  28. Conspiracy theories and fake news have always been with us but the open nature of the modern internet and the sheer volume of ‘stuff’ available to us all magnifies the phenomenon. The ‘Stop the steal’ believers aren’t the only example of it but they just happen to be the most prominent at this moment. Its a belief system based not on evidence but by the sheer number of times you hear the same claims. Something is true because I keep hearing it’s true therefore it must be.

  29. Yes, correct

    I had many arguments over that

    Florida was agonizingly close, but Busch won fair and square

    Some Dems still say that the election was stolen or that the Supreme Court did a wrong thing

  30. Petr

    Yes the 2000 election was decided by a judgement on the validity of a genuine small number of actual contested ballot papers in one state where there were physical imperfections in them that made the challenge to their validity possible. The Supreme Court could not get the Democrat and Republican teams to agree a procedure for how to record these ballots so had to make a decision one way or the other. Its an entirely different situation to the current one which is based on nothing more substantial than a vague “We can’t accept the national result”

  31. Worth noting that baseless accusations of election cheating have been doing the rounds for some time in the alternative facts media. We shouldn’t be surprised where it led.


  32. And again, Trump accused Ted Cruz of stealing the 2016 Iowa caucus, which was also a complete lie.

    He told his people that any election that he lost was theft, and unfortunately many believed it

    As the bad man said, if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a very big one. Because many people are far more likely to believe a big lie than a small one.

  33. The “stolen election” lie was also doing the rounds before November 2016. Trump claimed many times in that campaign that if he lost it could only be due to vote stealing and the claim was of course amplified by his pal Alex Jones. After his victory he refused to accept that he had lost the popular vote and made half-hearted attempts to “investigate” it.

  34. except this election wasn’t just stolen it was also unconstitutional…..

  35. Trump didn’t expect to win in 2016 and was laying the ground for a ‘stop the steal’ grift well in advance. Journalists put it to him that perhaps the system wasn’t so rotten after all, since he won fair and square and nobody was claiming otherwise. He never answer that one..

  36. The courts don’t think it was unconstitutional now do they

    All the judges in the USA are in on a conspiracy?

  37. Patrick

    Did Trump tell the truth when he said that Ted Cruz stole the 2016 Iowa caucus?

    Was there any reason for anyone to believe that?

    Be as specific as you like.

  38. It’s fair to say that Russia overshadowed Trump’s term from start to finish. First off, it helped his election campaign. Trump was quite explicit in July 2016:

    “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing,” he told a press conference in Florida. As it turned out Russia was indeed listening. That evening a group of hackers working for GRU military intelligence returned after-hours to their office in central Moscow. They tried to break into the accounts of senior Clinton aides, unsuccessfully. A rival spy agency once headed by Putin, the FSB, launched its own electronic attacks. Across 2016 the Russians ran an aggressive and multifaceted operation to help Donald Trump win. In spring the GRU stole tens of thousands of Democratic party emails, including from Clinton’s campaign chief John Podesta. These were fed to WikiLeaks and given to reporters via a GRU persona, Guccifer 2.0.

    Meanwhile trolls working out of St Petersburg launched an unprecedented anti-Clinton social media operation. The Russians – employed by Putin’s ally Yevgeny Prigozhin – impersonated Americans, organised pro-Trump rallies, and even hired an actor to dress up as Clinton and sit in a cage.”


  39. Then in January 2017 came the Steele Dossier. This was given fresh life by a Senate report in August 2020:

    “During the 2016 campaign there were swirling rumours concerning Trump and Moscow. No media outlet could quite stand them up, but the topic burst into the public domain in January 2017 when BuzzFeed published a dossier by the former MI6 officer Christopher Steele, commissioned by the Democratic party. It would torment Trump for the rest of his presidency. The dossier alleged the Kremlin had been cultivating Trump for five years at least. It claimed Putin’s spies had collected kompromat, secretly filming Trump and two sex workers inside the Ritz-Carlton hotel during his 2013 visit to Moscow for the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

    Trump vehemently denied the seedy allegations. He and his Republican supporters on Capitol Hill and within the Justice Department sought to discredit its British author and to out his sources. Steele was a “failed spy” and “lowlife”, and collusion allegations a “witch-hunt” and a “hoax”, Trump insisted….

    In August 2020 the Senate intelligence committee published its own Trump-Russia report. It said Manafort’s willingness to pass confidential material to Kilimnik was a “grave counter-intelligence threat”. And it gave some credence to Steele’s Moscow allegations, noting that an FSB officer was stationed inside the Ritz-Carlton hotel. Putin’s spy had a live video feed from guests’ bedrooms, the report said.”


  40. I hope that we put Trump firmly in the rear view mirror in a few weeks time.

    We need to start working on the country’s problems.

