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For those who follow Polls

By Patrick Van Roy On January 21st, 2021

28 Responses to “For those who follow Polls”

  1. There was no organised mass fraud to ‘steal’ the election from Trump. An election was held and Trump was defeated. That is what happened. That’s all. The courts were presented with no credible evidence justifying any interventions or rulings to prevent the ratifications. Neither Dubious polls nor any amount of gullible people believing lies changes the facts.

  2. He will spend the rest of his days doing this.

  3. it was stolen….. nothing will change that.

  4. I know – But over the last few days here its a different story when others have mentioned Trump, Patrick has said “Get over him, he’s gone, lets talk about Biden now”

  5. Patrick

    You are almost right. There was an attempt to steal it, by Trump and his supporters, but they failed !

  6. That Big Lie is what caused the storming of the Capitol by the Trump Mob , and all that happened there.

    Repeating it a billion times doesn’t make it true.

    Shame on you for repeating it. No one is impressed by this.

  7. “it was stolen….. nothing will change that.”

    you believe that it was stolen… nothing will change that.

    which is unfortunate. and a great many trumpers will think the same, despite the complete lack of evidence that it was stolen.

    trump did try to steal the election, but was thwarted.

  8. first off the post ain’t about Trump…. unless he starts his own party or anything else major as far as I’m concerned he did a good job, and now he’s Gone Biden is President.

    The election was stolen, fraud was committed on a massive level and until the entire system is revamped at the Federal Level you will continue to see posts in regard to the vote.

    The only peaceful way to achieve change is through the vote and our system has been proven to have zero integrity.

    get used to it….. and let go of your TDS.

  9. first off the post ain’t about Trump

    so which election was stolen?

  10. Pat is saying that Ted Cruz stole the 2016 Iowa caucus

    Trump said it so it must be true

    Jail Ted Cruz!!

  11. The only peaceful way to achieve change is through the vote and our system has been proven to have zero integrity.

    We had a peaceful election where more people than ever before voted. That was fantastic news. Unfortunately the losing candidate refused to accept the will of the people and encouraged Congress to overthrow the election result and install him as the winner. Thankfully Congress resisted the rhetoric and the mob violence and confirmed the true result. Numerous politicians, election officials and judges, including many Republicans, confirmed that the elections were fair and transparent. Those who say the election was stolen are a mixture of conspiracy believers and sore losers.

  12. If Ted Cruz rigged the vote arrest him……

    The vote is crooked, it needs to be revamped. FO you can stay infected like the rest with TDS, but this issue is not about Trump.

  13. fraud was committed on a massive level

    Do you have proof of that Patrick ? – everyone asks

    Patrick will respond not with any proof but just by repeating the claim, and that’s all we will get. Repeat, rinse and repeat.

  14. You never said this before you discovered Trump and he gave his vote fraud revelations from the top of Trump Tower

    It is a sacrilege against Trump to say it’s not about Trump

    This entire Fake News is from Trump/Hannity/Tucker Carlson/OAN/Newsmax

  15. but this issue is not about Trump.

    You claim an election (involving Trump) was stolen. Trump is the candidate who insists that the election was stolen. How is this not about Trump?

  16. Yes, and why didn’t the dastardly election stealing varmints not manage to keep the Republicans from doing well in the House elections?

    Pretty inefficient if you aks me

  17. Its virtually pointless continuing to debate this. Its like debating whether the moon is made of cheese. Yes, you might find one person (a Patrick ?) willing to argue the case for the edible moon, but no-one else would consider it a worthy exchange of considered possibilities. Donald Trump did not win the election. Everybody knows that, and yes I do mean everybody. There is a credible argument to be made for improving the security and validity of ballots procedures in all the States , but not one for the singular claim that Trump legitimately won more EC votes than Biden and a huge planned high level fraud was implemented to turn it over to Biden.

  18. I won’t clutter with a separate post.

    But this joint appearance by Clinton Bush and Obama shows the best of America.

    They congratulate Biden on his win, in a free and fair election, and ask -everybody- to reach out to their neighbor, regardless of political views.

