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By Pete Moore On January 23rd, 2021

Google is threatening to pull out of Australia.

The government is introducing a law to address a long-bubbling row over whether tech giants should pay for news that appears in search or is shared on their platforms.

The proposed law would mandate that Google has commercial agreements with every news organisation – or enter forced arbitration, something Google says is “unworkable”.

Pffft. I don’t have an opinion. I suppose Google attracts hits with its news-gathering but it’s also directing traffic to the news providers. Maybe it’s a row which doesn’t need to happen. I’m not qualified to say.

Australians needn’t worry if Google does pull out. It does evil. I tried Duck Duck Go a few years ago and wasn’t impressed. I tried it again this week and it’s much better. I’ve set it as my default search engine (after googling how to do it). I know Google has many services which DDG doesn’t have but many other firms do. I don’t see a downside in Google retreating and others moving in.

2 Responses to “DUCK DUCK GO”

  1. I say good on the Aussies. They cannot afford to give in to Big Tech bullying like this, and they should tell Google to pack its bags and then block access to it if need be.

    I’ve been using Duck Duck Go for a year now. It’s just as good, and unlike Big Brother Google it doesn’t record your search history for commercial gain.

  2. I’ve used Duck Duck Go for years.

    Agree that it’s good