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By Pete Moore On January 22nd, 2021

Nissan has hailed the Brexit deal, saying the agreement will give it a “competitive advantage” as it committed to produce new electric vehicle batteries at its Sunderland plant.

Chief operating officer Ashwani Gupta said the deal gives Nissan the chance to “redefine the industry” and described new customs procedures resulting from Brexit as “peanuts”.

Bang goes another Remain lie. They assured us that the Sunderland gammons had voted for unemployment in the referendum. Nissan was going to leave, they said. Their jobs will go, they said. No it won’t, we said. The experts were wrong, yet again we were right. At this rate a Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be necessary. Every Remain prediction, and there were thousands of them in a years-long campaign so doom-laden it became known as Preoject Fear, turned out to be a lie.

The Truth and Reconiliation Commission will need to gather every lie and name every Remainer who tried to petrigy us into continued servitude to a foreign power. They must be known so they can not hold any significant office again.


  1. Bang goes another Remain lie. They assured us that the Sunderland gammons had voted for unemployment in the referendum. Nissan was going to leave, they said.

    Nissan made it clear that without a free trade deal it was very likely to run down its UK plants. A WTO tarriff of 20% would have been the reason. Let’s not forget that the Tories were totally on board for that outcome with “Boris” boasting that the UK would “prosper mightily” without an EU trade deal.

    So Nissan was never a Leave-Remain issue. It was always a trade deal issue, and that trade deal was secured with a week to spare.

  2. Electric vehicles – to be widespread sooner than you think

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  6. https://edition.cnn.com/2021/01/23/business/brexit-business-intl-gbr/index.html

  7. I was just reading that very same article a few minutes ago Noel. Of course it will be dismissed as its CNN but there are scores of articles even in Brexit supporting papers like the Mail and the Telegraph highlighting the real damage Brexit is causing to everything from food exports ( meat and fish stocks rotting at borders) to online businesses being hammered by customers landed with additional excise. Duty and admin charges . The title of Pete’s post would only be accurate if it was referring to remainers.

  8. You only need to read the headlines of the recent ATW “articles” and realise that those writing the articles are either taking the piss or intellectually challenged.

    Take this thread. It’s like Niro watching Rome burn and him saying ‘They complained there wasn’t enough street lighting. Lies!’.

    Here we have Pete trying to pick a positive (Thanks to the UK abandoning some of its territory for a humiliating deal) and claims overall success. SMH.

  9. Pete won’t be able to post a real positive because there aren’t any. Only theoretical fantasies about the futures, whereas genuine expensive wasteful job destroying negatives are happening to thousands of people today. But hey we ‘Got Brexit Done’ The drivel slogan a stupid British electorate fell for.

  10. Pete won’t be able to post a real positive because there aren’t any.


    Approval and roll out of the vaccines by ourselves means that thousands of Britons, who would have died had we still been in the EU (because there’s no doubt that we’d have been in the EU scheme) will be saved.

  11. Half a point Pete. Yes we have done better with the vaccine rollout (about the only think the govt. has remotely done well in dealing with the pandemic) – however as you well know, we started the vaccine process while still within EU laws during the transition period and legally any EU State could have – and some may well in the near future – done their own thing using emergency rules, but I accept politically due to Brexit that is why we were more likely to choose that option.

    However, can you name anything new and/or positive and better that is happening now Trade wise for UK consumers and businesses to counteract the many negatives that are harming many businesses customers exporters and importers directly as a result of the changed situation on Jan 1st ?

  12. The difference in the rate of vaccines is a good point, as the UK was able to act fast and independently without any need to coordinate efforts. It also started earlier than continental countries, and was using two vaccines more or less from the start.

    But this independence probably did save many lives.

  13. Colm –

    Yes, the UK has signed trade deals with some 60 countries and many more are to come. Before long we’ll see CANZUK becoming reality. Leaving the EU is a permanent thing, and we are only three weeks into properly being out of its orbit. If the right decisions are made we will be vastly better off for it within a decade.

    The negatives are way overstated. French customs offivers are slowing things down if a comma is out of place on a form. These are ultra shot term teething problems. The vast majority of people have not noticed any change with regard to trade.

  14. Pete

    The U.K. has simply legally replicated deals it already had as an EU member, which it now needs to do as a seperate trade entity. These aren’t new deals in the case of some , like Japan and Canada will not be as good as the free trade agreements we had with them as a EU member. We are gaining absolutely no more beneficial arrangements with the rest of the world to mitigate the sudden expensive cumbersome difficulties now placed on all our business with the 500 million people closest to us.

    Leaving the European single market is an unremittingly negative move.

  15. Ah well, it’s done now.

    Colm, of course I diagree with you, but even if I agreed with you I would still have voted to leave. Some things are worth more than a few GDP data points.

  16. Yes, the UK has signed trade deals with some 60 countries and many more are to come. Before long we’ll see CANZUK becoming reality.


    I agree that New Zealand lamb will be better and cheaper than what we can produce ourselves, and if this leads to the end of environmentally destructive sheep farming in the UK I will be the first to applaud it.

    But for a few free-trade zealots in the Cabinet the real prize will be hormone-grown beef and chlorinated chicken and the destruction of a huge chunk of UK agriculture. Yes, they really see those as desirable outcomes.

  17. Would the British public really stand for the dilution of your food safety standards?

    I’m not arguing the merits of what those standards are – but say that America or any other country should not have a voice in changing them.

    And vice versa. The US should be the sole voice in establishing standards here.

  18. There’s no demand for diluting food safety standards, either among the public or in Westminster. In fact without a quibble they’ve been inexoravbly raised for decades. The EU set minimum standards and the UK has exceeed them in many areas. If anyone has a problem with that they are quiet about it.

  19. Phantom

    Last week an amendment to the trade bill which would have protected British food standards was defeated by the government. They are determined to sign trade deals without any restrictions. So a deal with Brazil will mean accepting Brazil’s food standards. And cheap beef from Brazil will kill off British beef production in no time. I don’t eat meat of any kind but I cannot see that as a gain. Unfortunately there are several cabinet ministers who do.

  20. Peter –

    It was a nonsense show pony amendment demanding the outlawing of chlorine-washed chicken and hormone-fed beef. You don’t legislate like that. The job of legislators now is to maintain our standards while not imposing unrealistic standards on food producers from less wealthy countries. Much of the world has great produce that we would like but which can’t afford the environmental standards. Chucking in tabloid amendments is silly.

  21. Pete

    So you are willing to trade away our food standards in pursuit of cheap food from wherever. And a big chunk of UK agriculture as well.

    Fair play, at least that’s honest. Unlike this lying government.

  22. Obviously certain standards are going to be different in different countries and it would be wrong to ask them to be mimicked in trade. The one major exception to that is product standards. And trade deals shouldn’t allow producers to sell products in a second country that the same producers in that second country would be prevented by law from producing.