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When does the Impeachment of Barack Obama Begin?

By Patrick Van Roy On January 22nd, 2021

As more and more EVIDENCE comes to the fore that President Obama was aware of and directly involved in the Cover up of Hillary Clintons Crimes, and directed the Frame and attempted coupe against Donald Trump. When will his Impeachment begin?

We already have more evidence against Obama than has ever existed against Trump, we have a guilty plea. As more Guilty Pleas and Convictions take place over the next 2 years the case for Impeaching Obama only grows stronger.

He must be Impeached to remove his ability to run any political operation and be prosecuted for crimes that have occurred under his Presidency that he was complicit in.

24 Responses to “When does the Impeachment of Barack Obama Begin?”

  1. Hey Patrick, I found your marbles. Do you want them back 😉

  2. Why not Impeach him Colm?

  3. I want to impeach Andrew Jackson.

    Because its fun to say silly things.

    In fantasy land you can impeach Obama and stop him from holding federal office again. Andrew Johnson of course was a president who later served as a Senator.

  4. No they are setting the Precedent of Impeaching Former Presidents, well that’s fine.

    Crimes were committed by Obama’s Justice Dept and we have proof that he was aware of and incited those crimes. He is still alive and still a very large influence on the American Political System.

    It meets both standards they are using to Impeach Trump and in Obama’s case we already have a guilty plea of a crime he new was committed and did nothing.

    He must be prevented from having any influence in American Politics.

    For the good of the Country.

  5. Hey why not dig up Reagan and impeach him for Iran/contragate ?

  6. No if the case can be made and is being made to Impeach one Former President changing the very meaning of Impeachment Colm than it applies to all living expresidents for the same reason.

    This is what the Consequences of the current Congresses actions are, and you can guarantee that the call to Impeach Obama will be raised.

  7. The man who tells everybody to shut up about Trump, is still whinging about Barack Obama. Pathetic.

  8. they had 4 years and the entire might of the amurican government and they couldn’t so much as tarnish the shine, I really think its time you gave up this fantasy and spend your time pretending turnip wasn’t the worst president ever

  9. The Game is to block him from being able to run again, 7 democrat Senators also filed Ethics Charges against Cruz and Hawley for following Constitutional Procedure and objected to the vote. Which like it or not was Constitutional…. they have already begun the 2024 Election.

    They are afraid if Trump runs again he could win and they tried to force Cruz and Hawley to resign or be damaged by these fake Ethics charges so they damage their chances.

    Those are the 3 they are worried about running in 2024.

  10. By violating the Constitution and changing both the meaning and the purpose of the Impeachment Procedure they are using it as a weapon to punish and persecute people. It exists to remove SITTING OFFICE HOLDERS not Persecute and Prevent people from running or influencing future Elections. It goes DIRECTLY against original intent.

    Since the Democrats have set this Precedent and are in the process of making up Impeachment Law to suit their Political Ambitions it will be used in the same manner against them.

    Impeach Trump and there will be a campaign to Impeach Obama.

    One Set of Laws for All.

  11. Regardless of whatever the merit of any individual case may be, it is right that if an office holder has behaved in such a way that merits conviction following impeachment, the process should enable the penalty to include a ban on running for public office either for a specific period or for life depending on the severity of the offence, therefore continuing an impeachment trial even after a person has left a specific office can be appropriate.

  12. BTW – Yes, if any Congress member can persuade the house to vote to impeach Obama and then get the Senate to confirm a conviction by all means they should be allowed to try.

  13. Hi everyone,

    This is just to say hi. I’ve been reading all your comments for years and thought it was time to chip in. Feel I know you guys (but of course I don’t really!) and look forward to the banter.

  14. “Since the Democrats have set this Precedent”

    Troll once again has no idea what is or isn’t in the US constitution and is instead resorting to just making shit up. It is entirely within current precedent, set over the last few centuries, to impeach office holders after they have left office. It is simply not true to suggest that this is a new idea.

  15. PVR –

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    Michael Booth – hello.

  16. Sorry been out all day, don’t know why the comment got hung up in moderation…. maybe because it was his first? He was set to be able to comment.

