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By Pete Moore On January 20th, 2021

Priti Patel says the UK should have closed its borders in March 2020 in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a video call obtained by Guido Fawkes, the home secretary told Tory supporters she was an “advocate” of closing the borders 10 months ago.

If only she held one of the primary offices of state and could have done something about it. Our band of racists and xenophobes who advocated closing the borders – me, President Trump, Jacinda Ardern, Australia and the civilised parts of the Orient – had a secret fan in the Cabinet. That ship sailed nearly a year ago. In the meantime maybe she’s consider closing the English Channel?

(I love how the BBC hates Guido Fawkes but is suddenly happy to link to him when Priti Patel has been caught out.)

15 Responses to “PRITI PATEL READS ATW”

  1. Patel is clearly positioning herself for a run for the leadership when the Tories decide it’s time to knife Johnson, which could be as soon as this year. Such lack of gratitude, given that he should have sacked her for her repeated bullying of staff as per the report a few months ago. Usually when you break the ministerial code you are forced to resign, but not in this government of serial rule-breakers.

    Her problem is that the Tory membership now includes at least 50,000 UKIP infiltrators from 2018-19. It’s hard to imagine these Faragistes voting for a female of Asian extraction to become Britain’s PM. In fact, make that impossible.

  2. Did you want to close the borders or did you want to stop flights from China?

    Big difference, esp since the virus likely came to you from Italy.

  3. Phantom –

    I wanted both. I still want both. ALright, I’d let some foreigners in, but China needs to be strangled by the civilised world. No-one in, no-one out.

    Peter –

    Under Farage UKIP was the least racist and most (classically) liberal of parties. Your habit of forming political opinions based on what you think someone’s character is like leads you to make some daft statements.

  4. Pete

    So it wasn’t Farage who stoked fears of immigration in the Brexit referendum with his posters of crowds of refugees in Europe and claimed that Turkey was about to join the EU? And who used immigration as his number one argument throught the campaign and the years leading up to it? And who talked about England becoming “unrecognisable”?

    My mistake then.

  5. No Peter. It was The Guardian which plastered that photo across its front page well before Farage used it as a poster. Don’t go clutching your pearls for effect.

    But what’s wrong about “fears of immigration”?. All decent, sensible people fear millions of immigrants swamping their homeland, attacking their womenfolk and draining their treasuries. It’s the survival instinct. It’s blood and family. We do not exist to serve foreigners who want to come here. Our ancestors bequeathed their countrries to us, their kin, not robbers and rapits from far off lands.

    And who talked about England becoming “unrecognisable”?

    Millions of people! Are you on drugs now? Everyone with a pair of eyes can see full well how much England has changed, and totally for the worst thanks to the catastrophe of mass immigration.

  6. It was The Guardian which plastered that photo across its front page well before Farage used it as a poster.

    I’ll tke your word for that Pete, but obviously The Guardian used it to highlight the refugee problem in Europe. Farage used it to serve his political ends.

    There is no problem with controlling immigration. Only extreme libertarian nutters believe in open borders. But Farage (and Gove) lied about Turkey joining the EU in order to stoke fears. They both knew there wasn’t a cat in hell’s chance of that happening. It was what you might call a Big Lie.

  7. There have been comments by EU members over the years that have not slammed any door for Turkey barging into the EU

    And lefties can believe in open borders too. They heard ” Imagine ” in high school and think that they’re onto something.

  8. You can take my word for it, Peter. The top photo was plastered across the front page of The Guardian well before Farage used it.


    Only extreme libertarian nutters believe in open borders.

    Far more on the left believe in no borders. It’s virtually left wing dogma now.

  9. It’s virtually left wing dogma now.

    No it’s not Pete. As it happens, Labour formally abandoned its policy of restoring freedom of movement with the EU this week. And let’s not forget that a lot of big corporations just love importing cheap labour to keep wages down. That’s been true in the USA and the UK as well. And in its UK guise it was a major cause of the Brexit vote.

  10. And lefties can believe in open borders too.

    Yes Phantom, I think the Dems have a few Congress members of that persuasion.

  11. “There have been comments by EU members over the years that have not slammed any door for Turkey barging into the EU”

    Every single member state of the EU has a veto over Turkish membership. And in order to even be able to be voted on Turkey has to meet certain conditions. So when the Brexiteers stated that Turkish membership was a possibility (despite the UK government at the time having a veto on the subject) never mind Turkish membership being imminent they were in fact lying.

  12. At least three EU members are guaranteed to veto Turkey for the forseeable future and a few more are likely to join them if there is ever a vote, which itself is very hard to see for at least this decade.

  13. As long as the partition and occupation of Cyprus continues then Turkish membership is impossible. Even if every single requirement for EU membership was met then Turkey still wouldn’t be able to join while occupying Northern Cyprus.

    I’d also say that Atatürk’s Turkey had a chance of EU membership. Erdoğan’s Turkey doesn’t.

  14. Another wannabe PM making her bid when Johnson is finally ousted. She needs reminding that even the woeful and risk adverse Theresa May MP booted out some people, albeit the wrong people, when she was Home Secretary.

  15. Priti is right on this occasion though. In fact at the beginning of the pandemic last February as it became clear the virus was starting to migrate around the world a concerted international agreement by all countries should have been speedily implemented to severely reduce all international travel without being seen as a ‘punishment’ but as a sensible albeit harsh and hugely impacting procedure to at least minimise the ability of the virus to swarm around the planet. If they had all done that and then concentrated on dealing with halting the spread of the virus internally in each country the world might have been in a much better place today.