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By Pete Moore On January 21st, 2021

That’s a Biden bonus. The World Health Organisation gave him an inauguration gift yesterday by basically admitting to a large number of false positives from PCR testing. Some people have been saying for months that high Ct thresholds are returning false positives. Even the New York Times has reported false positives as high as 90 per cent.

We don’t have a pandemic. We have a casedemic. Flu has largely dropped off the rader this year. Maybe what’s called Covid in many cases is actually flu passed off by enormous numbers of false positives from PCR tests.


  1. We don’t have a pandemic. We have a casedemic.

    We have 400,000 deaths in the USA and 100,000 in the UK. And our hospitals are overflowing. That’s not a “casedemic”.

  2. There would be very few doctors and nurses who agree with the truthers of ATW.

    They are terribly stressed, and not a few of them in all of our countries are angry at the significant numbers of the public who are still reckless.

  3. We don’t have a pandemic. We have a casedemic.

    What is it about the definition of Pandemic that’s so hard to understand?


    (of a disease) prevalent over a whole country or the world.

    Seeing as Covid is on every continent, I’d say it qualifies.

    Flu has largely dropped off the rader this year. Maybe what’s called Covid in many cases is actually flu passed off by enormous numbers of false positives from PCR tests.

    Or maybe the extreme measures being taken to combat Covid, such as isolation, distancing and masks have reduced the number of cases of the much less infectious flu virus.

  4. Covid is clearly a serious and real threat and is not the same as flu. There is a real debate to be had around the accuracy of Covid tests but its daft to spoil the legitimacy of such concerns by using them to flag ‘fake pandemic’ falsehoods.

  5. O/T

    Hello all.

    You may have noticed that I’ve been absent from ATW for the last few weeks, that’s because I’ve made the decision to leave the site. ATW was once a pleasure to debate, discuss and just shoot the breeze over a wide range of issues encompassing European, US and wider global politics with music, religion, sport and issues such as economics, immigration and whatever you’re having yourself, with some of the personal highlights for me being the (often quite animated) discussions involving Irish history and politics with passionate and authentic (and sometimes quite animated) unionist voices. Even when fuckhead trolls like ‘Logical’ Unionist came along tolerating him was worth the wider exchanges

    For a while now we’ve been lamenting the slow decline of ATW and for quite a while now the content of the site seems to be more about personal insults and clashing personalities than discussing issues. This is added also to the quality of the blog threads with the simple fact that ATW is now largely a two ring circus with the transatlantic circus masters seemingly not having any real regard for accuracy or fact with the result being that ATW now seems to be nothing more than an extension of Twitter and the crude propaganda sites that many of its thread subjects are taken from. Usually these claims were completely demolished inside half a dozen comments with the retort usually being along the lines of ‘that’s what I believe’ or ‘(insert number) squillion berillion Americans believe that’ – opinion, baseless claims and conspiracy now has the currency and equivalence of fact and accuracy in the now ATW alternative facts universe.

    For me however the ATW death knell was the incredible dishonesty and egotism surrounding Seimigate and the lengthy rancorous diatribe which followed. The acrimony and bitterness in the exchanges was tangible and I found myself becoming embittered as a result of them, that’s not me and it’s certainly not the person I want to be . The straw that broke the camel’s back was the disgraceful events of US democracy being stormed and the nonchalant ‘nothing to see here’ double standards and untruthfulness so I decided to take Pat at his ‘if you don’t like it you know what to do’ and I left. It was a big decision and if I’m honest I don’t think that I’ll be back to ATW in the absence of a seismic change.

    I also decided to take Phantom at his ‘blogs are easy to do’ word too and Seimi and myself got together and created our own blog. It’s still a work in progress and may seem pretty amateurish but hopefully we can learn and improve on the job. The idea is to discuss topics in the original, warm virtual bar format and ALL ATWers are invited to participate. Indeed, I would hope that it would be a home from home of many of the regulars here but be warned, balls and bullshit will be brutally called out for what it is and bitchy cat fighting won’t be tolerated at all – we’ve got the keys to our house now and it’s meant as a meeting place where discussion and disagreement can take place amicably, you are entitled to freedom of speech, your opinion and to debate it robustly, you’re not entitled to your own alternative facts nor insults and those not playing by the rules will be warned then ejected.

    It’s called ‘Whistling In The Wind’ (inspired by a Petr comment here on ATW), and the link is.


    And everyone’s welcome.

  6. I am leaving ATW with a somewhat heavy heart. I have thoroughly enjoyed myself here over the years, but really, that was because David was in control and ultimately had the last word over things. I had the pleasure of meeting him on two occasions and, although we are unlikely to ever really agree politically, I found him to be a decent, friendly, courteous human being: someone I would gladly meet up with again.
    The decline of the site has been remarked upon by almost every regular. The sad thing is that nothing – absolutely nothing – has been done to remedy that. Sure, we have all been told that big changes are coming – but we have been told this for months now, and the only changes have been an increase in threats, anger and bile, and a decrease in credibility, integrity and honesty. Three of the site’s four remaining commentors with posting rights seem to be content to post the most ludicrous lies and conspiracy theories. As someone who believes in truth, I have found it impossible to remain silent, and increasingly difficult to remain.
    We have all been told here, by those who call themselves ‘management’, that if we leave, as sad as that might be, in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t really matter. The site will continue, with or without its current stock of regulars. This is an incredible statement to make, and one which, I’m pretty sure, David was and possibly is, unaware of. I cannot believe someone of his integrity would be this cold towards people who have supported him for years. It comes as no surprise whatsoever that the person who made the statement, made it in the first place.
    By the way – I asked for my email address to be passed on to Colm and Seamus. I asked this a couple of times on the site itself, and I emailed the ‘manager’ personally to ask it. Was this done?
    We all have the luxury of living in a free society; one where we are all free to make our own choices. We can watch what we like, read what we like and say pretty much what we like. I can’t force anyone to do anything. What I would urge you all to do is this: don’t accept lies as truth. Don’t accept another person’s lies, just because that person gets angry when they are called up on their lies. Don’t excuse others’ lies by saying, “that’s just how ***** gets on. They aren’t going to change, so don’t get upset/annoyed.” This is a cowardly approach, and only ensures that the person who is lying continues to lie, but now in the knowledge that, whilst they won’t be pulled on their lies, they certainly won’t be challenged on them either.
    I believe that most here are better than this.
    So. We were told that if we weren’t happy, that we should go elsewhere. Paul and I have created that ‘elsewhere’, if anyone would care to drop by.
    If not, I’ll see you around. Those whose emails I have, let’s please stay in touch. To everyone else – slán ‘s beannacht.