  19. //Its virtually pointless continuing to debate this. Its like debating whether the moon is made of cheese. //

    Exactly, Colm, nice to see you come around.

    So just sit back, click on this, go to full screen and enjoy to the very end.



  20. Pretty clever stuff Noel, Now all we need is Elton John to re-release his ‘Goodbye’ Marilyn/Diana weepie tribute… even though this time its for a blond bombshell who’s only suffered a political death 🙂

  21. Since we’re back on Trump, here’s a great article which names him as the worst president in US history. His oath bound him to “faithfully execute the office” and “preserve, protect and defend the constitution”. He broke both undertakings on numerous occacions, but worst of all in the period between 4 November 2020 and 6 January 2021. He should never be forgiven or excused for that, not ever:

    “Trump was a serial violator of his oath—as evidenced by his continual use of his office for personal financial gain—but focusing on three crucial ways in which he betrayed it helps clarify his singular historical status. First, he failed to put the national-security interests of the United States ahead of his own political needs. Second, in the face of a devastating pandemic, he was grossly derelict, unable or unwilling to marshal the requisite resources to save lives while actively encouraging public behavior that spread the disease. And third, held to account by voters for his failures, he refused to concede defeat and instead instigated an insurrection, stirring a mob that stormed the Capitol…

    Trump, too, put his political prospects ahead of any sense of duty. As a candidate, Trump openly appealed to Russia to steal his opponent’s emails. Then, as Russia dumped hacked emails from her campaign chair, he seized on the pilfered materials to suggest wrongdoing and amplified Russian disinformation efforts…

    Heading into January 6, 2021, when Congress would ritually certify the election, Trump knew that he lacked the Electoral College votes to win or the congressional votes to prevent certification. He had only two cards left to play—neither one of which was consistent with his oath. He pushed Vice President Mike Pence to use his formal constitutional role as the play-by-play announcer of the count to unconstitutionally obstruct it, sending it back to the states for recertification. Meanwhile, to maintain pressure on Pence and Republicans in Congress, he gathered some of his most radicalized followers on the Mall and pointed the way to the Capitol, where the electoral count was about to begin. When Pence refused to exceed his constitutional authority, Trump unleashed his mob. He clearly wanted the count to be disrupted.

    On January 6, Trump’s legacy was on a knife’s edge. Trump likely knew Pence’s intentions when he began to speak to the mob. He knew that the vice president would disappoint his hopes. In riling up the mob and sending it down Pennsylvania Avenue, he was imperiling the safety of his vice president and members of Congress. If there was any doubt that he was willing to countenance violence to get his way, it disappeared in the face of the president’s long inaction, as he sat in the White House watching live footage of the spreading assault.”




    It is!
    And an impressive amount of skill went into making that.

  23. But this joint appearance by Clinton Bush and Obama shows the best of America.

    That was excellent Phantom, thanks for posting.
    My opinion of Bush has gone up after watching that.

  24. Im still a bit dissapointed Biden didn’t mention Trump in his speech yesterday when he called out the names of all the living ex Presidents. It would have been graceful and classy to have included him.

  25. GW Bush is a good Christian man who never should have been president.

    I like him.

  26. Now it’s the first week so I understand that even if some of you do recover from TDS it will take time. In some of your cases the damage may be permanent.

    Voter fraud is nothing new it just hadn’t happened on this scale in a 100 years but it has which is why there were procedures and precedents already on the books that should have been followed but weren’t.

    Trying to deflect the issue, deny the issue, or the ridiculous claim “we’re following Trump’s Orders” isn’t going to make the issue go away or discredit it.

  27. Colm

    Come on.

    Trump had just set his people out to demolish the government and to stop an election ratification. His mob killed people, very close to the spot where Biden was standing.

    Mentioning Trump would have been a super-human accomplishment.

  28. Come on Patrick, surely you mean worst fraud in a 1,000 years. If you are gonna make a random claim you may as well go big 🙂


    Trump is still officially the previous lawfully elected holder of that office. If Trump wasn’t prepared to acknowledge the transfer of power, Biden should still have, regardless of what he thought of his predecessor.