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Vance & Van Roy Discuss the Biden Presidency

By Patrick Van Roy On January 21st, 2021

4 Responses to “Vance & Van Roy Discuss the Biden Presidency”

  1. no holes barred 🙂

  2. PVR should write like he speaks. How can someone be more verbally lucid compared to when they write?

  3. that’s what happens when you talk them out of English and grammar classes in the 7th grade….

    I got A’s in math, science, history every semester and every semester I would fail English so I talked them into letting me drop the English class I’d pick up another Math and another Science class instead.

    So from 7-12th grades I carried 2 math majors, 2 Science majors, and history. 40 yrs later and I still can’t spell, punctuate or write in proper grammer…..

  4. I thought the conversation with David went well, any outside reviews are welcome.

    FO you were online for it what did you think?