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By Patrick Van Roy On January 26th, 2021



10 Responses to “LOL”

  1. Fake businessman/fake president invents fake office to promulgate fake news.

    Just what the country needed.

  2. Following Biden’s lead from ofc of pres elect….

    I just love that he does this crap to watch people loose their mind.

  3. A president elect is preparing to do important things

    Your guy is preparing to golf and watch TV even more than before.

  4. According to you they’re planning coupes and assassination’s…..

  5. Oh well good luck to him. He’s a private citizen now so as long as the funding is his own or volunteered by his supporters, let him start up Trump News or tour the country on the Trump Train, or motorcade. We always knew he was going to fade away from public life !

  6. A circus sideshow whatever direction he goes in.

  7. He can go back to doing guest stints in professional wrestling

    Vince McMahon’s door is always open


  8. edit to my last comment…. “..he was NOT going to fade away from public life …

  9. shouldn’t that seal be with the russian double headed eagle

  10. lol