    It’s there

    Welcome Michael

  17. You can only Impeach someone who holds office. Trump was not this Congresses President. The last Congress would have had to have voted for the impeachment before it closed session.

    Impeachment is the Tool to remove someone from Office Period.

    Not Prevent a future run, not to punish for crimes committed when the office was held. To use it in such a manner violates it’s Constitutional Standing.

    There are other Legal tools to do both those things.

    As for this..,.,..

    if any Congress member can persuade the house to vote to impeach Obama and then get the Senate to confirm a conviction by all means they should be allowed to try.

    There is an Election in 707 Days, especially if they Impeach Trump and continue down the path they are on it is very likely the congress switches back to Republican control.

    I can guarantee you Prosecuting Obama will come to the top of the Agenda.

    The game of Prosecute and Persecute that the Dems are engaging in has never been done in American Politics. They are removing principals and traditions that have stood for over 240yrs.

    The path they are choosing is not one they are thinking through.

  18. “You can only Impeach someone who holds office.”

    Where does it say that?

    “Impeachment is the Tool to remove someone from Office”

    Impeachment is the tool to try political misconduct. Not just to remove them from office.

    “They are removing principals and traditions that have stood for over 240yrs.”

    No they aren’t. Precedent is clear that impeachment can happen after someone leaves office.

  19. Trump richly deserves conviction and disqualification.

    But I question whether I would be doing this. He’s great at playing the martyr, and this will make his Cult even more convinced that he is a “ patriot “ who has been mistreated.

    And it will be a massive distraction from the nations more important business.

  20. Trump is the perfect barker for this cause Phantom…. How much prodding would it take after they go through with this fake impeachment and all the other persecutions they are embarking on to convince him what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  21. Whatever about impeachment, PVR gets that the Dems have written the rules, and they say that there are no rules. That they spent four years endlessly attemping to foment impeachment, for no justifiable reason, wasn’t the worst of it. They could have been honest about Trump and been effective, but it was years of daily lies, yet that wasn’t the worst of it. Their treatment of Gorsuch and Kavanaugh was shocking, a genuine low. The Democratic Party rid itself of the right to respect and fair play.

  22. Thanks Patrick and Pete, good to be here. Ok so the newbie guy sticks his neck out for the first time…when Trump was elected I thought it was refreshing. Why? Because there was a general feeling at the time that politics had become the preserve of establishments, of elites, and that the ordinary guy was excluded. Now, don’t get me wrong, Trump was no ordinary guy in that sense, but he did come from outside the establishment and promised to change the way things were done (crudely expressed as ‘drain the swamp’). We needed a political realignment here in the UK (still do) so it was interesting to watch developments across the Pond.

    Well you guys know the history of the last four years so no need to go over it. Is Trump the fascist monster he is painted as? I don’t think so. Has he committed high crimes and misdemeanours? Depends from where one sits. If he has should he be impeached? Yes, of course, because politicians have to be accountable for the things they do in office. Should prosecution for such crimes be carried out after they leave office? Yes…but this must apply to all politicians on both sides of the political divide.

  23. Politicians all need to be held accountable to the Law which as it stands now they are not. It has always existed to a point, but it was the exception. It has all to often now become the norm.

    The tool to do this however is The Civil and Criminal Courts. A Presidential Impeachment is a Special Legal matter in itself. The court and Jury are the Senate, the Judge the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. This is a unique standalone set of American Law because a sitting President can not be tried by a Jury of His Peers and instead is tried as the executive of one branch by it’s equal branch the Congress and Presided over by the third Branch to ensure that it is done according to the Law.

    Donald Trump no longer falls into the category of President. He is Citizen Trump and can only be sued or charged in civil or criminal court. Congress can not Prosecute a Citizen.

    You also have a Problem John Roberts is Recusing himself from the Impeachment because the Supreme Court is going to have to hear the Case of whether it’s Constitutional to Impeach an Ex-President.

    Who is going to Preside over this farce..,…

    Welcome to Michael

  24. Impeachment isn’t a prosecution. The constitution makes that clear. The fifth amendment double jeopardy clause originally included the line “except in cases of impeachment”. It was taken out because impeachment isn’t a prosecution.

    Also John Roberts can’t preside over it as Donald Trump is not the President. So Kamala Harris will preside.