  41. I wonder if Patty is a “fake pandemic” / “stop the steal” person?

  42. She would definitely be a stop the steal type.

    I hope that she wouldn’t be a ” plandemic ” truther – that would be really disappointing.

    I know a couple of people who were spreading that video around.

  43. I listened to Trumps farewell speech at the Maryland air base earlier and yes although it contained some boasting, it was fairly reasonable and even somewhat positive towards the new Administration (although he still couldn’t mention Biden by name). Its a pity he hadn’t made more tempered speeches in recent months.

  44. Smallest man in the world.

    He should have reached out to Biden, not for Biden’s sake, but for the nation’s sake.

    Biden now should not do any payback or equivalent mean spirited gestures of any kind.

    There must be a reaching out to the nation as a whole, not just to the Dem base.

  45. Biden has conducted himself in a particular way recently which has been quite restrained. I don’t see him name checking Trump at all. There’s every chance he will never utter Trump’s name. That would be the wise approach, IMO.

  46. We reach the end of a particularly awful four years.

    The goal should be to try to recreate the collegiality that to some extent existed during the Reagan / Tip O’Neill times. There was a friendship there, and they agreed to fight whatever battles needed to be fought during the day, but to resume the friendship at 5pm each day.

    When Reagan was shot, Tip O’Neill visited him at the hospital, went down on his knees and prayed for his full recovery.

    We have strayed very far from those days. And not all the blame is on the Republican side at all.

    I have seen comments from a number of Dems who have cut off family and friends who supported their opponents. I won’t do anything like that. We need to do the opposite of that if we are to arrive at a better place, one that we were in not that long ago.

  47. There’s every chance he will never utter Trump’s name. That would be the wise approach, IMO.


    That may be a justified approach but it wouldn’t be wise. Just because Trump won’t name him doesn’t mean he should copy the same tactic. Indeed he should do the reverse. It doesn’t have to be an effusive tribute which would look phoney, but in his acceptance speech he should simply thank by name the living ex presidents who have served in office and just include the name of the President who has just departed the office. It would demonstrate to Americans and the world very much that he is a very different character.

  48. Yes.

  49. That’s a fair point and I have no issue with it. I was thinking more in the weeks, months, and years ahead. No matter how much sniping Trump engages in, Biden should completely ignore him.

  50. Yes.

    Be a magnanimous leader – an anti Trump – with a laser focus on fixing the major problems.

    I think that there is a great hunger for such an approach, and that he could very quickly get much of the bipartisan support that is needed.

    And, of course – no comment on putting political opponents in jail, none of that sort of thing. Presidents should never do that.

  51. Petr

    Yes I agree with your 4.14pm comment.

  52. I was listening to a podcast lately and someone was making the point that there was a great opportunity for Trump to rebuild American infrastructure: highways, rail, bridges etc. Much of it is in poor repair and it would be the most popular policy ever. Expensive, but popular, and vitally, considered worth it by the broad public if done right.

    Trump after all was the construction guy, the guy who gets things built.

    He was great on twitter, but he really wasn’t up for the work — a trait which Covid brought into sharp focus, for it was yet another opportunity for him to show himself to be the project manager extraordinaire.

    Trump was a lazy president.

  53. At the end of the day, the American people will be the judge of whether trump was a good or bad president. But he obviously couldn’t have been that good, because he’s been voted out after one term. Time to look to the future now, and let’s just hope that Joe Biden is the man that many Americans believe he is.

    But as I did last time, I wish our American cousins all the best for the future.

    I noticed my prediction about him failing on his promise to build a wall came true.


  54. Trump supporters said MAGA in 2016 and they are still saying MAGA. So on Trump’s own silly slogan, he demonstrably failed.

    They’ll still be saying MAGA next week, next month, and next year, with no idea how silly they sound. They had four years to do it. But their guy tweeted instead.

  55. Petr

    That is literally true.

    Trump had no attention to detail, and he was lazy. Much of his time was spent watching TV for hours during the day. If they had taken his twitter away in 2017, he may have peformed a little better.

    He a brander, not a builder. He has built very little in private life over the past 25 years. There was a lot of selling his name for use on projects built by others in Chicago, foreign countries, etc.

    We need someone who gets stuff done. Let’s see if Biden has it in him.

  56. I found this interesting:


    Trumps biggest lies.

  57. I’ve never watched an inauguration before. It’s quite a gig!

  58. A friend from Texas resident in NYC drove down for Obama’s Inauguration. She was far away, but it was one of the memorable moments of her life.

  59. Yes, it is quite a spectacle. Not that I’ve been watching during working hours.

  60. Of course you haven’t Petr. I’m sure none of us have 🙂

  61. Perish the thought.

  62. Of course you haven’t Petr. I’m sure none of us have 🙂

    I watched it during working hours. I had to give myself a right bollocking for it.