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By Pete Moore On January 22nd, 2021

Because Friday night is Music Night

I have new radiators, proper state of the art jobs. Thanks to all the regulations and laws they have to comply with they are vastly over-engineered and unfathomable. I might be able to set them properly just in time for the Spring, I reckon. Then I won’t abe able to turn them off.

“The Beatles weren’t a live band”, say people who know nothing about them. They were a great live band. By the time they’d stopped touring in 1966 they’d played something like a thousand gigs and, in Liverpool and Hamburg, often twice a day. The result was an unbelievably tight band, as we see here. It’s a famous song, we all know it, but not many people have heard it like this. I love that John Lennon loves his mate’s song so much he can’t help bopping away and singing along although he doesn’t have a vocal and is nowhere near the mic. And check the crowd. It’s electric even now, but in 1964 this was a revolution.

Have a great weekend on your essential journey only not too far from home. As always, feel free to share your top sounds down below –


  1. and here ya go


  2. Very good.

    Had not seen this one before.

    Where / what is Empire Pool?

  3. Empire Pool was subsequently renamed Wembley Arena. It’s a large-ish indoor arena next to Wembley Stadium known for gigs, shows, exhibitions, all that stuff.

  4. I was at the old Wembley Stadium for the League Cup final in 1972. It was just six years after England beat West Germany in the World Cup final and the 100,000 capacity stadium had a great sense of history from its first FA Cup final in 1923. It was demolished in 2000 and the replacement is of course a vast improvenent, even though it’s 90,000 all-seater capacity means that the atmosphere is nowhere near as intense as its predecessor. You can see its signature arch from miles away in central London.

    Old Wembley:

    New Wembley:

  5. I was not aware that the historic stadium had been replaced.

    How did they avoid it having one of these bullshit corporate names

  6. How did they avoid it having one of these bullshit corporate names

    Narrowly. There was talk of various bullshit corporate “sponsors” but there was a huge backlash and the FA was forced to back down. And they would have sold it in 2018 but for another backlash:

    “In April 2018, Shahid Khan, the owner of Fulham F.C. and the Jacksonville Jaguars, put forward an offer to purchase Wembley Stadium from the FA. The deal included not only the purchase of the stadium, but also providing the FA full rights to keep control of the Club Wembley business.[62] On 18 July 2018, a parliamentary select committee was held to discuss the possible sale, with evidence being given by former player, Gary Neville, and Katrina Law of the Football Supporters’ Federation.[63][64] The offer was withdrawn on 17 October 2018.”


  7. Phantom

    It does have a new name. A shy and retiring American businessman bought it. It’s now known officially as the London Donald Stadium. He didn’t want to use his surname as he is reticent of publicity 😉

  8. Those names are completely hateful.

    It makes me not want to buy anything from the sponsor.

    Some stadiums here change fake names every five years or so when the contracts run out

  9. Those names are completely hateful.

    And confusing. When I hear Metlife Stadium I can’t help but think first of Queen’s based baseball rather than Jersey based football.

    Hopefully Yankee Stadium will always stay the same.

  10. My first Wembley Stadium visit was for the 1979 FA Cup Final. My father swapped the best seat in the house for two standing tickets in the Arsenal end so he could take me. I’ll never forget that moment I first looked across the stadium when we went from the concourse to go business side.

    It was so large that I was literally stunned. If a UFO had landed on the pitch I wouldn’t have been more stunned. I was a 9 year old Arsenal fanatic, at the FA Cup Final against Man Utd, and I spent most of the game just looking across the stadium and the crowd.

    And we won. Up the Gunners.

    Wembley Arena next door, Aersosmith played one of the best gigs I’ve been to. Must’ve been ’89 or ’90 time.

  11. Some stadiums here change fake names every five years or so when the contracts run out

    We have the same problem. Arsenal play at The Emirates Stadium (hello Pete). Tottenham Hotspur play at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium only because the club’s owner was too greedy trying to sell the naming rights of the new stadiun in 2019. Stamford Bridge is still Stamford Bridge, for now. And Fulham will surely always play at Craven Cottage, having survived ownership by Mohamed Al-Fayed (of Princess Diana was killed by the Duke of Edinburgh fame). This schmuck also owned Harrods and erected a shrine to his son and Diana who died together in the car crash in Paris. The new Quatari owners dismantled it after a decent interval, but at least the store stayed in Arab hands:


  12. Who can forget the lunatic Mohamed Al-Fayed erecting a statue to Michael Jackson outside Craven Cottage. Top ten worst/funniest statues, easily.


  13. Yes Pete. I was at Craven Cottage a few years ago and the statue had gone. There is one to Johnny Haynes which you can see from accross the Thames.

  14. John is the most passive of the four. But what an overall superb performer Paul is.

    This was one the NME poll-winners concerts, used to be held at the end of the year.

    The NME used to be by far the best music journal around.