  7. Good luck with the blog guys

    I think that you could be a success

  8. Sorry you are both leaving ATW. I will be happy to pop over and join in the conversation on your new blog. Good luck with it. It would still be nice to see you both popping back here occasionally although I accept that is sadly unlikely.

  9. I agree with everything you’ve said guys.
    I used to enjoy great conversations on ATW, many with people I disagreed with, they were almost always good natured. That, unfortunately, seems to be a thing of the past now.

    I’ll definitely be signing up to the blog and I wish you every success.

  10. Well done, lads. ATW’s loss will be the blogosphere’s gain. The site looks good, and looks so fresh for anyone who’s been looking at the photo of Tony Blair above for the past 15 years.

    (But why the map only of Europe? The big changes these days are in the US, China and Asia generally. Also, while it was no big shock to see the Union Jack being the only flag that’s crossed out, WHERE’S THE IRISH TRICOLOUR ??)

    The reasons you mention for the decline around here are very true, but they are not the only, maybe not even the principal, factors.

    Keep well; I’m sure I’ll drop in to WatW.

  11. The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step, and you’ve made that step.

    Good show.

  12. Well done Seimi and Paul. You do not seem to have comments enabled on your blog?

  13. //You do not seem to have comments enabled on your blog?//

    I wasn’t able to log in with my normal WordPress password, so I just used the Google log-in option provided (Facebook available too) and got in immediately.

  14. Noel.

    I wasn’t able to log in with my normal WordPress password,

    If you mean WordPress password that you use to login to this site, that won’t work on another WordPress blog. You’ll have to set up a new username and password on the new site.

  15. “We don’t have a pandemic. We have a casedemic. ”

    How come the countries that have controlled the virus don’t have a “casedemic”? Are they using a different test?

    How come people are being hospitalised in droves by these “false” positives? Why are they dying of them? How come they don’t get hospitalised and die in countries that have controlled the virus? Are they using a different test?

    You’d think after being so wrong for so long you’d stop trying to spread obvious disinformation that might get people killed (if anyone took it seriously). Maybe it’s your mischievous sense of humour?

    “Laugh? I nearly drowned in my own lungs”.


  16. How come the countries that have controlled the virus don’t have a “casedemic”? Are they using a different test?

    They’re testing less. The UK’s tests per capita are way off the scale. I can only assume that some Tory donors have got into the PCR testing game.

    How come people are being hospitalised in droves by these “false” positives?

    No-one is hospitalised after a false positive.

    Why are they dying of them?

    Because they’re 98, with multiple preconditions, were admitted to hospital after a fall, got Covid from a Ugandan nurse, had a positive positive test then died. Mainly from the fall.

    How come they don’t get hospitalised and die in countries that have controlled the virus?

    Some do, but many countries aren’t manically attributing every death to Covid. The UK is and wholly without justification.

    Are they using a different test?

    They’re just testing less.

    “Laugh? I nearly drowned in my own lungs”.

    Be careful. You might have flu or pnuemonia.

    I know your game, Frank. You think you’re being conventional. Alas, the WHO has just admitted that PCR tests are innaccurate – as I have been sating for months – and that there are many false positives – as I have been saying for months – and it has told testing centres to dial down Cf thresholds as a result. The lunatic fringe was bang on all along.

    You are so staid and conservative that events have left you stranded and outside the mainstream. You not the conventional one. You are the lunatic fringe now.

  17. If Covid 19 is the no big deal that you seem to think it is, why are medical professionals so terribly concerned?

    And I’m not even talking about Fauci and the epidemiolgists either.

    I don’t think that your read on it is particularly common among doctors and nurses in the field.

  18. “They’re testing less.”

    New Zealand has administered 1480691 tests from 22 January 2020* to 22 January 2021. Of those 2557 (0.2%) tested positive.

    If tests were 90% false positive as you claim there would have been 1.3M cases.

    Conclusion: you are full of shit.


    “No-one is hospitalised after a false positive.”

    No shit, sherlock.

    “I know your game, Frank.”

    It’s not a game.

  19. If tests were 90% false positive as you claim ..

    The New York Times made the claim. You’re full of shit. In fact you’re doubly full of shit because you still won’t address the topic, that the WHO has just panned PCR tests. Full of shit and a coward.

  20. Hey Pete, didn’t you tell Dave to ‘behave’ the other day for talking the same way you are here. Rein it in or I’ll ban you 😉

  21. Indeed he did Colm. But that Pete the hypocrite for you.
    To be fair, what you expect from someone who is too stupid to understand the definition of the word ‘pandemic’.
    I hope you’re keeping well mate and you had a good week.